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Brother ADDENDUM 884-T07 Operating Manual Addendum

Brother sewing machine user manual
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Embroidery Machine
Operation Manual Addendum
Product Code: 884-T07



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  • Page 1 Embroidery Machine Operation Manual Addendum Product Code: 884-T07...
  • Page 2: Adjusting The Brightness Of The Screen Display

    Additional Features of PR650e The following features have been added with version 2 and 3. Before using the machine, carefully read both this manual and the Operation manual (which provides descriptions of Ver. 1) included with your PR650e machine. ■ Ten embroidery patterns ( For details on the patterns, refer to the Quick Reference Guide.
  • Page 3 Cancelling the Thread Color Settings for All Previously Stitched Design Note ● The color settings will be completely canceled even if the machine is in the middle of the embroidery. Touch Touch The thread color setting is canceled. Touch Thread colors are assigned by the machine again, regardless of the previous spool setting.
  • Page 4: Editing Patterns As A Group

    Moving Five Hundred Stitches Forward/Back have been added to the stitch navigation screen. For details on moving forward or backward through the stitching, refer to “Embroidering From the Beginning or Middle of the Pattern” on page 108 of the PR650e Operation Manual.
  • Page 5 Sewing the repeated pattern without sorting colors With repeated patterns created using the border function, pressing automatically changes the sewing order of the colors so that the same color can be continuously sewn. You can edit the pattern according to the procedure below to sew the repeated pattern without sorting the colors.
  • Page 6: Sending Embroidery Patterns From A Computer To The Machine (Link Function)

    Touch , then Sending Embroidery Patterns From a Computer to the Machine (Link Function) Operations available with the Link function ■ Send multiple embroidery patterns to connected embroidery machines As many as 100 embroidery patterns can be transferred to an embroidery machine, and the embroidering status of the patterns being transferred can be viewed from the computer monitor.
  • Page 7: Embroidering Using The Link Function

    Memo ● When connecting multiple embroidery machines to the computer, use a commercially available USB hub. Please note that we recommend using a self-powered USB hub. Do not use USB extension cables or repeater cables. For details on using the USB hub, refer to its operating instructions.
  • Page 8 Turn on the machine. Using embroidery editing software provided with the Link function, such as PE-DESIGN NEXT, or later, will allow you to send the embroidery pattern(s) to the machine in the Link mode from your computer. When the following message appears, touch A message appears in the machine’s LCD while the machine is connecting to PC.
  • Page 9 After the embroidery pattern has been opened by the machine, the embroidering screen appears. The opened embroidery pattern appears in the pattern display area with the icon for the Link function. 1 Icon for Link function 2 10-digit machine ID 3 Number of the pattern in the queue •...
  • Page 10: Disabling The Link Function

    To open another pattern sent from the computer, touch , and then repeat the procedure starting from step embroidering. • To stop embroidering or to embroider the same pattern again, touch Note ● The embroidering screen settings specified in step are saved even if touched to continue sewing after embroidering is finished.
  • Page 11: Selecting The Thread Color Information For "Pes" Format Data

    Error messages in the Link function Machine cannot receive any data from the PC in the Link mode. Turn off the machine, and check the USB connection. After connecting the USB cord securely, turn on the machine again. Selecting the Thread Color Information for “PES” Format Data Refer to page 194 in the PR650e Operation Manual for the details of understanding the machine's...
  • Page 12 Checking the Length of Time until the Machine’s Next Stop The length of time until the embroidery machine's next stop can be viewed in the embroidering screen. The machine stops when a spool change is required, or when the machine is set to be stopped by other settings.

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