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Acer CastMaster WPS1
Web Setting Manual



Summary of Contents for Acer CastMaster WPS1

  • Page 1 Acer CastMaster WPS1 Web Setting Manual...
  • Page 2 Introduction Thanks for choosing Acer CastMaster. Acer CastMaster can support up to four mobile devices as input sources, casting the content to the same output screen simultaneously. Also, Acer CastMaster is user-friendly to heterogeneous platforms, supporting Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, which greatly enhances the availability for business, education or meeting usage scenarios.
  • Page 3 Begin to set with CastMaster To access Web settings with CastMaster, please follow the below instructions, connecting your phone or laptop to CastMaster. We provide user with two connecting methods: Direct Link or Through Wi-Fi. 1. Connecting through Direct Link 1.1 Connecting CastMaster to an external power supply.
  • Page 4 1.4 Once connected, open your web browser, entering the IP address at the URL bar. You may see the IP address at the bottom left corner. Please note that the below IP is for reference only, which may vary depending on the device. 1.5 You may see the Web Setting Page once successfully connected.
  • Page 5 2.2 Entering the IP address at the URL bar. You may see the IP address at the bottom left corner. Please note that CastMaster and mobile device must facilitate the same network. 2.3 You may see the Web Setting Page once successfully connected.
  • Page 6 Web Setting Home Page User may see two icons at Web Setting Home Page. Each of them serves a different purpose. 1. Upper Right Icon-Login as Admin 1.1 Press this icon and login as an Admin role. Please note that the first time login as Admin user, entering the default password “000000”.
  • Page 7 2.1 Non-Admin User A user is provided with normal access control right, including Device Management, Network Management, etc. 2.2 Admin User An Admin User is provided with the finer granularity of access control right.
  • Page 8 Start Configuring your CastMaster In the following section, we will elaborate on the details of each configuration option. 1. Close Menu When clicking the “X” mark, the window will return to Web Setting Home Page.  2. Device Management CastMaster provides users with the following configuration options, including Language, Resolution, Max Connections, and Download Pairing File.
  • Page 9 2.2 Resolution: CastMaster will select proper output resolution automatically. User may switch to other options based on different usage scenarios. The default output resolution will be 1920 x 1080_60P. CastMaster can support up to 4K with frame rate 24P. 2.3 Max Connections: Host may decide the number of devices that allowed to connect to CastMaster.
  • Page 10 2.4 Download Pairing File: Download the required file for pairing receiver and transmitter. 3. Network Management Connecting CastMaster to the internet through external Wi-Fi or LAN. 3.1 Connect to 5Ghz Wireless Access Point: Once your device is connected to CastMaster, entering the required password to access to an external Wi-Fi. 3.2 Remember Wi-Fi: 3.2.1 Remember Wi-Fi On: CastMaster will remember the previous Wi-Fi configuration.
  • Page 11 3.2.2 Remember Wi-Fi Off: CastMaster will erase the Wi-Fi configuration once disconnected. 4. Admin Setting Admin Setting is designed for advanced users, including MIS Engineer, IT specialist, Network admin, etc. In Admin Setting section, CastMaster provides users with various custom configurations. •...
  • Page 12 Please note that user can only configure Wi-Fi Channel while CastMaster is not connected to Wi-Fi. • LAN IP Setting: Configuring LAN network, including IP address, Gateway, Netmask, DNS, etc. • SSID: Custom setting for SSID, including renaming, Hide SSID or Turn Off SSID. Hide SSID: Hide SSID from the standby screen.
  • Page 13 Turn Off SSID: Deactivating CastMaster’s SSID function. Please make sure that the device is already connected to LAN. • Password: Change CastMaster’s Wi-Fi connection password. To provide better connection security, an admin may hide the Wi-Fi password from the standby screen. •...
  • Page 14 • Host Control: Admin can control other casting devices. Auto Allow Request: Once turned on, other devices can cast content to output screen directly. Share Screen: Once turned on, based on the number of connected devices, the output screen will be split into one-half or one-quarter. •...
  • Page 15 • WiFi Enterprise: Wi-Fi Enterprise function allows a user to upload a Digital certificate. This function is designed for the advanced user, including MIS Engineer, Network Admin, etc. • Upgrade: Upgrade your CastMaster receiver and transmitter’s firmware to latest version. Please make sure CastMaster is connected to the internet during the updating process.
  • Page 16 • Reset to default: Reset CastMaster to factory defaults. Please note that all the custom configuration will be cleared. 1. Reset RX: Reset CastMaster receiver only. 2. Reset TX: Reset CastMaster transmitter only. 3. Reset RX + TX: Reset both CastMaster receiver and transmitter.
  • Page 17 Users who download APK from CastMaster receiver’s webpage, CastMaster may need your further authorization and trust to install APK file, since this APK is not directly downloaded from Google Play.