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Bushnell backtrack: user guide.
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To mark the location (store it in the BackTrack's memory under your selected
Location icon),
to "0". It does not matter which direction you face when marking the location (as
a stored GPS location is just a point or "dot"). When you move away from that
location, an arrow points the way back to the location (general direction relative
to your current position), and the display shows your distance from the location.
You may now turn the BackTrack's power off by
button, or proceed to another location you want to mark. Be sure to select a
different Location icon before marking this new spot, as
previously used Location icon selected will replace that position with your current
When you're ready to return to one of your previously marked locations, turn
the BackTrack back on (
remember the last mode and location you used, so if the last place you marked was
your car in a parking lot, the BackTrack will already be showing you the direction
and distance back to your car! If you want to return to a location other than the
last one you marked, just
icon you used when you marked it earlier. To find your way back to the selected
location, simply move in the direction the arrow points and watch for the distance
to decrease-when you reach your destination, a full circle of arrows will be seen at
the outer edge of the display.
Additional Features & Notes
• To change the units from English to Metric,
Power buttons while in any of the Location modes (not Digital Compass mode)- the
distance units display changes from "yd" to "m". The BackTrack will automatically
switch from yards to miles (or meters to km) for longer distances. It can display up a
maximum distance of 999 miles or kilometers.
MARK to turn on the display backlight at anytime. It will automatically turn
off about 20 seconds later.
• Power automatically turns off after 10 minutes if no buttons have been pressed, or
down MODE/Power to turn off manually. When the BackTrack is turned back
on, it always returns to the last mode you selected, just as you left it.
• When the display shows that you are getting close to a marked location, you will often
be able to just look up and see your destination at that point.
Using Your Bushnell BackTrack
button until the distance indication changes
button). The BackTrack will
button to select the Location
both the MARK and MODE/
ing down the
with a

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