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Troubleshooting; Washing Machine Won't Work - Samsung WA60H4100H User Manual

Up to 6.5kg


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Washing machine won't work

Water dose not drain
Water is not supplied
Spinning does not work
Water is overfl owed
Stains on clothes indicates that
a Child Lock error occurred
Water leakage error
Eco Tub Clean reminder
WA4000H-03636A_EN (India)_150821.indd 24
WA4000H-03636A_EN (India)_150821.indd 24
Is the water tap opened?
Is the washer plugged in?
Is the power cut off?
Is there enough water?
Is the drain hose down? (No pump)
Is the drain hose frozen?
Is the drain hose clogged?
If the water dose not drain in 30 minutes, a buzzer will sound, and
the remaining time indicator will show "5E".
Is the water tap opened?
Is the water cut off?
Is the water supply hose or hose connection clogged?
Is the water tap frozen?
If the water supply is not fi nished in 1 hour or there is no change in
the water level 4 min (10 minutes for some models) after the water
supply has started, the buzzer rings and "4E" is displayed on the
remaining time indicator.
Is the laundry spread out evenly in the washer?
In the washer set on a sturdy fl at surface?
Restart after spinning.
If the error sign still indicates, call agency.
The error message blinks at a 0.5 sec interval and the water is
drained with an alarm sound.
(Displayed message: "CL" or "dE")
This function is to prevent children from drowning when falling into
the wash tub. When draining is complete and you turn the power off
and then on, the washing machine will operate normally.
To clear "CL" display, after draining is complete, close the door of
the washing machine, turn the power off and then on.
Is the Start/Pause button pressed?
Check if the end of the drain hose is placed on the fl oor. (The hose
should be hung over the pump - hose guide.)
Check if the drain hose is clogged by any foreign substances.
If the error remains, call the customer care.
The Eco Tub Clean indicator reminds you of cleaning the tub when
necessary. If you happen to see the indicator blinking after washing
is complete, remove the laundry and run the Eco Tub Clean cycle.
You can ignore this reminder and keep running cycles because
this is not a system failure. However, the reminder is activated for
6 consecutive cycles immediately after each cycle is complete.
The reminder is activated once every 1-3 months, depending on the
cycle count.
To keep the tub clean, it is recommended to run Eco Tub Clean on a
regular basis.
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