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GE TOV Instructions Manual

GE TOV Instructions Manual

Modular voltage relays


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Summary of Contents for GE TOV

  • Page 1 Click here to get to our homepage: GE Power Management Modular Voltage Relays Instructions GEK 98834B...
  • Page 2 GEK-98834B 7$%/( 2) &217(176 DESCRIPTION........................3 MODEL LIST ........................4 2.1. T ....................... 4 HREE HASE ODEL 2.2. S ...................... 4 INGLE HASE ODEL 2.3. S ........................5 PECIAL ODELS APPLICATION ........................6 TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS ..................7 4.1. T ......................7 EMPERATURE ANGE 4.2.
  • Page 3 Should you wish to receive additional information, or for any particular problem which cannot be solved by referring to the information contained herein, please write to: GE Power Management, S.A. Av. Pinoa, 10 E-48170 ZAMUDIO...
  • Page 4 The single phase type relays include a filter for the third harmonic. The three phase models do not include that filter. The TOV relays are modular solid state relays and are supplied to the customer in a 1/8 rack case, allowing it to be a part of a distribution system.
  • Page 5 GEK-98834B 02'(/ /,67 ! ÃUu…rrÃQuh†rÃH‚qryÃGv†‡ DESCRIPTION Voltage range: 20/275 VAC Voltage range: 50/305 VAC Undervoltage Overvoltage Vaux= 24/48 VDC/VAC Vaux= 48/125 VDC/VAC Vaux= 110/240 VDC 110/220 VAC Individual housing As part of a MID system !!ÃTvtyrÃQuh†rÃH‚qryÃGv†‡ DESCRIPTION 20/275 VAC 50/305 VAC 3/66 VAC 50 Hz filter 60 Hz filter...
  • Page 6 GEK-98834B !"ÃTƒrpvhyÃH‚qry† TOV - - - - - - - Timing: t=0.19 + 0.75 * ( ) - - - - - - - Timing: t=0.375 + 1.5 * ( ) - - - - - - - Instantaneous = 20 ms...
  • Page 7 2. Fault detection for line protection equipment with a communication channel. If the line has three terminals, and one of them does not contribute to the fault. Some of the most common applications of the TOV when operating as an overvoltage relay are: 1.
  • Page 8 GEK-98834B 7(&+1,&$/ &+$5$&7(5,67,&6 # ÃUr€ƒr…h‡ˆ…rÃShtr Operating: 14 °F to 131 °F (-20 °C to +55 °C) Storage: -40 °F to 149 °F (-40 °C to +65 °C) #!ÃD†ˆyh‡v‚ÃUr†‡ Between any terminal and ground: 2 kV, 50/60 Hz, 1 min duration. Between independent circuits: 2 kV, 50/60 Hz, 1 min duration.
  • Page 9 GEK-98834B #%Ã6ˆ‘vyvh…’Ã8‚‡hp‡†Ã8hƒhpv‡’ Continuous: Make and carry: 5 A during 30 s. Break: 25 W inductive at 125/250 VDC Carry continuously: 20 W maximum of 250 VDC or 5 A. #&Ã6ppˆ…hp’ ±5% Voltage: ±5% or 30 ms (whichever is greater). Time: #'Ã6€ivr‡ÃCˆ€vqv‡’...
  • Page 10 GEK-98834B # !ÃU’ƒrÃUr†‡† Insulation test: 2kV, 50/60 Hz for 1 min (IEC 255-5) 5 kV peak, 1.2/50 µs, 0.5J (IEC 255-5) Impulse test: 1 Mhz noise test: 2.5 kV common mode, 1 kV differential mode, Class III (IEC 255-22-1) Electrostatic discharge: Class IV (IEC 255-22-2) Radio interference: Class III (IEC 255-22-3)
  • Page 11 GEK-98834B 23(5$7,1* 35,1&,3/(6 The different TOV relay models operation principles are shown in figures 1 and 2: Figure 1. Three Phase version block diagram Figure 2. Single phase version block diagram...
  • Page 12 GEK-98834B $ ÃUu…rrÃQuh†rÃWr…†v‚†ÃUPW# The input voltage transformers provide a secondary voltage adequate for the internal operation at low voltages as well as an electrical insulation with the internal electronic circuits. The measuring signals are rectified and are compared with the trip level setting in the level detectors.
  • Page 13 GEK-98834B &216758&7,21 % Ã8h†r The TOV case is made of steel. The general dimensions are provided in figure 3. 4 HOLES OF 7 ∅ FOR DRILLING Figure 3. Case dimensions in mm (226B6086H1)
  • Page 14 GEK-98834B Figure 4. Rear view (226B3205H1) Vertically mounted, the module contains a connector on the rear side that provides a mechanical support and electrical connections. The case includes two plastic guides to ensure correct alignment. %!ÃDqr‡vsvph‡v‚ The complete relay model is described on the nameplate. To ensure the correct identification, the model number should be checked so that it coincides with the number on the table in the description section.
