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Panasonic YT-30TSW Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic YT-30TSW Operating Instructions Manual

Tig welding torch


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● Thank you for your purchase of Panasonic welding power source.
● Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully and save this
manual for future use.First of all, please read "Safety precautions" or "Safety
Panasonic Welding Systems (Tangshan) Co., Ltd.
Operating Instructions
TIG Welding Torch
Model No.


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  • Page 1 TIG Welding Torch YT-30TSW Model No. ● Thank you for your purchase of Panasonic welding power source. ● Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully and save this manual for future use.First of all, please read “Safety precautions” or “Safety manual”.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ■ Feature This compact and light welding torch is for TIG welding CONTENTS Before using Ⅰ Warning symbols for safe usage ..............I Ⅱ Safety precautions ..................Ⅱ Using 1 Caution for using .................... 1 2 Preparation for using ..................2 Technical Specifications 3 Part list ......................
  • Page 3: Ⅰ Warning Symbols For Safe Usage

    Disclaimer: ◆ Panasonic Welding Systems ( Tangshan ) Co., Ltd., (hereinafter called “PWST”) and its affiliates (including any subcontractor, sales company or agent) shall not assume or undertake any responsibility or liability of the followings: •Any problem arising out of, or directly or indirectly attributable to,the failure of user to carry out those normal maintenance, normal adjustment and periodical check of this product.
  • Page 4: Ⅱ Safety Precautions

    Ⅱ Safety precautions (10)Perform periodic checks without fail and repair or Welding power source replace any damaged parts before using the power source. Ventilation and protective equipment Observe the following instructions to prevent the hazard. (1)Never use the welding power source for other than Oxygen deficit, fume...
  • Page 5 Installing shielding (curtain etc.) performing maintenance work or repair work, provide fence or the like around the welding machine so that unauthorized person can not come close carelessly. Arc flash, flying spatter, slugs, and noise Welding wire generated during welding can damage your eyes, skin and hearing.
  • Page 6: Caution For Using

    ● After turn off the power supply, exchange the torch parts when temperature is lower. For safety and good welding, exchange any damaged parts for new. ● Be sure to use the parts marked “Panasonic”. Wear protective glasses to protect the eyes when grinding electrode.
  • Page 7: Preparation For Using

    2 Preparation for using 2.1 Connection with Power Source Tighten the connection at the joint sections of cables. If the cable are improperly connected, electricity can generate excessive heat and can cause a fire. ● Connect properly the welding torch according to the operation manual of the power source. 2.2 Selection of Electrode ●...
  • Page 8 NOTES) G.L. Nozzle G.L. is used to balance the shield gas, in the following list its advantage: ● A well shield though in low flux of shield gas. ● Longer electrode extension makes weld possible in narrow place and protect the nozzle. So it characteristic in complex welding and high quality.
  • Page 9: Part List

    3 Part list 3.1 Standard parts Code No. Q’ty Name Remark YT-30TSW2HAF φ9.5mm Nozzle No.6 TGN00907 φ11.0mm Accessories Nozzle No.7 TGN01104 Collet Body 3.2 TEB30139 Nozzle Packing TSM10528 Torch Body TSM1U300 Collet 2.4 TEC02415 Accessories Collet 3.2 TEC03209 2% Ceri-Tun Electrode 2.4 YN24C2S Accessories...
  • Page 10 (〇:Standard parts and accessories) (2) Nozzle、GL(Gas lens)Nozzle name Code No. Reamrk Φ6.5mm Nozzle No.4 TGN00614 Φ8.0mm Nozzle No.5 TGN00815 Φ9.5mm〇 Nozzle No.6 TGN00907 Φ11.0mm〇 Nozzle No.7 TGN01104 Φ12.7mm Nozzle No.8 TGN01220 Φ16.0mm Nozzle No.10 TGN01674 Φ19.0mm Nozzle No.12 TGN01934 Φ8.0mm Long Nozzle No.5L TGN00816 Φ11.0mm...
  • Page 11 (〇:Standard parts and accessories) (4) Other parts Name Code No. Remark 〇 Nozzle Packing TSM10528 GL Packing TFQ20105 〇 Cap M TSM10190 Cap S TKK15114 Arc Spot Nozzle TGN01809 Arc Spot Accessory TGX20102 (5) Electrode (〇:Standard parts and accessories) (5)-1 2%Thori-Tun Name Code No.
  • Page 12: Part Drawing

    4 Part Drawing...
  • Page 13: Specifications

    5 Specifications SPEC. No. YT-30TSW2HAF Cable length Weight(including cable) 1.8kg Form of the torch body Angle type D.C.(E.N) 300A Rated welding current A.C. 260A(Include 40% D.C. current) Rated duty cycle 100% (φ1.0mm),(φ1.6mm), φ2.4mm, Applicable electrode dia. φ3.2mm,(φ4.0mm) Cooling system Water cooling Water press 0.1~0.3MPa Cooling water...
  • Page 14: Packing Details

    7 Packing Details ● Check the quantity of accessories when unpacking. Q’ty Parts name Remark TIG Torch Nozzle No.6 Collet ф2.4mm Electrode ф2.4mm(Thori-Tun) Hose clamps Joints English Operation Manual...
  • Page 15 In case of disposal of the product, please sign the assignment agreement on disposal treatment with the authorized organization and then assign the organization to dispose the product. Panasonic Welding Systems (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. Add:No.9 Qingnan Road, New & Hi-Tech Development Zone, Tangshan,Hebei, China Post Code:063020 Tel:400-612-5816...

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