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WA4000H-03636A_EN (India)_150821.indd 1
WA4000H-03636A_EN (India)_150821.indd 1
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  • Page 1 WA60H4100H WA60H4300H WA62H4100H WA62H4300H WA65H4300H WA65H4500H Washing Machine user manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing a Samsung product. WA4000H-03636A_EN (India)_150821.indd 1 WA4000H-03636A_EN (India)_150821.indd 1 2015-08-21 2015-08-21 4:29:13 4:29:13...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    contents SETTING UP YOUR WASHER 6 Description of part 9 How to wash automatically depends on the laundry 10 Control panel (WA6*H4*00H) 12 Control panel (WA6*H4100H) MANUAL FUNCTIONS 14 Manual functions INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE 16 Environment 16 Levelling 17 Connecting the water supply hose 18 Connecting the water supply hose (Clean fi...
  • Page 3 safety instructions Please note that the following precautions for safety intend to prevent unpredictable danger and damage by helping the proper use in safety. When using hot water in washing, please make sure that the water should not exceed 50 °C. •...
  • Page 4 safety instructions For appliances with ventilation openings in the base, that a carpet must not obstruct the openings. The new hose-sets supplied with the appliance are to be used and that old hose-sets should not be reused. CAUTION: In order to avoid a hazard due to inadvertent resetting of the thermal cut-out, this appliance must not be supplied through an external switching device, such as a timer, or connected to a circuit that is regularly switched on...
  • Page 5 The use for business purposes qualifies as product misuse. In this case, the product will not be covered by the standard warranty provided by Samsung and no responsibility can be attributed to Samsung for malfunctions or damages resulting from such misuse.
  • Page 6: Setting Up Your Washer

    setting up your washer DESCRIPTION OF PART The User’s Manual is for common use. Make use of the User’s Manual depending upon your washing machine model. Be sure to keep the lid closed Water supply hose (Cold) during washing and spinning. Water supply hose (Hot) Detergent box Filter...
  • Page 7 CHECKING BEFORE WASHING AND CARING FOR GARMENTS Must follow the checkpoints in order to avoid machine problems or damages on garments. • If the below problems are caused by customer’s faults, separate service fee will be charged. Checkpoints Before Starting Washing Check if the clothes are bleaching or not.
  • Page 8 setting up your washer CARING FOR CLOTHES BEFORE WASHING Take out personal belongings from pockets. • Caution, Check the pockets! Hairpins and coins cause damages to clothes and washing machine. They make noise and problems to the machine. Must check the pocket. If pants zippers are open while washing, the spin basket may be damaged.
  • Page 9: How To Wash Automatically Depends On The Laundry

    Curtains, fl oating garments or blue jeans shall be pressed not to fl oat on the water. • If they are floated on the water, press Start/Pause button to stop and press them to sock in the water. If the washing goes on with clothes floating on the water, it may cause damages to the clothes and the washing machine as well as unsatisfactory washing result.
  • Page 10: Control Panel (Wa6*H4*00H)

    setting up your washer CONTROL PANEL (WA6*H4*00H) For more details, see control panel of your washing machine. Displays the remaining wash time. Digital graphic Displays the error state if a problem occurs in the washing machine so that display you can take action. The water level is automatically adjusted.
  • Page 11 Fuzzy Selects the best washing program automatically. If you want to wash those frequently used towels Quick or less dirty laundry time. Because washing is speedy, it is good for light or less stained laundry. Press this button to perform a soak wash. Soak Soak time is set up as minutes.
  • Page 12: Control Panel (Wa6*H4100H)

    setting up your washer CONTROL PANEL (WA6*H4100H) For more details, see control panel of your washing machine. You can select the water level manually by pressing this button. Water Level Medium  High  Extra Low  Low  Medium Each time the button is pressed, the wasing program changes;...
  • Page 13 CHILD LOCK WA6*H4*00H This function is for protecting children, the elderly and the frail. 1. Press the Power button. 2. To activate the Child Lock function, press and hold both the Rinse and Power Spin buttons down simultaneously for 3 seconds. (If the Child Lock function is activated, the Child Lock icon blinks.) 3.
  • Page 14: Manual Functions

    manual functions WA6*H4*00H Possible to select the function for each program. (Example) For a simple washing as the little dirt program : Power  Select the little dirt program  Wash  Start/Pause Press the Power button. Press the Wash button. WASH ONLY Press the Start/Pause button.
  • Page 15 WA6*H4100H Selects the best washing program automatically. 1. Press the Power button to “On” FUZZY 2. Press the Start/Pause button. Water level is selected manually. Washing rinsing, and spinning follow. If you want to pause, press the Start/Pause button again. You can change the program when paused. 3.
  • Page 16: Installation & Maintenance

    installation & maintenance The User’s Manual is for common use. Make use of the User’s Manual depending upon your washing machine model. ENVIRONMENT Leave some space Maintain at least 10 cm between the washer and the wall. Place the washer on a sturdy fl at surface. If the washer is placed on an uneven or weak surface, noise or vibration occurs.
  • Page 17: Connecting The Water Supply Hose

