Huawei NetCol8000-A Quick Manual

In-room air cooled smart cooling product
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NetCol8000-A (045, 055, 060, 090, 120)
In-room Air Cooled Smart Cooling
Quick Guide
Issue: 04
Part Number: 31500BLY
Date: 2020-10-10


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  • Page 1 NetCol8000-A (045, 055, 060, 090, 120) In-room Air Cooled Smart Cooling Product Quick Guide Issue: 04 Part Number: 31500BLY Date: 2020-10-10 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.
  • Page 2: Product Overview

    You can view the outdoor unit code on the equipment barcode. ① Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2020. All rights reserved.
  • Page 3 Engineering Materials 0 m < L ≤ 60 m: Mandator Refrigera Gas pipe: outer diameter of 7/8 inch (22.22 mm) ; wall thickness of 1.2 y items nt pipe mm; operating pressure > 4.5 MPa Liquid pipe: outer diameter of 5/8 inch (15.88 mm) ; wall thickness of 1.0 mm;...
  • Page 4 Refrigerant R410A Do not use unqualified refrigerant. Huawei will not be liable for any equipment damage caused by unqualified refrigerant. You can verify the refrigerant authenticity in the following ways: 1. Dial the refrigerant manufacturer's hotline to confirm the refrigerant manufacturer authenticity.
  • Page 5: Installing The Indoor Unit

    Installing the Indoor Unit 1. Read the related user manual or instructions before installing the NetCol8000-A. 2. The unit in this document is a fully configured NetCol8000-A. If some components are not configured, skip the corresponding steps. 3. You are recommended to use tools that are fully insulated when installing devices.
  • Page 6: Removing The Pallet

    NetCol8000-A060/120 Downflow NetCol8000-A060 Upflow Low-pressure needle valve Low-pressure needle valve Liquid pipe Exhaust needle valve pipe needle valve Exhaust pipe needle Liquid pipe valve needle valve Removing the Pallet Removing Compressor Fasteners Securing to the Floor or Base...
  • Page 7: Installing The Outdoor Unit

    Lowering a Fan (Applicable to Downflow Units) 1.Remove the six screws and then the beam. 2.Rotate the fan upward by 30 degrees, and pull the rotating shaft of the fan to the outermost side. 3.Slowly rotate the fan by 90 degrees and ensure that the rotating shaft of the fan is on the outermost side.
  • Page 8: Installation Scenario

    Installation Scenario Horizontal Installation Unit: mm NetCol500-A110 NetCol500-A060 Vertical Installation Unit: mm Make sure that no shelter is above the outdoor unit. NetCol500-A80 Compact Installation Unit: mm NetCol500-A110 NetCol500-A060...
  • Page 9 Checking Whether the Nitrogen Is Discharged at the Needle Valves of Outdoor Unit NetCol500-A110 NetCol500-A060/A080/A120 Horizontal installation (Choose One from the Two Installation Scenario) NetCol500-A060/A080/A120 b. Install the four legs. a. Remove the straight flanges. The strength level of the concrete platform must be equal to or greater than C20.
  • Page 10 c. Securing the legs to the concrete platform Unit: mm Concrete platform dimensions (unit: mm) Model Width Depth Height Distance between Distance between the (W1) (D1) the centers of two centers of two platforms at the platforms at the length side (W2) width side (D2) NetCol500-A060 W1 ≥...
  • Page 11 Concrete platform dimensions (unit: mm) Model Width (W1) Depth (D1) Height (H) Distance Distance between the between the centers of two centers of two platforms at platforms at the length the width side side (W2) (D2) NetCol500-A110 W1 ≥ 250 D1 ≥...
  • Page 12 Interface dimensions (unit: mm) Model NetCol500-A060 (52273539, 52273539-005) 1287 1257 1037 1126 NetCol500-A060 (52273539-006) 1290 1260 1066 NetCol500-A080 2117 2087 1742 1830 NetCol500-A120 2259 2229 1217 2100 Welding Refrigerant Pipes Laying the Engineering Pipe • When outdoor unit is installed horizontally, the outdoor unit and the low-temperature component must be at the same horizontal plane.
  • Page 13 Installation Requirements for Inverted U-shaped Traps and Oil Traps (1) Inverted U-shaped trap (2) Oil trap (3) Tilted air pipe (4) Tilted liquid pipe Outdoor unit placed horizontally Outdoor unit placed vertically • When routing pipes, ensure that the pipes are level and straight. The positive height difference cannot exceed 30 m, the negative height difference cannot exceed 8 m, and the total pipe length cannot exceed 100 m.
  • Page 14 Exhausting Nitrogen from the Indoor Unit Through Three Needle Valves NetCol8000-A045/A055/A090 Downflow NetCol8000-A045 Upflow NetCol8000-A060/A120 Downflow NetCol8000-A060 Upflow Welding the Indoor Unit Ports NetCol8000-A045/A055/A090 NetCol8000-A045 Downflow-Bottom Piping Upflow-Bottom Piping (1) Gas pipe (2) Liquid pipe...
  • Page 15 NetCol8000-A060/A120 NetCol8000-A060 Downflow-Bottom Piping Upflow-Bottom Piping NetCol8000-A045/A055/A090 NetCol8000-A045 Downflow-Side Piping Upflow-Side Piping NetCol8000-A060/A120 NetCol8000-A060 Downflow-Side Piping Upflow-Side Piping (1) Gas pipe (2) Liquid pipe...
  • Page 16 Nitrogen at the Outdoor Unit Needle Valves Exhausting Exhaust nitrogen from the three needle valves respectively. Do not remove the needle valve plug in case of loss or damage. Welding the Outdoor Unit Ports Thermal Thermal insulation foam insulation foam 5/8 inch liquid pipe 5/8 inch liquid pipe 7/8 inch gas pipe...
  • Page 17: Connecting The Humidifier Water Inlet Pipe

