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Safety information for the ESA
5000/7000 appliance
Model Product
ESA 5000
ESA 7000

Safety instructions

The following conditions are required for proper installation:
The Dell ESA appliance is designed to be mounted in
a standard 19-inch rack mount cabinet.
Use the mounting hardware recommended by the
rack manufacturer and ensure that the rack is adequate for
the application.
Ensure that no water or excessive moisture can enter
the unit.
Allow unrestricted airflow around the unit and
through the vents on the side of the unit. A minimum of 1
inch (25.44mm) clearance is recommended.
Route cables away from power lines, fluorescent
lighting fixtures, and sources of noise such as radios,
transmitters, and broadband amplifiers.
Dell ESA 5000/7000
This product is not intended to be installed and used
in a home or public area accessible to the general population.
Getting Started Guide
When installed in schools, this equipment must be
installed in a secure location accessible only by trained
The following statement applies only to
rack-installed products that are GS-Marked: This
equipment is not intended for use at workplaces with
visual display units, in accordance with §2 of the German
ordinance for workplaces with visual display units.
Mount in a location away from direct sunlight and
sources of heat. A maximum ambient temperature of 104º
F (40º C) is recommended.
If installed in a closed or multi-rack assembly, the
operating ambient temperature of the rack environment
may be greater than the room ambient. Therefore,
consideration should be given to installing the equipment
in an environment compatible with the maximum
recommended ambient temperature.
Mount the Dell SonicWALL appliances evenly in
the rack in order to prevent a hazardous condition caused
by uneven mechanical loading.
Four mounting screws, compatible with the rack
design, must be used and hand-tightened to ensure secure
installation. Choose a mounting location where all four
mounting holes line up with those of the mounting bars of
the 19-inch rack mount cabinet.


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