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Emerson 395620-03-1 Field Replacement Manual page 3

Coin cell battery


Removing/Replacing Batteries
The coin cell SRAM backup battery preserves data in SRAM memory in the event of a power loss
and provides backup power to the real-time clock.
Refer to the table below for the correct field replacement kit part number.
Coin cell lithium battery for SRAM backup
UL Kit File Number: E192567
Ambient Temperature Range
May be used up to a maximum ambient temperature of 80°C and a minimum ambient temperature
of –40°C; refer to the data plate attached to the device.
Required Tools
Electrical Ratings
Hazardous area approvals require that any part replaced in the field be the exact same part (like for
like). Upgrading or substituting different parts violates hazardous area certification.
Use only accessories (batteries) supplied with the flow computer or sold by Emerson as spare parts
for this flow computer. Substituting a part you obtain elsewhere (such as a battery) voids your
approval certification.
EXPLOSION HAZARD: Ensure the area in which you perform this operation is non-hazardous.
Performing this operation in a hazardous area could result in an explosion.
EXPLOSION HAZARD: Never open the enclosure in hazardous location. Opening the enclosure in
a hazardous location could result in an explosion.
EXPLOSION HAZARD – Substitution of any components may impair suitability for Class 1,
Division 2.
FB2100/FB2200 Flow Computer Coin Cell Battery Field Replacement Guide
#2 Phillips-head screwdriver
Hexagonal torque wrenches with 3mm and #1 Phillips-head bits. Ranges must include 4 to 6
in-lbs (0.5 to 0.7 N-m).
Input Voltage: 10.5 Vdc to 30 Vdc external supply (Max power at 10 watts)
November 2020
Field Replacement Kit
Part Number