    Connecting Water Pipes Connecting the Humidifier Water Inlet Pipe G 3/4 inch reserved connector with outer screw thread G 3/4 inch adapter with inner screw thread Matched with the adapter, the pressure resistance should be at least 0.7 MPa Note 1: 1.
  • Page 18: Installing Cables

    NetCol8000-A060/A120 Downflow NetCol8000-A060 Upflow Installing Cables 1. Power cables and signal cables should be routed according to the requirements for routing electrical and extra-low voltage (ELV) cables and in compliance with the cable routing plan. 2. The shielding layer of signal cables must be grounded. 3.
  • Page 19 Connecting the Indoor Unit Power Cable NetCol8000-A045/A055/A090 Downflow NetCol8000-A045 Upflow...
  • Page 20 NetCol8000-A060/A120 Downflow NetCol8000-A060 Upflow Connecting the Outdoor Unit Power Cable...
  • Page 21 1. Outdoor units of different models have different electric control box layout but the same port silk screen. Ensure that cable labels are consistent with corresponding terminal labels when connecting cables. 2. The following figure shows the cable routing of NetCol8000-A045 and NetCol8000-A060. Connect 2U/2V/2W/PE to another outdoor unit if NetCol8000-A090 and NetCol8000-A120 is configured.
  • Page 22 (Optional) Connecting a Differential Pressure Sensor 1. Secure the differential pressure sensor inside the cabinet using two M3 screws. 2. Connect the longer PU hose to the port without the Lo (-) silk screen under the differential pressure sensor, and route the hose through the top of the cabinet to the supply air pipe plenum chamber.
  • Page 23 NetCol8000-A060 Upflow NetCol8000-A060/A120 Downflow (Optional) Connecting the Low-Temperature Component Cables Low-temperature component power cable from outdoor unit to indoor unit Low-temperature component power cable to outdoor unit The figure shows the cable routing of NetCol8000-A045. Also connect L/N to another outdoor unit if NetCol8000- A090 or NetCol8000-A120 is configured.
  • Page 24: Water Sensor

    (Optional) Connecting the (Optional) Connecting the Water Sensor T/H Sensors Outside Cabinets 1. Connect the T/H sensor cables. The T/H sensors in the aisles should be installed on the door frame of IT cabinets, and1.5 m (33U) away from the ground.
  • Page 25 (Optional) Connecting the Teamwork Network Cable Teamwork CAN networking (CAN Protocol) In CAN networking, a maximum of 32 smart cooling products can be teamworked. If CAN networking is required onsite, set Networking mode on the Teamwork Settings screen of all smart cooling products to CAN network, and set Teamwork CAN resistor enable on the Teamwork Settings screen of the first and last smart cooling products to Yes.
  • Page 26 Third-Party NMS Monitoring (SNMP/Modbus-TCP/Modbus-RTU Protocol) 1. Connect one end of the monitoring network cable (standard network cable) to the COM/FE port on the main control module, and connect the other end to the monitoring device. 2. When the host monitors the smart cooling product through a third-party NMS, connect the monitoring network cable based on whether the smart cooling product is cascaded.
  • Page 27 7.10 (Optional) Installing the Cap (Applicable to Upflow Units) It takes two persons to install the cap using a 2 m step ladder.  Before installing the cap, attach the thermal insulation foam in the accessories to the top  beam of the smart cooling product, and ensure that the reserved holes in the thermal insulation foam are aligned with the holes in the beam.
  • Page 28: Leak Checking

