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Audiovox MVX-480 Series User Manual

Handheld portable cellular telephone
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Audiovox Communications Corp
MVX-480 Series
Handheld Portable Cellular Telephone
Congratulations...You have just purchased one of the most advanced, yet simple to use handheld cellular telephone in the
market today. Your Audiovox portable telephone allows you the freedom to enjoy the benefits of cellular communications
without the limitations.
It has been built to the same exacting level of high engineering standards that has made the Audiovox cellular telephone
line a top rated brand in the industry.
Your new Audiovox cellular telephone has been engineered to support a number of enhanced services that may be offered
by your cellular service provider. In order to take advantage of these special, enhanced services, you must subscribe to
them through your home cellular service provider.
The Audiovox MVX-480 Series is packed with advanced features that provide the ultimate in convenience and safety like
one touch emergency dialing, a constant signal strength and battery life indicator, a voice mail access key and the most
advanced anti-fraud security features in the industry.
It also features a multi-function access key that allows for simplified storing and recalling of numbers in memory.
For ease of operation, the MVX-480 Series has been designed with a feature menu printed directly on the keypad. By
simply pressing the green function button and the feature you wish to access, your desired function is complete. It's that
Optional accessories include a rapid charger, an extended life battery and an earphone microphone for hands free use. A
cigarette lighter charger, leather carrying case and battery eliminator is also available.
And of course, your new Audiovox MVX-480 Series phone comes with something only Audiovox phone can provide.
The proven reliability that has made Audiovox one of the worlds's leading suppliers of cellular communications equip-



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  Summary of Contents for Audiovox MVX-480 Series

  • Page 1 Your Audiovox portable telephone allows you the freedom to enjoy the benefits of cellular communications without the limitations. It has been built to the same exacting level of high engineering standards that has made the Audiovox cellular telephone line a top rated brand in the industry.
  • Page 2: System Configuration

    SYSTEM CONFIGURATION System configuration and the equipment list are as shown below WRIST STRAP ATTACHMENT Attach the wrist strap WS-700 (option) to the unit through the strap hole as shown below 1 Then pull the long loop through the smaller loop as shown below 2 BATTERY INSTALLATION AND RECHARGING...
  • Page 3: To Recharge Battery

    The portable Telephone contains a Detachable Battery Pack (BTR-440). A fully charged Battery Pack offers approxi- mately 80 min minutes Talk or 17 hours standby. It is recommended to carry one fully charged spare Battery Pack for longer operation. (Additional battery packs may be purchased at your Cellular Telephone Dealer.) To Attach the Battery Pack 1.
  • Page 4: Features And Options

    17. DO NOT operate charger if it has received a sharp blow, been dropped, or otherwise damaged in any anyway; take it to an authorized Audiovox cellular service center. 18. To reduce risk of electric shock, unplug charger from outlet before attempting any maintenance or cleaning.
  • Page 5 Battery Level Indicator Envelope Message Icon (Electronic) Volume Control · Pre-set dialing up to 32 Digits · Extended Readability (prefix Review) · Last Digit Clear · Digit Display Clear · Programmable emergency Call (Programmable Option) · One Touch Emergency Call ·...
  • Page 7 indicator lights when a call is in progress. (no service) indicator lights when the unit is in a non-coverage area. indicator lights when the unit is out of home area. indicator lights when the unit is locked. is used as a POWER ON indicator which lights when the unit is turned on. is used as a receiving signal strength indicator.
  • Page 8: Basic Operation

