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Canon 15x50 IS AW Brochure & Specs page 6

Canon 15x50 is: product brochure


Ultra compact and lightweight, this
model features Canon's high-efficiency
Tilt-System Image Stabilization that
combines stability with sleek styling.
They're the world's smallest, lightest
and most affordable image stabilized
and contrast. And these binoculars are
(as of January 1, 2005)
not only user-friendly, they're also
An extremely compact ergonomic design
environmentally friendly — only lead-free
makes the 8x25 IS comfortable to carry
glass is used in the optical system.
and even easier to use. Canon's all-glass
optics with Super Spectra Multi Coating
assure outstanding sharpness, clarity
7x42 AWP
With its 42mm objective lens and 6mm
exit pupil diameter—the largest among
Canon binoculars—the 7x42 A WP
provides an exceptionally bright image.
Plus, you get powerful Aspherical optics
and an easy-to-hold, waterproof design.
8x32 WP
The smallest Canon binocular, the
The 8x32 WP offers a compact roof-prism
7x17 FC features retracting lens barrels,
design with a 60˚ apparent angle-of-view.
a sliding eye-adjustment mechanism
Other features include its nitrogen-filled
and lenses with Canon's Super Spectra
waterproof construction and a Field
Multi Coating. It also provides close
Flattener lens in each eyepiece.
focusing at distances down to five feet.
7x17 FC



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