HP StreamSmart 410 User Manual

HP StreamSmart 410 User Manual

For use with the hp 39/40gs graphing calculators
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HP StreamSmart 410
User Guide
For use with the HP 39/40gs Graphing Calculators
HP Part Number: NW241-90001
Edition 3, January 201 1


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  • Page 1 HP StreamSmart 410 User Guide For use with the HP 39/40gs Graphing Calculators HP Part Number: NW241-90001 Edition 3, January 201 1...
  • Page 2 In this regard, HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained in the manual.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Filtering data for display and export ....... 32 Data history..............34 Oscilloscope mode............35 StreamSmart 410 and the virtual calculators ....36 Keyboard shortcuts ............37 Mathematical details: zoom, pan, and trace....38 5 Warranty, Regulatory, and Contact Information ..... 40...
  • Page 4: Hp Mobile Calculating Laboratory

    HP Mobile Calculating Laboratory ® The HP Mobile Calculating Laboratory (HP MCL) consists of one or more Fourier sensors, an HP StreamSmart 410, and an HP 39/40gs graphing calculator with the StreamSmart Aplet. Investigation and understanding of mathematics and science concepts are enhanced by the HP Mobile Calculating Laboratory, as it is designed to simplify the collection and analysis of real-world data.
  • Page 5 HP graphing calculator. You will need to charge the unit for approximately five hours. Your computer must be running for charging to occur. DO NOT use the cable attached to the StreamSmart 410 for charging. The low battery symbol indicates the StreamSmart 410 requires (ã)
  • Page 6 3. Start the Application The StreamSmart Aplet is located in the Aplet Library in the HP 39/40gs. The user runs the HP Mobile Calculating Laboratory via the StreamSmart Aplet. Please check online at www.hp.com/calculators to ensure you have the latest version of the StreamSmart Aplet. See Figure 1-2 below for instructions on accessing the application.
  • Page 7 The plot window displays a number of items, as illustrated in Figure 1-3 below. Figure 1-3 The Plot Window for the HP 39/40gs HP Mobile Calculating Laboratory...
  • Page 8 StreamSmart Aplet for the HP 39/40gs. Note that the standard Symbolic and Symbolic Setup views are not used by the StreamSmart Aplet. All of the views listed in Table 1-2 can be accessed on the HP 39/40gs via the Views menu by pressing...
  • Page 9: Additional Application Views

    Additional Application views In addition to these standard application views, the Views menu on the HP 39/ 40gs also contains views specific to the StreamSmart Aplet. Details on these views can be found in Chapter 4, Advanced Topics. Table 1-3 Additional StreamSmart 410 views...
  • Page 10: The Statistics Application

    Statistics Aplet. This manual contains a brief introduction to the Statistics Aplet, but for more information about the Statistics Aplet for the HP 39/40gs, refer to the HP 39/40gs User's Guide. HP Mobile Calculating Laboratory...
  • Page 11: Manual Conventions

    @ (Plot Setup). The HP 39/40gs calculators employ context-sensitive menus that appear along the bottom of the display. The functions in these menus are accessed via the top row of keys on the keyboard directly below the screen display.
  • Page 12: Helpful Hints

    “P.” Press 7 again to cycle through the next option that starts with “P.” • Use + to navigate lists of options as well. + advances through the list of items in order. HP Mobile Calculating Laboratory...
  • Page 13: Streaming Experiments

    StreamSmart 410, connect the StreamSmart 410 to the HP 39/40gs serial port, (press the StreamSmart 410 ON button if the green light is not illuminated) and then press the START menu key. When you start the StreamSmart Aplet and press the START menu key, you will find that you are immediately streaming data from all of the sensors.
  • Page 14 Table 2- 1 Streaming experiment flow Display Description How I got there: % START Streamsmart • Press What I see on screen: • Up to four data streams displayed graphically in real- time • Channel number, sensor type and units for the current Figure 2-2 Stream selected stream, and screen width expressed in seconds...
  • Page 15: Viewing A Stream Of Data

    • 1VAR/2VAR: toggle between analysis of 1-variable and 2-variable data • STATS: view summary statistics • See your HP Calculator’s user guide for more information on the statistics application, including regression fit types and statistical plot types Viewing a stream of data...
  • Page 16 Topics. Although the data are averaged for graphing purposes, you still have access to all the data. This is a unique feature of the StreamSmart 410. The screens shown in Figure 2-7 and Figure 2-8 illustrate the location and basic functions of the menu keys during and just after streaming.
  • Page 17 Table 2-2 lists the menu functions available during and just after streaming. Table 2-2 Streaming menu keys, page 1 Menu Key Description This menu key opens the channel selection menu, which allows you to \CHAN select which stream to trace. By extension, you are also choosing which stream to zoom or pan vertically.
  • Page 18 Zoom, Pan and Trace are radio button toggles that work in conjunction with the direction keys ( , and ). Only one function is active at a time, its active status indicated by a small square after the function name. For example, TRACqqq! means the tracer is active and the direction keys will be used to trace the selected stream or jump to another stream.
  • Page 19 Besides navigating and tracing the data set to find data of interest, StreamSmart also lets you compare any two points in a single stream and manually add a data point as a row in your chosen columns in the Statistics application. These functions are found on the second page of the Stream menu, which is only active once streaming has stopped.
  • Page 20: Select Data

    (ã) the battery symbol appears in the upper left corner of the screen, as shown in Figure 2- 1 0, be sure to charge the StreamSmart 410 as soon as possible. See Chapter 1 for instructions on charging the battery.
  • Page 21: Export A Data Set

    Export menu. Figure 2- 1 2 The Export Menu There are six fields in the Export menu: four for the StreamSmart 410 channels, one for the timestamp associated with each data point, and one that determines what happens after the data is exported. The four channel fields, (CH 1, CH 2, CH 3, and CH 4), as well as the TIME field, all behave the same way.
  • Page 22: Analyze Data

    The Statistics Aplet lets you view your data in a table, plot it as a graph, view summary statistics, and create 2-variable models for bi-variate data. All of this functionality is described in detail in your HP Calculator’s user guide, so it is not repeated here. However, this section contains a brief summary of commonly used functions in the Statistics Aplet.
  • Page 23 The views of the Statistics Aplet are summarized in Table 2-8 and Table 2-9. For more information, please refer to your HP Calculator’s user guide. Table 2-8 Views in the Statistics Aplet...
  • Page 24: Capturing Data From Events

    Capturing Data from Events Although the StreamSmart 410 is capable of collecting data at high sampling rates, as shown in Chapter 2, it is also versatile enough to gather data from experiments of slower frequency—and even distinct events—with ease. You have seen the power of streaming data in real time at rates over 5,000 samples per second with the streaming experiment.
  • Page 25 • 1VAR/2VAR: toggle between analysis of 1-variable and 2-variable data • STATS: view summary statistics • See your HP Calculator’s user guide for more information on the Statistics application, including regression fit types and statistical plot types Capturing Data from Events...
  • Page 26: Numeric View: The Meter Mode

    By default, pressing the %ADD$ menu key will capture the current set of readings from sensors attached to Channels 1 through 4 of the StreamSmart 410. The readings will be auto-numbered, and this number will be stored in Row 1 of column C1 in the Statistics application.
  • Page 27 Like the Export menu discussed in Chapter 2, the Capture Events menu has a field for each of the four StreamSmart 410 channels. Each of these fields is preceded by a checkbox to activate/deactivate the channel, and followed by a choose box to select the Statistics application column for storing the data from that channel.
  • Page 28: Monitor And Select Events

    In Figure 3-7, C2 is highlighted as the destination for data from the sensor in Channel 2 of the StreamSmart 410. Pressing !sgsy]!!CHK! now will deselect Channel 2 for exporting data. Pressing the CHOOS menu key drops down a list of C1 through C9, and C0, from which you can choose any other column for the data from the sensor in Channel 2.
  • Page 29: Analyze The Data

    (e.g., 3 seconds exactly) and collect a particular number of samples (e.g., 50 samples). The StreamSmart 410 accommodates this need via the Experiment option under the Views menu, as illustrated in Figure 3- 1 2 and Figure 3- 1 3.
  • Page 30: Advanced Topics

    Keyboard shortcuts • Mathematical detail behind the zoom and pan features These advanced topics will help you get the most out of the HP MCL. Sensor setup: manually identify a sensor ® The StreamSmart Aplet is designed to automatically identify a Fourier sensor attached to the StreamSmart 410.
  • Page 31: Unit Setup: Manually Select Units For A Sensor

    Unit Setup option to open the Unit Setup dialog box. Press Setup dialog box. In the Numeric view, on the HP 39/40gs, you can simply press $UNIT#. Figure 4-6 shows the Unit Setup dialog box with a force sensor measuring Newtons in Channel 1 and an accelerometer measuring g's (g=9.8 m/...
  • Page 32: Calibration

    Once it has been determined that software calibration for a sensor is the only option, it should be noted that the StreamSmart 410 offers both 1-point and 2-point methods for such calibrations. A 1-point calibration simply changes the offset, while a 2-point calibration changes both offset and slope.
  • Page 33 sensor values. Press to enter the correction for the current reading. The current reading is still 6.408, but it should read -6.433. Enter the correct value as shown in Figure 4- 1 3 and press to return to the calibration $OK# screen.
  • Page 34 To see this exact time interval without zooming and panning: Press to enter the Plot Setup menu. Change the XRNG values to [0.85, 0.95] (Figure 4- 1 7). Press the key to return to the streaming window.(Figure 4- 1 8). Figure 4- 1 7 Plot Setup Menu Figure 4- 1 8 Return to Streaming Window The StreamSmart Aplet will match the minimum and maximum time values in the...
  • Page 35: Filtering Data For Display And Export

    Filtering data for display and export Under most circumstances, each pixel in the display of the data stream represents multiple sensor readings. Depending on the current window, each pixel could represent quite a large data set. For example, in Figure 4-22, each pixel has a width of approximately 0.1 seconds (13s/130pixels=0.1s/pixel).
  • Page 36 methods. Once a filtering method is chosen, it is used for the current (as well as future) data streams until either the StreamSmart Aplet is reset or another filtering method is chosen. Figure 4-24 Figure 4-25 Figure 4-26 To choose a display filtering method: Press to enter the Plot Setup menu and use the key to highlight...
  • Page 37: Data History

    Data history By default, StreamSmart 410 collects data from a single sensor at approximately 5,000 samples per second while streaming. At this rate, the StreamSmart Aplet can collect approximately 16.5 seconds of data before memory is full. You can use...
  • Page 38: Oscilloscope Mode

    Oscilloscope mode While streaming data in the Plot view, the StreamSmart Aplet provides you with the option of Oscilloscope mode. Press SCOPE to activate Oscilloscope mode. This menu key is a toggle, so press it again to return to normal data streaming. Oscilloscope mode works with a trigger to enable an oscilloscopic view of your data stream.
  • Page 39: Streamsmart 410 And The Virtual Calculators

    StreamSmart 410 to an audience or in a classroom setting. You can also demonstrate an experiment in this way. The StreamSmart 410 connects to a computer using a mini-USB to USB cable. This cable came with your HP 39/40gs graphing calculator. Connect the StreamSmart 410 to your computer, launch the HP 39/40gs Virtual Graphing Calculator application, and start the StreamSmart Aplet.
  • Page 40: Keyboard Shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts Table 4-5 lists the keyboard shortcuts for the StreamSmart Aplet. These shortcuts are available either during or just after streaming. Table 4-5 Keyboard shortcuts Key(s) Description Toggles through the three options available for viewing a final data set after streaming and prior to export.
  • Page 41: Mathematical Details: Zoom, Pan, And Trace

    Mathematical details: zoom, pan, and trace Table 4-6 and Table 4-7 elaborate on how zooming and panning work. Table 4- 8 concludes the section with an explanation of tracing. Table 4-6 Zoom Application Description Feature Zoom The horizontal center line remains fixed, but the window contracts vertically.
  • Page 42 Table 4-7 Pan Application Description Feature Moves the stream upwards. The values of Ymax and Ymin are decreased by equal amounts. Moves the stream downwards. The values of Ymax and Ymin are increased by equal amounts. Moves the stream to the right. The values of Xmin and Xmax are decreased by equal amounts.
  • Page 43: Warranty, Regulatory, And Contact Information

    HP Limited Hardware Warranty and Customer Care This HP Limited Warranty gives you, the end-user customer, express limited warranty rights from HP, the manufacturer. Please refer to HP's Web site for an extensive description of your limited warranty entitlements.
  • Page 44 HP will, at its option, either repair or replace products which prove to be defective. Replacement products may be either new or like-new. HP also expressly warrants to you that HP software will not fail to execute its programming instructions after the date of purchase, for the period specified above, due to defects in material and workmanship when properly installed and used.
  • Page 45 • EMC Directive 2004/108/EC • Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC, where applicable CE compliance of this product is valid if powered with the correct CE-marked AC adapter provided by HP. Compliance with these directives implies conformity to applicable harmonized European standards (European Norms) that are listed in the EU Declaration of Conformity issued by HP for this product or product family and available (in English only) either within the product documentation or at the following web site: www.hp.eu/certificates (type the product number in the search field).
  • Page 46 For non-telecommunications products and for EU harmonized telecommunications products, such as Bluetooth® within power class below10mW. For EU non-harmonized telecommunications products (If applicable, a 4-digit notified body number is inserted between CE and !). Please refer to the regulatory label provided on the product. The point of contact for regulatory matters is: Hewlett-Packard GmbH, Dept./MS: HQ-TRE, Herrenberger Strasse 140, 71034 Boeblingen, GERMANY.
  • Page 47 California. Customer Care In addition to the one year hardware warranty, your HP calculator also comes with one year of technical support. If you need assistance with warranty, please refer to the warranty information on the product CD.
  • Page 48 Italy Italia 02 754 19 782 Jamaica 1-800-71 1-2884 Japan 00531-86-001 1 日本 Kazakhstan www.hp.com/support Latvia www.hp.com/support Lebanon www.hp.com/support Lithuania www.hp.com/support Luxembourg 2730 2146 Malaysia 1800-88-8588 Martinica 0-800-990-01 1; Mauritius www.hp.com/support 877-219-8671 Mexico 01-800-474-68368 Montenegro www.hp.com/support México (800 HP INVENT)
  • Page 49 0-800- 1 01 1 1 Philippines (2)-867-3351 Perú Poland www.hp.com/support Portugal 021 318 0093 Polska Puerto Rico 1-877 232 0589 Romania www.hp.com/support Russia 495-228-3050 Saudi Arabia www.hp.com/support Россия Serbia www.hp.com/support Singapore 6272-5300 Slovakia www.hp.com/support South Africa 0800980410 South Korea 00798-862-0305 Spain 913753382 España 한국...
  • Page 50 Contact Country/ Contact Country/ Region Region United 0207 458 0161 Uruguay 0004-054- 1 77 Kingdom US Virgin 1-800-71 1-2884 United States 800-HP INVENT Islands Venezuela 0-800-474-68368 Vietnam +65-6272-5300 (0-800 HP INVENT) Viêt Nam Zambia www.hp.com/support...
  • Page 51 Index export 32 Helpful hints 9 Aplet Statistics 7, 20 Keyboard shortcuts 37 StreamSmart 3 Manual conventions 8 Battery Mark and swap 16 charging 2 Meter mode 23 low battery indicator 2, 17 replacing the batteries 40 Oscilloscope mode 35 Crop data 17 Pan 14 Customer care and contact in-...
  • Page 52 Index...

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