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How To Wash Automatically Depends On The Laundry - Samsung WA60H4100H User Manual

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Curtains, fl oating garments or blue jeans shall be pressed not to fl oat on the water.
If they are floated on the water, press Start/Pause button to stop and press them to sock in
the water. If the washing goes on with clothes floating on the water, it may cause damages to
the clothes and the washing machine as well as unsatisfactory washing result.


Before starting washing, check the following;
Connect the water supply hose to the water tap. Leave a tap open. Plug the power cord in. Make sure
to lay down the drain hose.
Washing for the fi rst time
Before washing clothes for the fi rst time, you must run a complete cycle without clothes.
To do this:
1. Press the Power button.
2. Open the detergent drawer and insert a little detergent.
3. Turn on the water supply to the washing machine.
4. Press the Start/Pause button.
This will remove any water from the manufacturer's test run remaining in the machine.
Special notes!
Automatic Sensing Function
According to the selected program, the amount of laundry is automatically sensed and then
the appropriate water level, wash time, rinse cycle, and spinning time are automatically
selected for the automatic wash.
After the power is on, a program is selected and Start/Pause button is pressed. Then,
the washing board starts spinning without water. This action senses how much laundry is
in the washing basket, not a machine problem. After this sensing process, water supplies
Adding Detergent and Softener
It senses the amount of laundry and indicates the water level and amount of detergent. Then,
it starts water supply right away.
During the water supply, it is possible to open the detergent box and add detergent.
However, it is better to press Start/Pause button to stop water supply and add detergent.
Close the lid and press Start/Pause button again. This way is much more convenient.
If the softener is inserted in the softener dispenser, it automatically adds in at the last rinsing
Put the laundry into the washer and add detergent, too.
Be careful not to overload. Use right detergent for the fabrics you are washing.
Tips for washing stains on clothes.
Increase water level to max, for some cloth have lesser weight and higher volume.
Reduce laundry load, if stains are not removed by following above directions.
WA4000H-03636A_EN (India)_150821.indd Sec3:9
WA4000H-03636A_EN (India)_150821.indd Sec3:9
If the lid is open while running, the washing machine is stopped automatically for safety.
(Except, water supply continues while the lid is open.)
Possible to control the washing time, rinsing cycle, and spinning time at every program
during the washing.
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