Acer GOM Series User Manual

Acer GOM Series User Manual

Outdoor gateway


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ACER Being Communication Inc.
User Manual
GOM / GOP Series
Outdoor Gateway

(March 29, 2019)


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  • Page 1          ACER Being Communication Inc. User Manual GOM / GOP Series Outdoor Gateway
 (March 29, 2019)
  • Page 2: Gom / Gop Series

    The reproduction and distribution of the documentation and software supplied with this product and the use of its contents is subject to written authorization from ACER BEING COMMUNICATION.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

             ACER Being Communication Inc. Table of contents GOM / GOP Series .................. Copyright .................... Notice ....................Trademark ................... Packing list ..................Attention .................... Product introduction ................1. Product definition ................2. Operation condition ................3. Interface introduction ................ 4. Basic information ................
  • Page 4: Packing List

             ACER Being Communication Inc. Packing list Attention 1. Gateway should be installed in the place with at least 20 degrees of depression angle to building edges, and with at least 50cm clearance when installed at the side of a building wall.
  • Page 5: Product Introduction

    Product introduction 1. Product definition ACER have launched the IoT base station gateway GOM/GOP based on low power LoRaWAN protocol, which can provide low power, mobile and safe local bidirectional communication service for IoT devices. LoRaWAN can simplify the interconnection of device, user and network, as well as provide standard.
  • Page 6: Operation Condition

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 2. Operation condition 1) Install the gateway and make sure that it’s set up firmly; 2) Install all the antennas: 4G, WiFi, LoRa and GPS antennas; 3) make sure there is at least one way for data backhaul, Ethernet or 4G;...
  • Page 7: Interface Introduction

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 3. Interface introduction...
  • Page 8          ACER Being Communication Inc. Name Name POWER indicator Wi-Fi indicator USB indicator WAN indicator LAN indicator 3G/4G indicator SMA head port of WiFi antenna SMA head port of LoRa antenna SMA head port of GPS antenna SMA head port of LTE antenna...
  • Page 9: Basic Information

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 4. Basic information 1) LAN IP:, DHCP server is enabled by default; 2) Web page default user: root; login password: WelcomeTo2018; 3) WAN open DHCP client by default, need to connect with router; 4) 4G/LTE: Europe LTE, US 4G, support automatic dialing by default;...
  • Page 10: Restore Factory Setting

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 5. Restore factory setting If you’ve modified some parameters of gateway, and the gateway won't work properly, there are two methods to restore factory settings. 1) 1 method: press the reset button on the main board for more than 8 seconds(short press will restart the system) , the reset button is as below: 2)...
  • Page 11: Gateway Frequency Setting

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 6. Gateway frequency setting 6.1. EU863-870MHz The default frequency is as below:(8 frequencies, from 867.1MHz to 868.5MHz): 6.2. US902-928MHz Frequency as below: (Default: A1B1, the red part: 8 frequencies, from 902.3 MHz to 903.7MHz)...
  • Page 12: As923

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 6.3. AS923 It consists of AS920-923MHz and AS923-925MHz, as below: AS920-923MHz defaulted frequency: AS923-925MHz defaulted frequency:...
  • Page 13: Au915-928Mhz

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 6.4. AU915-928MHz The defaulted is: A1B1, as below:...
  • Page 14: Kr920-923Mhz

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 6.5. KR920-923MHz The defaulted is as below: 6.6. RU864-870MHz The defaulted is as below:...
  • Page 15: Cn470-510Mhz

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 6.7. CN470-510MHz The defaulted is in red part as below:...
  • Page 16: Product Dimension

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 7. Product dimension...
  • Page 17: Technical Parameter

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 8. Technical parameter Industrial level CPU Technical parameter Linux system LoRa data rate 300bps~5.4Kbps Ethernet communication 100Mbps rate communication 50Mbps rate CN470~510MHz EU863~870MHz;
 US902~928MHz; Working frequency AS920~925MHz; Wireless AU915~928MHz; parameter KR920~923MHz; RU864~870MHz Max transmitted 25dbm...
  • Page 18: Label

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 9. Label Neutral label as below: Remark: The “manufacturer address xxxxxx” and “importer name xxxxx, address xxxxx” shall be provided on the product before the product into the market. Model on label above can be replaced by other models.
  • Page 19: Sim Card Installation

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 1. SIM card installation Note: Supported LTE models as below:...
  • Page 20          ACER Being Communication Inc. Open the SIM/TF card slot cover with a large screwdriver: Insert SIM card into the card slot with the chip side upwards and the notch inwards(there are two card slots, the above one is for TF card, the below one is for SIM card):...
  • Page 21: Installation Of Antenna

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 2. Installation of antenna  The gateway is mounted on a pole and the antenna is up, and from left to right, the antennas are: Wifi antenna, LoRa antenna, GPS antenna, and 4G antenna, fix the antenna to the corresponding interface, as below: 3.
  • Page 22: Power Supply Instruction

