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Precautions For Moving The Product - LG 55EW5TF Owner's Manual

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Precautions for Moving the Product

Contact the service center before moving the product.
- It may cause electric shock and damage the product.
Make sure the product is turned off, unplugged, and all cables have been removed before the product is moved.
- You may be electrocuted or the product can be damaged.
When moving the product, Do not shock the product and impact on the front panel of the product.
- You may be electrocuted or the product can be damaged.
Comply with the number of people according to weight of product. (Under 25 kg per person, use the equipment when
exceed 100 kg)
- If use the damaged product again, contact the service center because it can cause electric shock or fire.
Do not hold it upside down while holding only the stand. (It is for stand supported models only.)
- This may cause stand warping, panel damage and other types of product damage.
Do not dispose the product-packing box. It may be used put the product in the box when carrying it.


Table of Contents

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