  • Page 15 GEK-98834B %"Ã@‘‡r…hyÃ8‚rp‡v‚† Figures 5 and 6 illustrate the TOV external connections for the three phase and single phase models respectively. Figure 5. Three phase version external connections (226B6083H1) Figure 6. Single phase version external connections (226B6083H2)
  • Page 16 GEK-98834B %#ÃQ…v‡rqÃ8v…pˆv‡†Ã7‚h…qÃH‚qˆyr The TOV relay consists of a single printed circuit board. The handles on the front allow the module to be removed from the case. The module’s electrical connections are established through a male connector that is inserted inside a female connector located...
  • Page 17 GEK-98834B %$ÃG‚ph‡v‚Ã‚sÃ8‚‡…‚y†ÃhqÃUh…tr‡† Figure 7 shows the location of the TOV’s controls and targets. 1. Power On (Green LED) 2. Pickup indicator (RED LED) 3. Operating Voltage selection 4. Time selection 5. Trip indicator (RED LED) 6. Trip memory RESET pushbutton...
  • Page 18 GEK-98834B The green indicator located on the top of the module (Vaux) indicates the relay power supply status. When the power supply is operating correctly the indicator stays on, whereas if the power supply is disabled the indicator light is turned off. The red LED below it (Vs) is the pickup indicator.
  • Page 19 GEK-98834B TDIBG@QC6T@ÃHP9@G PW@SWPGU6B@ VI9@SWPGU6B@ XDUC XDUCPVU GPXÃQ6TTÃAD GU@S GPXÃQ6TTÃADGU@S Figure 8b. Under-overvoltage selection for equipments with PCB revision 3 or lower. (for single phase models only)
  • Page 20 GEK-98834B 5(&(37,21 +$1'/,1* $1' 6725$*( This relay is supplied to the customer in a special package, which adequately protects it during transportation, as long as this is performed under normal conditions. Immediately after receiving the relay, the customer should check whether it shows any signs of transportation damage.
  • Page 21 However, in any relay that includes tuned circuits, circuits R-L and R-C are affected by the non-sine waves as in the case of the TOV relay. These relays respond to the voltage waveform differently from the majority of alternating current voltmeters.
  • Page 22 GEK-98834B It is important to stress that the precision used in the tests depends on the network power and the instruments used. Operating tests performed with inadequate power and instruments are useful to test that the relay operates correctly and that it’s characteristics are verified approximately.
  • Page 23 GEK-98834B '!"ÃU…vƒÃGr‰ryÃUr†‡vt Once the connections indicated in figure 10 are performed, (for a single phase relay connect the measuring voltage to terminals A2 and B2) connect the auxiliary power supply and set the relay for instantaneous trip. Depending on the relay model (single phase, three phase, undervoltage or overvoltage) connect the X and Y terminals to the corresponding phases in accordance with figure 10.
  • Page 24 GEK-98834B '!#ÃD†‡h‡hr‚ˆ†ÃVv‡ÃUr†‡ Set the trip level to the minimum range of the setting, and the timing to instantaneous mode (all switches to the left). Establish the connections as indicated in figure 10, including the chronometer. Apply the rated voltage to the relay. Apply to points X and Y a voltage higher that the trip level in the case of an overvoltage relay, and lower than the trip level in the case of an undervoltage relay.
  • Page 25 The place where the relay is to be installed must be clean, dry, free of dust and excessive vibration, and well illuminated to facilitate inspection and tests. The relay must be mounted on a vertical surface. Figures 3 and 4 represent the dimensions and drilling diagram of the TOV relays. (!ÃDƒˆ‡ÃTr‡‡vt (! ÃU…vƒÃGr‰ryÃTr‡‡vt The following example is for setting a relay with a range of 20/275 V.
  • Page 26 GEK-98834B (!!ÃUv€vtÃTr‡‡vt The following inscription appears on the nameplate: t = 0.03 + 0.1 * ( ) s The value indicated between parenthesis is formed by the lower block of microswitches on the front of the relay, by adding the value of the microswitches placed to the right.
  • Page 27 GEK-98834B 7(676 $1' 3(5,2',& 0$,17(1$1&( Given the primary role that protection relays have in any installation, it is recommended that a periodic test program is followed. Given that the intervals between these tests vary for different types of relays and installations as well as the experience of the user performing the tests, it is recommended that the points described in the section INSTALLATION are checked at intervals of 1 to 2 years.

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