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  • Page 1 BD-HP20H BLU-RAY DISC PLAYER OPERATION MANUAL If you require any advice or assistance regarding your Sharp product, please visit our web-site Customers without Internet access may telephone 0845 880 0421 during offi ce hours(or (01) 6760648 if telephoning from Ireland).
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    OPERATION MANUAL ENGLISH SAFETY INFORMATION Power Cord Protection Note: To avoid any malfunctions of the Player, and to protect This Player can be used only where the power supply is against electric shock, fi re or personal injury, please observe AC 220-240 V, 50 Hz.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Connecting the Power Cord ........21 operations. Setting the Remote Control Code ......22 Operating the TV of SHARP Using the Remote Control ..............22 Turning the Power On ..........23 Language Setting ..........23 Turning Off the LCD Backlight and Indications ..
  • Page 5: Introduction

    What would you like to do with this Player? Watching high quality movies on Blu- ray discs What to do fi rst: This Player offers full high-defi nition Blu-ray disc playback. Refer to “Getting Started” (p. 11) to BD/DVD/CD Playback (p. 25) prepare for watching your discs.
  • Page 6: Dear Sharp Customer

    DEAR SHARP CUSTOMER Thank you for your purchase of the Sharp Blu-ray Disc Player. To ensure safety and many years of trouble-free operation of your product, please read the Important Safety Instructions carefully before using this product. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Electricity is used to perform many useful functions, but it can also cause personal injuries and property damage if improperly handled.
  • Page 7: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Water and Moisture — Do not use this product near water - for example, near a bath tub, wash bowl, kitchen sink, or laundry tub; in a wet basement; or near a swimming pool; and the like. •...
  • Page 8 *) Please contact your local authority for Please contact your SHARP dealer who further details. will inform you about the take-back of the product. You might be charged for the costs If your used electrical or electronic equipment arising from take-back and recycling.
  • Page 9: About Discs

    About Discs A Quick Reference for Selecting Discs Types of Discs that Can Be Used The following is a quick reference to see what discs can/ with This Player cannot be used with this Player. Each disc has a compatible Recording Format(s).
  • Page 10 About Discs Discs that Cannot Be Used with This Player ■ The following discs cannot be played back or will not play back properly on this Player. If such a disc is mistakenly played back, speaker damage may occur. Never attempt to play back these discs. CDG, Video CD, Photo CD, CD-ROM, CD-TEXT, SVCD, SACD, PD, CDV, CVD, DVD-RAM, DVD-Audio, BD-RE Ver.
  • Page 11: About Disc Contents

    About Disc Contents Title, Chapter and Track NOTE • This Player supports 2-channel (L/R) audio and 5.1 ch (Multi- channel) MPEG Audio 1/2 (only when the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT • Blu-ray discs and DVDs are divided into “Titles” and “Chapters”. OPTICAL/COAXIAL jack is used for connection).
  • Page 12: Important Information

    Cleaning the Pick Up Lens • Never use commercially available cleaning discs. The use of these discs can damage the lens. • Request the nearest service centre approved by SHARP to clean the lens. Warnings about dew formation • Condensation may form on pick up lens or disc in the following conditions: —...
  • Page 13: Getting Started

    Getting Started Step 1: Unpacking Make sure the following accessories are provided with the product. Remote control unit AC cord “AAA” size battery (g2) AV cable Step 2: Selecting equipment to connect Connection varies with the equipment used. Refer to Connection (Pages 14-20). Turn off the devices before connecting.
  • Page 14: Major Components

    Major Components Main Unit (Front) B (POWER) (p. 23) I (ON) indicator (p. 23) Remote control sensor (p. 21) a (STANDBY) indicator (p. 23) Disc tray (p. 25) Front panel display (p. 23) OPEN/CLOSE (p. 25) DVD/CD mode indicator (p. 23) BD mode indicator (p.
  • Page 15 Major Components Remote Control Unit B (POWER) (p. 23) OPEN/CLOSE (p. 25) TOP MENU, TITLE LIST (pp. 26, 27) DISPLAY (p. 22) Cursor buttons (a/b/c/d), ENTER (pp. 23, 38) EXIT (pp. 23, 38) A (Red), B (Green), C (Yellow), D (Blue) (p. 28) AUDIO (p.
  • Page 16: Introduction To Connections

