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Crown Macro-Tech MA-12000i Specifications

Macro-tech i series.
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Macro-Tech 12000i
The Crown
12000i power amplifi er shall be a solid-state two-channel
model with a switch-mode universal power supply.
The outputs shall be usable as dual or bridged-mono modes of operation. The
bridged-mono mode shall bridge the outputs to provide increased output voltage.
Front panel controls and indicators shall include the following:
Bridge Mode Indicator: Amber LED illuminates when the amplifi er is set to Bridge-
Mono mode.
Ready Indicator: Green LED, one per channel.
On (bright): Ready.
On (dim): Onset of compression.
Off: Thermal failure.
Signal Indicators: One green LED per channel.
Solid green: Input signal is above –40 dBu.
Bright green: Channel's output signal has reached the onset of audible clipping.
Power Indicator: Blue LED indicates amplifi er has been turned on and AC power is
available. The LED will fl ash when the AC line voltage is 10% above or below the
nominal rated value.
Data Indicator: Yellow LED on front panel indicates network data activity. Data indica-
tor fl ashes only when the amplifi er is polled for data, or is polled to see whether it is
Power Switch: Push-on/push-off switch with built-in green AC mains present indica-
Volume Control: Precision detented attenuator with 31 steps, press-and-hold mute
Volume Control LED Ring: A ring of green LEDs around each volume control show
the position of the control. Entire ring fl ashes when channel is muted. Can be con-
verted to be a level meter.
Rear panel controls, indicators and connectors shall include the following:
Power Cord Connector: Detachable 20 amp IEC inlet. Cord locks with supplied cord
retention clip. Voltage range is indicated above IEC inlet.
Reset Switch/Circuit Breaker: If the current draw of the amplifi er exceeds safe limits,
this breaker automatically disconnects the power supply from the AC mains. The
switch resets the circuit breaker.
Output Connectors: Two high-current, 50A Neutrik ® Speakon ® NL4MLP (mates
with NL4FC or NL4), one per channel. Ch 1 Speakon ® is wired with Ch 1 and Ch 2
outputs for use with single 4-conductor cable. Two pairs of high-current, 60A color-
coded 5-way binding posts (for banana plugs, spade lugs or bare wire).
Analog Input Connectors: A 3-pin female XLR connector for each channel.
Analog Loop Thru Connectors: Two male XLR passive analog loop through.
Mode Switch/Indicator: Sets amplifi er to Stereo, Bridge, or Input Y mode.
OFF=Stereo, YEL=Bridge, GRN=Y.
Network Connector: This Neutrik ® Ethercon connector accepts an RJ-45 connector
for HiQnet™ networking. Next to the connector is a yellow LINK ACT indicator that
shows network activity, and a green 100Mb indicator that shows a 100Mb network
Data Indicator: Yellow LED on back panel indicates network data activity. Data indica-
tor fl ashes only when the amplifi er is polled for data, or is polled to see whether it is
Preset Indicator: Green/yellow LED fl ashes to signal the number of the current
preset. LED is green if current preset is active, or is yellow if current preset is modi-
fi ed.
Input Sensitivity Switch: Three-position switch providing 1.4V, 32 dB, and 26 dB
settings for both channels.
M A C R O - T E C H
Architectural & Engineering Specifi cations
The amplifi er shall have the following specifi cations:
Guaranteed minimum power in watts at 20 Hz-20 kHz with 0.35% THD: 5,900W (20
mS burst, 2-ohm dual per ch.), 3,500W (20 Hz-20 kHz, 2-ohm dual per ch.), 3,500W
(1 kHz, 2-ohm dual per ch.), 4,000W (4-ohm dual per ch.), 2,100W (8-ohm dual per
ch.), 7,000W (4-ohm bridge), and 8,000W (8-ohm bridge).
Frequency Response (at 1 watt, 20 Hz - 20 kHz into 8 ohms): ±0.25 dB.
Signal to Noise Ratio (below rated full-bandwidth power, A-weighted): > 110 dB.
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) (at 2 watts into 8 ohms): < 0.1%.
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Plus Noise (at full rated power): < 0.35%, 20 Hz to
20 kHz.
Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) (60 Hz and 7 kHz at 4:1, from full rated output to
–30 dB): < 0.35%.
Damping Factor (20 Hz to 100 Hz at 8 ohms): > 5000.
Crosstalk (below rated power, 20 Hz to 1 kHz): > 80 dB.
Common Mode Rejection (CMR) (20 Hz to 1 kHz): 55 dB, typically >70 dB.
DC Output Offset (shorted input): < ± 3 mV.
Input Impedance (nominal): 10 kilohms balanced, 5 kilohms unbalanced.
Maximum Input Level: +20 dBu typical.
Network: Onboard HiQnet, compatible with standard 100 Mb Ethercom hardware.
Load Impedance: (Note: Safe with all types of loads)
Stereo: 1/2/4/8/16 ohms.
Bridge Mono: 2/4/8 ohms.
Input Sensitivity (referenced to 8 ohm rated output): 1.4V, 32 dB gain, and 26 dB
Voltage Gain (referenced to 8 ohm rated output): 39.3 dB to 24.5 dB
Required AC Mains: Universal AC input, 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz (±10%). Maximum
AC mains voltage 264VAC.
AC Line Connector: Five cordsets supplied with amplifi er (USA, UK, European,
Australia, India).
Amplifi er shall be protected against reactive loads, faults and shorts. If one
channel experiences a catastrophic failure, the entire amplifi er will shut down.
The front panel shall be cast aluminum, with integrated handles. Cooling shall
be dual-zone, microprocessor controlled, continuously variable speed fans,
front-to-back airfl ow.
Dimensions shall be EIA Standard 19-in. rack mount width (EIA RS-310-B), 3.5
in. (8.9 cm) high and 16.2 in. (41.1 cm) deep.
Net weight shall be 28 lb (12.7 kg). Shipping weight shall be 36 lb (16.3 kg).
The amplifi er shall be designated the Crown Macro-Tech 12000i.
Specifi cations subject to change without prior notice. Latest information
available at Crown, Macro-Tech and Crown Audio are
registered trademarks; HiQnet is a trademark of Crown International, Inc. Other
trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Printed in U.S.A.
Crown International
1718 W. Mishawaka Rd.
Elkhart, IN 46517-9439
TEL: 574-294-8200
FAX: 574-294-8FAX


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