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NEC MultiSync ME Series Installation Manual

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Installation Manual
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MultiSync ME-series



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  Summary of Contents for NEC MultiSync ME Series

  • Page 1 Installation Manual Option Board MultiSync ME-series...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions And Maintenance

    Important Information Safety Precautions and Maintenance FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE, PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING WHEN SETTING UP AND USING THE LCD COLOR MONITOR: About the Symbols To ensure safe and proper use of the product, this manual uses a number of symbols to prevent injury to you and others as well as damage to property.
  • Page 3 Please use the power cord provided with this product in accordance with the power cord table. If a power cord is not supplied with this product, please contact NEC. For all other cases, please use the power cord with the plug style that matches the power socket where the product is located.
  • Page 4 WARNING Prevent tipping and falling for earthquakes or other shocks. To prevent personal injury or damage to the product caused by tipping over due to earthquakes or other shocks, make sure to install the product in a stable location and take measures to prevent falling.
  • Page 5 WARNING Do not place this product on a sloping or unstable cart, stand or table. Doing so could lead to falling or tipping and cause personal injury. Do not insert objects of any kind into the cabinet slots. It may cause electric shock, fire, or product failure.
  • Page 6 CAUTION Handling the power cord. Handle the power cord with care. Damaging the cord could lead to fire or electric shock. • When connecting the power cord to the product’s AC IN terminal, make sure the connector is fully and firmly inserted. •...
  • Page 7 This product can only be serviced in the country where it was purchased. MultiSync is a trademark or registered trademark of NEC Display Solutions, Ltd. in Japan and other countries. Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries.
  • Page 8: Installing An Option Board

    Installing an Option Board You can install Option Boards that are compatible with Intel Smart Display Module Small (Intel SDM-S) and Intel Smart ® ® ® Display Module Large (Intel SDM-L) specifications. ® 1. Turn off the main power switch. 2.
  • Page 9 6. To close the opening of the slot you did not use, reattach the SLOT COVER ( a or b ) with the removed screws (See Figure 1). When attaching the SLOT COVER a or b , use the holes (A) shown below in the SLOT COVER (Figure 3). Figure 3 OTEE: Unless your monitor is purchased as part of a special bundle package, no Option Boards will be in the box or installed...