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Attaching inner rails to the appliance
To attach the inner rails to the appliance:
1 Position the inner rail alongside the side of the appliance with the finger tab facing outward.
2 Align the screw holes of the rail and the mounting holes of the appliance and then attach the inner rail to the
appliance with crosshead threaded screws.
3 Repeat the above steps to attach another rail on the same side of the appliance.
4 Attach the front bracket to the system.
5 Repeat to attach the other inner rails and front bracket to the other side of the appliance.

Installing the outer rails

To install the outer rail:
1 Attach the rail to the posts of the rack by using three rack screws.
2 Extend the outer back rail to the back of the rack and firmly attach it with two rack screws.
3 Repeat step 1 and 2 to install the other rail.
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