    CONNECTING THE WATER SUPPLY HOSE 1. Remove the adaptor from the water supply hose. 2. First, using a “+” type screw driver, loosen the four screws on the adaptor. Next, take the adaptor and turn part (b) following the arrow for gap about 5 mm between them. 5 mm 3.
  • Page 18: Connecting The Water Supply Hose (Clean Filter)

    installation & maintenance CONNECTING THE WATER SUPPLY HOSE (CLEAN FILTER) 1. Release all 4 screws from the connector. Connector 2. Lift the connector up to the top end of the tap water faucet. • Fasten the screws while lifting the connector up. •...
  • Page 19: Assembling The Rat Protection Panel (Applicable Models Only)

    ASSEMBLING THE RAT PROTECTION PANEL (APPLICABLE MODELS ONLY) Tilt the washer a little, insert the shutter and fi nally fi x the shutter with screw to the base as shown in the picture. Rear Side 1. Insert the rat protection panel to the 2.
  • Page 20: How To Connect The Drain Hose (Applicable Models Only)

    installation & maintenance HOW TO CONNECT THE DRAIN HOSE (APPLICABLE MODELS ONLY) IN CASE OF PUMP-DRAINED WASHER cap-hose Take out the cap-hose and connect the Be sure to join tightly the drain hose into the outlet-hose. (option) drainoutlet on the back of the machine. Drain hose Hose guide Be sure to join tightly the drain hose into the...
  • Page 21: Adding Detergent

    CAUTIONS WHEN INSERTING THE DRAIN HOSE Less than 3 m 1. Don’t exceed more than 3 m when the 2. Be careful to drain water out at the end of drain hose is used by connecting with the drain hose. other hoses.
  • Page 22: Cleaning The Filter

    installation & maintenance CLEANING THE FILTER Clean the filter net often to keep the washer clean. 1. Push the upper part of the Hygiene fi lter 1. Open the cover as shown in the fi gure. and pull in. 2. Then remove the lint from Magic fi lter. 3.
  • Page 23: Cleaning The Detergent Compartment

    CLEANING THE DETERGENT COMPARTMENT 1. Separate the detergent compartment from the washer. 2. Separate and clean the Rinse-Cap from the detergent compartment. 3. Assemble the Rinse-Cap and insert the detergent compartment into the washer. CLEANING THE CLEAN FILTER Turn the connector to Wipe off any foreign Assemble in the correct order separate it.
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    troubleshooting PROBLEM CHECK Washing machine won’t work • Is the water tap opened? • Is the washer plugged in? • Is the power cut off? • Is there enough water? Water dose not drain • Is the drain hose down? (No pump) •...
  • Page 25: Washing Machine Won't Work

    washing machine won’t work? PROBLEM CHECK The power is cut off. Is the electric voltage normal? Is the washer plugged in? Plug in the electric cord.  Water does not drain. Is the drain hose down? Put the drain hose down. Is the drain hose folded? Unfold the drain hose.
  • Page 26 washing machine won’t work? PROBLEM CHECK The water leaks at the water supply Did you press the Start/Pause button after selecting the water hose connector. supply?  If the Start/Pause button is not pressed, water is not supplied. Press the Start/Pause button. Is the faucet closed? ...
  • Page 27: Specifi Cation

    specifi cation WA65H4, WA62H4, WA60H4 WA65H4 6.5 kg MAX. MASS OF DRY CLOTH IN kg WA62H4 6.2 kg WA60H4 6.0 kg WASH 330 W POWER CONSUMPTION SPIN 240 W DIMENSIONS (mm) W540 x D568 x H906 LOW BASE WEIGHT 30.5 kg WATER PRESSURE 0.05~0.78 Mpa (0.5~8.0 kg·f/cm2) WASHING TYPE...
  • Page 28 QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? Country CALL OR VISIT US ONLINE AT 1800 3000 8282 - Toll Free INDIA 1800 266 8282 - Toll Free This product is RoHS compliant DC68-03636A-00 WA4000H-03636A_EN (India)_150821.indd 28 WA4000H-03636A_EN (India)_150821.indd 28 2015-08-21 2015-08-21 4:29:40 4:29:40...

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