    To store phone numbers in repertory memory,press · (Envelope Key) is used for Voice Mail Notification and Caller ID (Up-arrow key or Down arrow Key) To control earpiece audio level, press · To control alert tone level,press FNC · (16) (Clear Key) clears the digit(s) from the display.
  • Page 9 1. Press , then enter the phone number 2. Press , then enter the two diogit memory address. (01 through 30). Example: To store the phone number 123-456-7890 in address 07. To Recall a Number from Memory Press , then enter the two digit memory address (01 through 30) Note: You can see the last 10 digits on the readout.
  • Page 10 displayed when you stop pressing key Repertory Memory Scroll (Memory Address) This feature is useful in finding a certain phone number by scrolling the repertory memory. 1. Press then : Scroll upward (with roll back to 01) : Scroll downward (with roll up to 30) Memory address and the last 7 digits of the stored number will be displayed on the readout as follows.
  • Page 11: Memory Name Tag

    2. The indicator will go out. Note: The unlock code is registered in the programmable option and advised by your dealer when you purcahse the phone. Volume Control The audio level of the earpiece and the alert tone can be adjusted by the Volume Control Key : To increase the sound level.
  • Page 12 3. When the letter or number you want is shown on the display, press 4. Go back to step 2, and repeat the same procedures until the complete character name is displayed. 5. When an entry error is made, press all characters on the readout will be erased.
  • Page 13: Placing Telephone Calls

    To Recall from Memory with Name Recalling from the repertory memory with name is identical to standard repertory recall. When the number is recalled, the display will show the Alpha Name Tag as well as the stored number. To Place a Call 1.
  • Page 14 “A-ANS ON” will appear on the readout for 5 seconds. Anti Fraud Security Features Your new Audiovox Cellular telephone has been engineered with the latest technology to help protect from the fraudulent use of your cellular telephone number. You phone is equipped with Authentication and PIN (Personal Identification Number) Dialing.
  • Page 15 To program your PIN 1. Enter your three digit security code. 2. Press the key, then 3. The word “OFF” will appear in the display. 4. Enter your 4 digit PIN. 5. Press the key to turn your PIN feature on. To turn the ANTI FRAUD feature on / off and change PIN Number.
  • Page 16 Speed Dialing This feature permits you to place a call from the stored memory locations without using the recall key. Speed dialing is a quick method of placing calls from memory. 1. Enter the one or two digits of memory address (1 through 9 and 10 through 30). 2.
  • Page 17: Voice Mail Dialing

    OneTouch Emergency Call This feature permits you to dial an emergency number by a single keystroke, even when the unit is in “Lock” mode. You can deactivate this feature to prevent unintentional call by mistake. 1. Press key for more than 2 seconds. The first emergency number that is pre-programmed in the memory will be displayed, and indicator will light as a call is placed.
  • Page 18: End-To-End Signaling

    This feature permits you to utilize additional phone services, such as accessing an alternate long distance network, signaling a pager, or banking by phone etc.. For these services the signaling should be in DTMF (TouchTone™). This feature permits you to enter a number to be redialed (or store a number in memory) while engaged in a conversa- tion.
  • Page 19: Sid Management

    To Clear the Timer 1. Press , then enter the three-digit security code. 2. Press , key “CLEARED” will be displayed for 5 seconds. The timers will be cleared, and the count for the cumulative talk time will start from zero. Cellular systems are identified by a number called System Identifier or SID.
  • Page 20: Multiple City Registration

    Depressing any key (other than the Power Key) will clear the number of calls indicated in Display. However, the number of calls will remain if the unit is turned off. Your new Audiovox Cellular Telephone has been engineered to operate with the latest technology that will allow you to enjoy the benefit of two new exciting features.
  • Page 21 Operation CALLER ID: If your phone is ON but not in a conversation, Caller ID operates as follows: When the phone rings, the Calling Number flashes in the phone’s display. If you do not answer the Call (by pressing the “SEND” key) the Calling Number is stored in the phone’s Memory Stack.
  • Page 22 be used: Press ( , Then ). The first memory displayed after this sequence shows the number of new voice messages in your voice mail. As an example, if four new messages are in your voice mail the “VOICE-04” will be displayed by the first memory stack location. To continue to scroll through the memory locations press the key to scroll forward and the key to scroll backwards.