    Introduction to Connections This Player is equipped with the terminals/jacks listed below. Find the corresponding terminal/jack on your video equipment. Using the supplied cable or commercially available cables, connect the video fi rst. Then connect the audio. Video terminals/jacks on this Player Higher Quality HDMI OUT terminal Page 15...
  • Page 17: Video Connections

    ” is displayed alternately on the front panel display. NOTE • When you connect this player to the TV of SHARP with an HDMI cable only and if the TV is on, the video output is changed to HDMI output automatically.
  • Page 18: Connecting To The Component Jacks

    Video Connections Connecting to the Component Jacks You will enjoy accurate colour reproduction and high quality images through the component jacks. STEPS 1: Be sure to turn off this Player and the equipment before making any connections. 2: Firmly connect a component video cable (commercially available) to the component jacks (1 and 2). Caution: This Player •...
  • Page 19: Connecting To The S-Video Or Video Jack

    Video Connections Connecting to the S-video or Video Jack You will enjoy the images through the S-video or video jack. STEPS 1: Be sure to turn off this Player and the equipment before making any connections. 2: Firmly connect an S-video cable (commercially available) or AV cable (supplied) to the S-video or video jacks (1 and 2, or 3 and 4).
  • Page 20: Audio Connections

    Audio Connections Connecting 5.1 ch Speakers through an Amplifi er You can connect up to 5 speakers and a subwoofer to the 5.1CH AUDIO OUT jacks using an amplifi er. STEPS 1: Be sure to turn off this Player and the equipment before making any connections. 2: Firmly connect the audio cables to the 5.1CH AUDIO OUT jacks.
  • Page 21: Connecting To The Digital Audio Terminal Or Jack

    Audio Connections Connecting to the Digital Audio Terminal or Jack You can connect audio equipment to the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminal or jack. STEPS 1: Be sure to turn off this Player and the equipment before making any connections. 2: Firmly connect an optical digital cable (commercially available) to the optical digital audio terminals or a coaxial digital cable (commercially available) to the coaxial digital audio jacks (1 and 2, or 3 and 4).
  • Page 22: Connecting The Audio Jacks

    Audio Connections Connecting the Audio Jacks You can connect audio equipment or the TV to the 2CH AUDIO output jacks. STEPS 1: Be sure to turn off this Player and the equipment before making any connections. 2: Firmly connect the AV cable (supplied) to the audio jacks (1 and 2). This Player (Red) (White)
  • Page 23: Before Starting Playback

    Before Starting Playback Approximate operating range of remote Loading the Batteries in the Remote control Control Remote control sensor Press down on the tab in the direction of the arrow to remove the battery cover. 30º 30º Remote control unit Load the two R-03 size batteries (“AAA”...
  • Page 24: Setting The Remote Control Code

    The Universal Remote Control may operate the RC-1, RC-2 and RC-3. If you operate this Player basic functions of the TV of SHARP. by remote control along with another SHARP Blu-ray Disc Player or DVD Player placed next to it...
  • Page 25: Turning The Power On

    Before Starting Playback Turning the Power On Language Setting Changing the on-screen display Turning the power on language Press B on the remote control or on the Player to turn on the power of the Player. Press SETUP to display the SETUP MENU screen.
  • Page 26: Turning Off The Lcd Backlight And Indications

    Before Starting Playback Turning Off the LCD Using AQUOS LINK Backlight and Indications Controlling the Blu-ray disc If you feel that the indicators on the Player are player using AQUOS LINK too bright when watching movies, you can turn them off except for the I (ON) indicator. What is AQUOS LINK? Using the HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Quick operation...
  • Page 27: Bd/Dvd/Cd Playback

    BD/DVD/CD Playback This section explains playback of commercially BD/DVD Video Playback available BD Video and DVD Video discs (like movies), CDs, and recorded DVD-RW/R discs. BD VIDEO DVD VIDEO Loading a Disc Load a disc. • Playback may begin automatically, Press B to turn on the power.
  • Page 28: Bd/Dvd Menus

    BD/DVD/CD Playback Using the disc menu BD/DVD Menus Example: Select “SUBTITLE LANGUAGE”. DVD VIDEO BD VIDEO Press POP-UP MENU. • The disc menu screen is displayed. • This section explains how to play back a BD/DVD video disc with a top menu or disc menu. Press a/b to select “SUBTITLE •...
  • Page 29: Bd-R/-Re/Dvd-R/-Rw Playback

