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About This Documentation; Validity Of The Documentation; Required And Supplementary Documentation; Representation Of Information - Bosch REXROTH VT-MRPA1-2X Owner's Manual

Valve amplifier for proportional directional valve type 2wfc


Table of Contents

1 About this documentation

1.1 Validity of the documentation

This documentation is valid for valve amplifier VT-MRPA1-2X/.../WFC/... from Bosch
This documentation is intended for fitters, operators, service technicians, system
operators and machine manufacturers.
This documentation contains important information on the safe and appropriate
installation, transport, commissioning, maintenance, operation, use, and removal of
the product.
Read this documentation thoroughly, especially Chapter 2 "Safety instructions"
and Chapter 3 "General notes on damage to property and damage to the
product", before working with the product.

1.2 Required and supplementary documentation

The product must not be commissioned until you have been provided with the
documentation marked with the book symbol
observed it.
Tabelle 1: Required and supplementary documentation
Order confirmation
Valve amplifier for proportional directional
valves 2WFC

1.3 Representation of information

In order that this documentation allows you to work directly and safely with your
product, standardized safety notes, symbols, terms, and abbreviations are used. For
a better understanding, they are explained in the following sections.

1.3.1 Safety instructions

This documentation contains safety notes in chapter 2.6 "Product-specific safety
instructions" and chapter 3 "General notes on damage to material and the product"
as well as before a sequence of activities or instructions for action, which involve
the risk of personal injury or damage to equipment. The hazard avoidance measures
described must be observed.
Safety instructions are structured as follows:
Type and source of danger!
Consequences in case of non-compliance
Hazard avoidance measures
• Warning symbol: draws attention to a hazard
• Signal word: identifies the degree of hazard
• Type and source of danger!: specifies the type and source of hazard
About this documentation
and you have understood and
Document number
RE 30220-B/05.2019, Valve amplifier VT-MRPA1, Bosch Rexroth AG
Type of document
Data sheet


Table of Contents

Table of Contents