Playing Content; Switching The Source Device; Playing Commercial Discs - Samsung HT-J4100 User Manual

5.1ch blu-ray home entertainment system
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Playing Content

Your home theater can play content located on
Blu-ray/DVD/CD discs and USB devices.

Switching the Source Device

If two or more external devices are connected to the
main unit, you can use any of the three methods
described below to change the source device.
Method 1
From the Home screen, use the ▲▼◀▶ buttons to
move to Change Device, and then press v .
The Change Device popup window will appear. Use
the ▲▼ buttons to move to the desired device, and
then press v .
Method 2
If you move to PHOTOS, VIDEOS, MUSIC or other
file-based contents, a list of folders and files will
appear. Press the
Change Device popup window, use the ▲▼ buttons
to move to the desired device, and then press v .
Method 3
When a device is connected for the first time, a
popup window appears. In the popup, you can
change the source device by using the ◀▶ buttons,
and then pressing v .

Playing Commercial Discs

Press the ^ button to open the disc tray.
Place a disc gently into the disc tray with the
disc's label facing up.
Press the ^ button to close the disc tray.
Playback starts automatically.
If playback does not start automatically, press
the 6 button on the remote.
button to display the
Disc Storage & Management
Holding Discs
- Fingerprints or scratches on
a disc may reduce sound and
picture quality or cause skipping.
- Avoid touching the surface of a disc where data
has been recorded.
- Hold the disc by the edges so that fingerprints
will not get on the surface.
- Do not stick paper or tape on the disc.
Cleaning Discs
- If you get fingerprints or dirt on a
disc, clean it with a mild detergent
diluted in water and wipe with a
soft cloth.
- When cleaning, wipe gently from
the inside to the outside of the disc.
- Disc Storage
Do not keep in direct sunlight.
Keep in a cool ventilated area.
Keep in a clean protective jacket and store
Playing a Disc with User Recorded
You can play multimedia files you have recorded on
Blu-ray, DVD, or CD discs.
Place a user recorded disc into the disc tray with
the disc's label facing up, and then close the
Use the ◀▶ buttons to select the type of
content you want to view or play - PHOTOS,
VIDEOS, or MUSIC - and then press the v
. Select PLAY DISC from the Home screen. The
PLAY DISC screen appears. Use the ▲▼ buttons
to select the desired content type, Photos,
Videos, or Music.
A screen appears listing the contents of the
disc. Depending on how the contents are
arranged, you will see either folders, individual
files, or both.
If necessary, use the ▲▼◀▶ buttons to select
a folder, and then press the v button.
Use the ▲▼◀▶ buttons to select a file to view
or play, and then press the v button.
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