    If the R410A refrigerant is provided by Huawei, put the refrigerant steel vessel upside down when charging in the refrigerant. If the refrigerant is not provided by Huawei, check with the refrigerant provider whether the steel vessel has a siphon. If the vessel has a siphon, put it upside up when charging in refrigerant.
  • Page 29 Refrigerant Charge Amount (L) (L is total one-way pipe length)(kg) Outdoor Unit Outdoor Unit 0 m < L 10 m < L ≤ 60 m 60 m < L ≤ 100 m ≤ 10 m NetCol500-A060/ NetCol500-A120 system1/ 8.8+(L-10)×0.21 8.8+(L-10)×0.28 NetCol8000-A045U NetCol500-A120 system2 NetCol500-A080...
  • Page 30 Scenarios without a low-temperature component (NetCol8000-A045/A055/A090 Downflow) • Left pressure gauge is low pressure gauge. Right pressure gauge is high pressure gauge. • The specification of needle valve is 7/16-20UNF. Low-pressure needle valve Vacuum pump 1. Leak checking 2. Vacuuming 3.
  • Page 31 Scenarios with a low-temperature component (NetCol8000-A045/A055/A090 Downflow) 1. Leak checking Low-pressure needle valve Vacuum 2. Vacuuming pump 3. Precharging refrigerant Reducing valve Refrigerant cylinder Electronic scale Exhaust pipe needle valve Liquid pipe needle valve Nitrogen cylinder Scenarios with a low-temperature component (NetCol8000-A060/A120 Downflow) 1.
  • Page 32 Scenarios without a low-temperature component (NetCol8000-A045 Upflow) Vacuum 1.Leak checking pump 2.Vacuuming 3.Precharging refrigerant Low-pressure needle valve Reducing valve Refrigerant cylinder Electronic scale Nitrogen cylinder Exhaust pipe needle valve Scenarios without a low-temperature component (NetCol8000-A060 Upflow) 1. Leak checking 2. Vacuuming 3.
  • Page 33 Scenarios with a low-temperature component (NetCol8000-A060 Upflow) 1. Leak checking 2. Vacuuming 3. Precharging refrigerant Reducing valve Low-pressure needle valve Refrigerant cylinder Electronic Vacuum scale pump Nitrogen cylinder Exhaust pipe Low-pressure needle valve needle valve Scenarios with a low-temperature component (NetCol8000-A045 Upflow) Vacuum pump 1.
  • Page 34 Commissioning Power-On Download the Service Expert app from Huawei app store and runs on Android. Apply for • permission after downloading the app. Ensure that no combustion-supporting materials (air or additives) enter the air • conditioning system during commissioning. Huawei shall not be liable for any risks and losses thus incurred.
  • Page 35: Startup Process

    Startup Process 2. Wizard startup flowchart 1. First startup flowchart Start Start Tap Start on the home screen. Precautions After tapping Yes, the barcode and the Select commissioning verification code are shown on the screen. items Commissionin Fail g interrupted Open the Service Expert app.
  • Page 36 Configuring Initial Parameters 1. Set the control mode based on the actual configuration of T/H sensors. 2. If a differential pressure switch is configured, set Indoor fan control type to Pressure diff ctrl. (Optional) Teamwork Settings The table uses 8 smart cooling products in CAN teamwork as an example. Item Enable Teamw...
  • Page 37: (Optional) Power-Off

    (Optional) Power-off 1. On the home page, tap Shutdown. 2. Turn off the main switch of indoor unit and outdoor unit. 3. (Optional) If the smart cooling product needs to be maintained in power-off mode or long- term power-off, switch off the smart cooling product circuit breaker on PDC.
  • Page 38 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Huawei Industrial Base, Bantian, Longgang Shenzhen 518129 People's Republic of China

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