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5.1ch blu-ray home entertainment system
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Additional Information

Certain HDMI output resolutions may not work,
depending on your TV.
A long HDMI cable may cause screen noise. If this
occurs, set HDMI Deep Color to Off in the menu.
TV Aspect Ratio
Depending on the disc type, some aspect ratios
may not be available.
If you select an aspect ratio and option which is
different than the aspect ratio of your TV screen,
the picture might appear to be distorted.
If you select 16:9 Original, your TV may display 4:3
Pillarbox (black bars on the sides of the picture).
BD Wise (Samsung Products only)
When BD Wise is on, the Resolution setting
automatically defaults to BD Wise and BD Wise
appears in the Resolution menu.
If the product is connected to a device that does
not support BD Wise, you cannot use the BD Wise
For proper operation of BD Wise, set the BD Wise
option in both the product and the TV to On.
Digital Output
Be sure to select the correct Digital Output or you
will hear no sound or just loud noise.
If the HDMI device (AV receiver, TV) is not
compatible with compressed formats (Dolby
Digital, DTS), the audio signal outputs as PCM.
Regular DVDs do not have BONUSVIEW audio and
Navigation Sound Effects.
Some Blu-ray Discs do not have BONUSVIEW audio
and Navigation Sound Effects.
This Digital Output setup does not affect the
analog (L/R) audio or HDMI audio output to your
TV. It affects the optical and HDMI audio output
when your product is connected to an AV receiver.
If you play MPEG audio soundtracks, the audio
signal outputs as PCM regardless of your Digital
Output selections (PCM or Bitstream).
Digital Output can be activated when Speaker
Selection is set to TV Speaker.
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)
Depending on your TV, certain HDMI output
resolutions may not work. Please refer to the user
manual of your TV.
This function is not available if the HDMI cable
does not support CEC.
If your Samsung TV has an Anynet+ logo, then it
supports the Anynet+ function.
BD Data Management
In the external memory mode, disc playback may
be stopped if you disconnect the USB device in the
middle of playback.
Only those USB devices formatted in the FAT file
system (DOS 8.3 volume label) are supported.
We recommend you use USB devices that support
the USB 2.0 protocol with 4 MB/sec or faster
read/write speeds.
The Resume Play function may not work after you
format the storage device.
The total memory available to BD Data
Management may differ, depending on conditions.
Speaker Settings
When Speaker Selection is set to TV Speaker, audio
is produced by the TV speakers.
HDMI audio
When HDMI audio is output to the TV speakers, it
is automatically down-mixed to 2 channels.
Audio Return Channel
When Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) is Off, the Audio
Return Channel function is not available.
Using an HDMI cable not certified for ARC (Audio
Return Channel) may cause a compatibility
The ARC function is only available if an ARC-
compliant TV is connected.
Playing Video files
Video files with high bitrates of 20Mbps or more
strain the product's capabilities and may stop
playing during playback.
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