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English - Black & Decker EK30 Manual


Intended use


Your Black & Decker Electric Knife has
been designed for cutting bread, meat,
vegetables and other food products. This
product is intended for household use
Safety instructions
Warning! When using mains-powered
appliances, basic safety precautions,
including the following, should always be
followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric
shock, personal injury and material damage.
Read all of this manual carefully before
using the appliance.
The intended use is described in this
manual. The use of any accessory or
attachment or the performance of any
operation with this appliance other
than those recommended in this
instruction manual may present a risk
of personal injury.
Retain this manual for future reference.
Using your appliance
Switch off the appliance before
changing accessories or approaching
parts which move when in use.
Make sure that the appliance is
switched off before connecting to or
disconnecting from the power supply.
Always take care when using the
Do not use the appliance outdoors.
Do not operate the appliance if your
hands are wet.
Do not operate the appliance if you are
Do not touch moving parts. Keep long
hair and loose clothing out of the way
of the moving parts.
Guide the power supply cord neatly so
it does not hang over the edge of a
worktop and cannot be caught
accidentally or tripped over.
Never pull the power supply cord to
disconnect the plug from the socket.
Keep the power supply cord away from
heat, oil and sharp edges.
Switch off and wait for the motor to
stop running before disconnecting the
appliance from the power supply.
Never detach any part or accessory
while the appliance is still connected to
the power supply. Always disconnect
the appliance from the power supply
If the power supply cord is damaged
during use, disconnect the appliance
from the power supply immediately. Do
not touch the power supply cord before
disconnecting from the power supply.
Disconnect the appliance from the
power supply when not in use, before
fitting or removing parts and before
Safety of others
Do not allow children or any person
unfamiliar with these instructions to
use the appliance.
Do not allow children or animals to
come near the work area or to touch
the appliance or power supply cord.
Close supervision is necessary when
the appliance is used near children.
The appliance is not intended for use
by young or infirm persons without
Children must be supervised to make
sure that they do not play with the
After use
Switch off and remove the plug from
the socket before leaving the appliance
unattended and before changing,
cleaning or inspecting any parts of the
When not in use, the appliance should
be stored in a dry place. Children
should not have access to stored
Inspection and repairs
Before use, check the appliance for
damaged or defective parts. Check for
breakage of parts, damage to switches
and any other conditions that may
affect its operation.
Do not use the appliance if any part is
damaged or defective.