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System Training; Ethernet Connectivity - Emerson 395620-03-1 Field Replacement Manual

Coin cell battery


FB2100/FB2200 Flow Computer Coin Cell Battery Field Replacement Guide
November 2020
Device Safety Considerations
Reading these Instructions
Before operating the device, read these instructions carefully and understand their safety implications. In some situations,
improperly using this device may result in damage or injury. Keep this manual in a convenient location for future reference.
Note that these instructions may not cover all details or variations in equipment or cover every possible situation regarding
installation, operation, or maintenance. Should problems arise that are not covered sufficiently in the text, immediately
contact Customer Support for further information.
Protecting Operating Processes
A failure of this device – for whatever reason -- may leave an operating process without appropriate protection and could result
in possible damage to property or injury to persons. To protect against this, you should review the need for additional backup
equipment or provide alternate means of protection (such as alarm devices, output limiting, fail-safe valves, relief valves,
emergency shutoffs, emergency switches, etc.). Contact Remote Automation Solutions for additional information.
Returning Equipment
If you need to return any equipment to Remote Automation Solutions, it is your responsibility to ensure that the equipment
has been cleaned to safe levels, as defined and/or determined by applicable federal, state and/or local law regulations or
codes. You also agree to indemnify Remote Automation Solutions and hold Remote Automation Solutions harmless from any
liability or damage which Remote Automation Solutions may incur or suffer due to your failure to ensure device cleanliness.
Grounding Equipment
Ground metal enclosures and exposed metal parts of electrical instruments in accordance with OSHA rules and regulations as
specified in Design Safety Standards for Electrical Systems, 29 CFR, Part 1910, Subpart S, dated: April 16, 1981 (OSHA rulings are
in agreement with the National Electrical Code). You must also ground mechanical or pneumatic instruments that include
electrically operated devices such as lights, switches, relays, alarms, or chart drives.
Important: Complying with the codes and regulations of authorities having jurisdiction is essential to ensuring personnel
safety. The guidelines and recommendations in this manual are intended to meet or exceed applicable codes and regulations.
If differences occur between this manual and the codes and regulations of authorities having jurisdiction, those codes and
regulations must take precedence.
Protecting from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
This device contains sensitive electronic components which be damaged by exposure to an ESD voltage. Depending on the
magnitude and duration of the ESD, it can result in erratic operation or complete failure of the equipment. Ensure that you
correctly care for and handle ESD-sensitive components.

System Training

A well-trained workforce is critical to the success of your operation. Knowing how to correctly install, configure, program,
calibrate, and trouble-shoot your Emerson equipment provides your engineers and technicians with the skills and confidence
to optimize your investment. Remote Automation Solutions offers a variety of ways for your personnel to acquire essential
system expertise. Our full-time professional instructors can conduct classroom training at several of our corporate offices, at
your site, or even at your regional Emerson office. You can also receive the same quality training via our live, interactive
Emerson Virtual Classroom and save on travel costs. For our complete schedule and further information, contact the Remote
Automation Solutions Training Department at 800-338-8158 or email us at

Ethernet Connectivity

This automation device is intended to be used in an Ethernet network which does not have public access. The inclusion of this
device in a publicly accessible Ethernet-based network is not recommended.