    BD/DVD/CD Playback BD-R/-RE/DVD-R/-RW Playback BD-R BD-RE DVD-R DVD-RW You can play back a disc recorded and fi nalised in Video mode. Playback from the beginning Load a disc recorded in Video mode. Press dPLAY. • Playback begins from title 1. Playback by selecting a title Load a disc recorded in Video mode.
  • Page 30: Audio Cd Playback

    BD/DVD/CD Playback Playback by selecting a PLAY Playing back the title you LIST stopped while being played. Load a disc recorded in Video Press D (Blue) while the TITLE LIST mode. screen is displayed. Press TOP MENU. MENU [TITLE LIST (DVD: ORIGINAL)] •...
  • Page 31: Playback Functions

    Playback Functions BD-RE BD VIDEO BD-R Repeat Playback of a DVD VIDEO DVD-R DVD-RW Title or Chapter (Repeat AUDIO CD Playback) Fast Forward/Reverse (Search) Play back the title or chapter you want to repeat. Fast Forward/Reverse functions when G Press REPEAT. REV or J FWD is pressed during playback.
  • Page 32: Partial Repeat Playback (Repeat Playback Of A Specifi Ed Part)

    Playback Functions Partial Repeat Playback Switching Audio (Repeat Playback of a You can change the audio output channel using Specifi ed Part) AUDIO. Each time AUDIO is pressed, the audio channels (2 channels or multi audio) Press REPEAT during playback. change as follows: Press c/d to select “SCENE BD VIDEO...
  • Page 33: Switching The Angle

    Playback Functions Switching the Angle NOTE • Settings for audio, subtitles and angle can be changed also in Function Control Screen. (Page If multiple angles are recorded, you can switch between them. • The operations of subtitles, angle and audio differ according to each disc.
  • Page 34: Settings During Playback

    Settings During Playback Function control operation Function Control procedure This allows you to adjust various settings at Press FUNCTION during playback. once, like subtitles, angle settings and the title • The Function Control screen is selection for Direct Playback. You can adjust displayed on the TV.
  • Page 35 Settings During Playback Functions which can be set Title Number (Direct Title Skip) • Shows the title number being played back. You can skip to the start of the title. • To skip to the start of a selected title, press the Number buttons to enter the title number when this option is highlighted.
  • Page 36: Settings

    SETTINGS AUDIO VIDEO SETTINGS TV ASPECT RATIO • If you switch your TV (i.e. because you have bought a new one) and the screen aspect ratio of the connected TV changes, you will have to change the “TV ASPECT RATIO” setting. •...
  • Page 38 SETTINGS 2. You can set the audio output mode for each output terminal. 1 This sets the audio output mode for HDMI OUT terminal when selecting HDMI OUTPUT. AUTO MENU [AUDIO VIDEO SETTINGS - AUDIO OUT] TV ASPECT RATIO (SURROUND) TV TYPE COMPONENT VIDEO OUT HDMI VIDEO OUT...
  • Page 39 SETTINGS DYNAMIC RANGE CONTROL • This lets you adjust the range between the loudest and softest sounds (dynamic range) for playback at average volume. Use this when it is hard to hear dialogue. NORMAL, NORMAL*: The same MENU [AUDIO VIDEO SETTINGS - DYNAMIC RANGE CONTROL] MENU [AUDIO VIDEO SETTINGS] SHIFT...
  • Page 40: Basic Operation For Audio Video Settings

    SETTINGS Press a/b to select “TV ASPECT RATIO”, then Basic Operation for AUDIO VIDEO press ENTER. SETTINGS Press c/d to select the desired item, then press ENTER. Example: Setting “TV ASPECT RATIO” under “AUDIO VIDEO SETTING” MENU [AUDIO VIDEO SETTINGS - TV ASPECT RATIO] Press SETUP to display the SETUP MENU TV ASPECT RATIO screen.
  • Page 41: Speaker Settings

