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Installation Instructions; Electric Connection; Fixing To The Wall - Beko CWB 9503 X User Manual


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Installation Instructions

• Assembly and electrical connections must be
carried out by specialised personnel.
• Wear protective gloves before proceeding with
the installation.

3.1 Electric Connection:

- The appliance has been manufactured as a class
II, therefore no earth cable is necessary. The plug
must be easily accessible after the installation of the
appliance. If the appliance is equipped with power
cord without plug, a suitably dimensioned omnipolar
switch with 3 mm minimum opening between con-
tacts must be fitted between the appliance and the
electricity supply in compliance with the load and
current regulations.
- The connection to the mains is carried out as fol-
BROWN = L line
BLUE = N neutral.
• The minimum distance between the support sur-
faces of the cooking pots on the cooker top and
the lowest part of the cooker hood must be at
least 65 cm. If a connection tube composed of
two parts is used, the upper part must be placed
outside the lower part. Do not connect the cooker
hood exhaust to the same conductor used to cir-
culate hot air or for evacuating fumes from other
appliances generated by other than an electrical
source. Before proceeding with the assembly
operations, remove the anti-grease filter(s) (Fig.5)
so that the unit is easier to handle.
Hood / User Manual
- In the case of assembly of the appliance in the
suction version prepare the hole for evacuation of
the air.
• We recommend the use of an air exhaust tube
which has the same diameter as the air exhaust
outlet hole. If a pipe with a smaller diameter is
used, the efficiency of the product may be redu-
ced and its operation may become noisier.

3.2 Fixing to the wall

Drill the holes A respecting the distances indicated
(Fig.2). Fix the appliance to the wall and align it in
horizontal position to the wall units. When the appli-
ance has been adjusted, definitely fix the hood using
the screws A (Fig.4). For the various installations
use screws and screw anchors suited to the type of
wall (e.g. reinforced concrete, plasterboard, etc.). If
the screws and screw anchors are provided with the
product, check that they are suitable for the type of
wall on which the hood is to be fixed.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents