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Blackberry Playbook 16GB User Manual Page 39

Blackberry playbook 16gb: user guide.
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User Guide
Use HTTP Proxy
Allow inter-access point handover
CA Certificate
Client Certificate
I can't connect to a Wi-Fi network
Try one of the following actions:
On the status bar, tap
The connection might have timed out. Try connecting again.
Your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet might be too far away from the wireless access point or wireless router to connect.
Move your tablet closer and try connecting again.
Verify that you're in a Wi-Fi® coverage area. If you're connecting to a home network, see if other wireless devices are able
to connect. If you're connecting to an enterprise Wi-Fi network or a hotspot, talk to your administrator or an employee at
the hotspot.
Verify that the time on your tablet is synchronized with the network time. If the times are different, it could prevent your
tablet from connecting (for example, if connecting to the network requires you to have a certificate on your tablet and the
certificate has an expiration date).
If the Wi-Fi network doesn't appear in the list of available networks, the network might be hidden. If you know the network
name, try connecting to it manually.
Verify that the options for the Wi-Fi network are correct. To find out what options to use, for a home network, refer to the
information that came with your router; for an enterprise Wi-Fi network, talk to your administrator; for a public hotspot,
refer to any information provided for the hotspot or talk to an employee at the hotspot who might have details about how
to connect.
If you switched Wi-Fi networks manually, try switching to another Wi-Fi network.
If you are using the Push Button Setup method, verify that the access point uses Wi-Fi Protected Setup™, and that it has
been set to send its profile. Verify that another device is not also attempting to connect at the same time, and that not
more than one access point within range is in this mode. For more information, see the information that came with your
Select this checkbox if you want to connect to a proxy server. When you select this
checkbox, additional options appear. To find out what options to use, see the
information provided for the proxy server.
If the network spans multiple access points, set whether your tablet should remain
connected when you move from one access point to another.
If necessary, set the root certificate that your tablet should use to verify that it's
connecting to the correct Wi-Fi network. If the network requires a certificate, you
need to transfer it to your tablet before you can connect. For more information, talk
to your administrator.
If necessary, set the authentication certificate that your tablet should use to connect
to the Wi-Fi network. If the network requires a certificate, you need to transfer it
to your tablet before you can connect. For more information, talk to your
and verify that the switch is set to On.


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  • Barry Mar 08, 2018 10:49:
    My Playbook will not charge using the USB port so, I'm getting a RIM Rapid Charger and use the 'Contact' port.
    Hope​fully, that will by pass the USB port failure.
  • Samuel park Feb 18, 2018 03:43:
    Three different ports , what one is for charging ‘ bought a new charger fits in the middle point , isn’t doing anything ?
  • ronr Jan 15, 2018 07:52:
    I am trying to charge my playbook, without success.

    ​What is the cost to replace the USB port if necessary
  • beejay Jul 05, 2017 04:58:
    am really confused..​. my new playbook isnt showing me any menu aside from the browser icon ...pls any ideas on what to do?
  • bdurette Apr 12, 2017 07:52:
    Ihave this little book on left top hand corner facing you .when I go into facebook nothing shows up except my name I can click on settings that shows up but that little book when I click on it says this content can not display also on the right side corner looks like a pait of glasses can not get rid of that as well so was wondering if those two icons are stopping my facebook display thanks