    SETTINGS SPEAKER SETTINGS Basic Operation for SPEAKER SETTINGS About speakers You can use your speakers with this Player through an Press SETUP to display the SETUP MENU amplifi er. You can set the speaker size, distance from the screen. viewer, and output level for each speaker. Press a/b/c/d to select “SETTINGS”, then Using multi channel speakers press ENTER.
  • Page 42 SETTINGS Press a/b/c/d to select the speaker, then Repeat steps 5 and 6 until each speaker's size, distance, and level are set. press ENTER. MENU [SPEAKER SETTINGS] MENU [SPEAKER SETTINGS] 3.8m/0dB 3.8m/0dB 3.8m/0dB 3.8m/0dB 3.8m/0dB 3.8m/0dB 2.0m/0dB 2.0m/0dB 2.0m/0dB 2.0m/0dB TEST START FINISH TEST START...
  • Page 43 SETTINGS Resetting the setup • When the sound volume of each speaker is uneven, reset the settings separately. • As for a subwoofer, you can adjust LEVEL only. Press ENTER while the TEST sound is present from the speaker that you want to reset the setting.
  • Page 44: Quick Start

    SETTINGS QUICK START • This turns the QUICK START function on and off. • When the QUICK START function is on, the startup time of the player is reduced when resuming playback from standby. • However, power consumption will increase. YES, NO MENU [QUICK START]...
  • Page 45: Playback Setting

    SETTINGS PLAYBACK SETTING PARENTAL CONTROL • This lets you set the Parental Control depending on the disc content. For DVD • For DVD-video: video: 8 and OFF: All DVD-video can be played. OFF, 1-7: Prohibits play of DVD-video with corresponding ratings recorded on them. LEVEL 1-8 •...
  • Page 47: Basic Operation For Playback Setting

    SETTINGS Press c/d to select parental control level for Basic Operation for PLAYBACK DVD video, then press ENTER. SETTING Press c/d to select parental control level for BD-ROM, then press ENTER. Example: Setting “PARENTAL CONTROL” under Press c/d to select the country code, then “PLAYBACK SETTING”.
  • Page 48: Front Display/Led

    SETTINGS FRONT DISPLAY/LED • If you feel that the indicators on the Player are too bright when watching movies, you can turn them off except for the I (ON) indicator. ON, OFF MENU [FRONT DISPLAY/LED] MENU [FRONT DISPLAY / LED] AUDIO VIDEO SETTINGS SPEAKER SETTINGS QUICK START...
  • Page 49: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The following problems do not always suggest a defect or malfunction of this Player. Refer to the problems and lists of possible solutions below before calling for service. The Player power cannot be turned on. Screen freezes and operation buttons do not work. •...
  • Page 50 AC cord and plug it in again. If this does not solve the problem, • The Player may sometimes make a snapping sound when contact the nearest service centre approved by SHARP. starting playback if you have not operated it for a while or when loading a disc.
  • Page 51: On-Screen Error Messages

    On-screen Error Messages Messages Relating to BD and DVD • The following messages appear on the TV screen in case the disc you tried to playback is not appropriate or the operation is not correct. Error message Possible Error Suggested Solution CANNOT PLAY.
  • Page 52: Glossary

    Glossary BD-J application The BD-ROM format supports Java for interactive functions. This is a digital sound system developed by DTS, Inc for use “BD-J” offers content providers almost unlimited functionality in cinemas. This system uses 6 audio channels and provides when creating interactive BD-ROM titles.
  • Page 53 Glossary Linear PCM Sound Resume playback (page 25) Linear PCM is a signal recording format used for Audio CDs If you stop playback while it is in progress, the Player stores and on some DVD and Blu-ray discs. The sound on Audio the stop position in memory, and this function lets you CDs is recorded at 44.1 kHz with 16 bits.
  • Page 54: Specifi Cations

    Specifi cations General Power supply AC 220V-240V, 50Hz Power consumption (Normal) 28 W Power consumption (Standby) 0.6 W (When “FRONT DISPLAY/LED” is set to “ON”) Dimensions Approx. 430 mm X 68 mm X 335 mm (W X H X D) Weight Approx.
  • Page 55 3. To benefi t from this guarantee, any fault which occurs must be notifi ed to Sharp, or its appointed Service Facility within one year from the date this product was purchased.
  • Page 56 Sharp Electronics (U.K.) Ltd. 4 Furzeground Way, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB11 1EZ SHARP CORPORATION Printed in Malaysia TINSEA124WJQZ 07P09-MA-NG...

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