Lithium Battery Warning; Cable Connections - Dell ESA 5000 Getting Started Manual

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A suitably rated and approved branch circuit breaker
shall be provided as part of the building installation. Follow
local code when purchasing materials or components.
Consideration must be given to the connection of the
equipment to the supply circuit. Appropriate consideration of
equipment nameplate ratings must be used when addressing
this concern. Do not overload the circuit.
Reliable grounding of rack-mounted equipment must
be maintained. Particular attention must be given to power
supply connections other than direct connections to the
branch circuits, such as power strips.
The included power cord is approved for use only in
specific countries or regions. Before using a power cord,
verify that it is rated and approved for use in your location.
Minimum power cord rating for European Union (CE):
Certified power supply cord not lighter than light PVC
sheathed flexible cord according to IEC 60227, designation, or
H05 VV-F or H05 VVH2-F2, and rated for at least 3G 0.75
When using a Fiber Optic Small-Form Pluggable
(SFP) module, ensure it is IEC 60825 certified.

Lithium battery warning

The Lithium Battery used in the Dell ESA Internet security
appliance may not be replaced by the user. The appliance
must be returned to a Dell authorized service center for
replacement with the same or equivalent type
recommended by the manufacturer. If, for any reason, the
battery or Dell ESA Internet security appliance must be
disposed of, do so following the battery manufacturer's

Cable connections

All Ethernet and RS232 (Console) cables are designed for
intrabuilding connection to other equipment. Do not
connect these ports directly to communication wiring or
other wiring that exits the building where the Dell ESA is


Table of Contents

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