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Canon 15x50 IS AW Brochure & Specs page 4

Canon 15x50 is: product brochure


A breakthrough in binocular design,
Canon's new model is the world's brightest
binocular with image stabilization
and is the first completely
January 1, 2005)
waterproof model in the Canon IS binocular
line-up. The 10x42L IS WP is equipped with
Canon's high-performance L-series optics
binoculars qualify as wide angle
that feature two Ultra-low Dispersion (UD)
instruments, allowing you to see more of
lens elements on each side. The 4.2mm
your subject. Doublet Field Flattener Lenses
(as of
exit pupil diameter delivers the brightest
offer superb edge-to-edge sharpness. A
optics in the Canon IS series. With an extra
metal coating prevents fogging, and the
wide 65˚ apparent angle-of-view, these
ribbed surface ensures a secure grip.
15x50 IS All Weather
These all weather models set a new
performance standard. With one-touch
Image Stabilizer technology, they instantly
compensate for "binocular shake." Large-
diameter 50mm front objective lenses
accommodate a wide range of activities —
18x50 IS All Weather
from sports to astronomical observation.
Long-Eye Relief provides greater viewing
A multi-coated Ultra-low Dispersion (UD)
comfort, and the ergonomic design makes
lens element in each objective section
them very easy to hold. An optional anti-fog
delivers outstanding image contrast,
eyepiece prevents condensation and
sharpness and color clarity. To
fogging in foul weather.
accommodate eyeglass wearers, 15mm



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