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 4. Power supply instruction A) Powered by POE, as below: Important Note: for GOM/GOP version 3.4, it should be with the POE model of WL-PSE801; While GOM/GOP version 2.0 should be with the POE model of WL-PSE803.
  • Page 23: Network Setting

             ACER Being Communication Inc. Network setting 1. Routing mode of network Splitter(exchanger) cable is connected to the WAN port, as below: Remark: The router that the gateway is connected must be able to connect to Internet, and you should start the DHCP function for the router, and then the gateway automatically obtains the IP.
  • Page 24          ACER Being Communication Inc. Select “Network/interfaces”, enter “interface overview”, come to WAN, then you can choose “EDIT” to modify, as below: In “interfaces-WAN”, choose the Protocol to “DHCP client” and then “SAVE&APPLY”, then choose “Static address” in Protocol, then click “Switch protocol”, as below:...
  • Page 25          ACER Being Communication Inc. Then, you’ll come to the below interface, and input the following items: In “Advanced Settings”, modify the “Use gateway metric” to be 10, click “SAVE&APPLY”, as below:...
  • Page 26: Wi-Fi Setting

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 2. Wi-Fi setting The default Wi-Fi ESSID: GW5000_+ the last 6 characters of gateway ID The default password: gateway2018better If you’d like to modify, click “Network/wireless/edit, as below: Then, you’ll come to wireless network interface, pulldown to “Interface Configuration”, in the “General Setup”, you can modify “ESSID”...
  • Page 27: Check The Current Network Status

             ACER Being Communication Inc. In “Wireless Security”, you can modify the password of wifi hotspot, click “SAVA&APPLY”, as below: 3. Check the current network status Enter “Status/Overview”, as below: Here, it shows that WAN is online, 4G is offline.
  • Page 28: Check The Status Of Wan(Ethernet)

             ACER Being Communication Inc. Enter “Network/Load Balance/Detailed Status”, you can check the details as below: 4. Check the status of WAN(Ethernet) Enter “Network/Interfaces”, as below: Here, it shows run time and IP address, and RX and TX is not 0, it indicates the WAN is...
  • Page 29: Check The Network Status Of 4G

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 5. Check the network status of 4G Enter: Network -> 4G/LTE When deploying gateway, the network should be stable, and if there is no wired network, we can also use 4G network, but we should choose a position with strong 4G signal to deploy gateway.
  • Page 30: Configuration/Upgrade Of Gateway

             ACER Being Communication Inc. If you do not want to access the gateway via the WAN, you can use LAN or WiFi to enter the Settings as follows: Configuration/upgrade of gateway 1. Login 1.1. Gateway login by WI-FI hotspot of phone/laptop Open the phone/laptop wi-fi...
  • Page 31: Gateway Login On Computer

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 1.2. Gateway login on computer Using google browser on computer, login, you’ll enter the interface of gateway login, input username and password (Username: root; Password: WelcomeTo2018), as below: 2. Configuration of gateway Note: The gateway configuration includes wired configuration and wireless configuration.
  • Page 32          ACER Being Communication Inc. 3)Select “Network/LoRa GW/Configuration, then you’ll come to LoRa setting interface, as below:...
  • Page 33          ACER Being Communication Inc. 4)In the “Configuration/LoRa setting” interface, you can configure the “server address”, “Enable LoRa Gateway”, “Store the log as txt file” ; ---Server address: choose your LoRa network server address, if there is nothing to choose, pls click “Custom”...
  • Page 34          ACER Being Communication Inc. 5)Check the network status of gateway, click “Network/Load Balancing/Overview”, as below: Here, it shows WAN is online, you can access Ethernet; 4G is offline or 4G SIM card haven’t been installed.
  • Page 35: Wireless Configuration

             ACER Being Communication Inc. 6)Check the status of GPS, click “Network/LoRa GW”, you’ll come to GPS overview, as below: (here, it shows the GPS is not in working status, as there is no information) 7) After the above confirmation is normal, the gateway box is closed with hexagonal screwdriver.
  • Page 36: Faq

             ACER Being Communication Inc. After click “Flash image” , pls wait for a moment until the upload complete, then come to the interface of “Flash Firmware-Verify”, as below: Note: When file is finished uploading, wait and check to make sure the Checksum is as same as that of md5 file(which will be sent to customer together with the bin format file), if...
  • Page 37: Gps Unable To Locating

             ACER Being Communication Inc. After clear the log of TF card, pls restart the gateway, then it’ll work again. 2. GPS unable to locating Enter interface: 1. Check whether there is positioning information or not, if yes, it means GPS is normal...
  • Page 38: Nodes Cannot Access To The Network

             ACER Being Communication Inc. If GPS is normal, the time synchronization should be less than 5 seconds, the above picture shows “(age: 1 sec), that means the GPS is normal. 3)If GPS has no location information, you can re-plug the GPS antenna, or repositioning in an open area, or update GPS antenna.
  • Page 39          ACER Being Communication Inc. Note: the limit value of SF12 is -142. Generally speaking, if signal below -124 dBm, the packet drop rate(PDR) will be high, normal value should be during -120dBm~ -40dBm. A. Signal Noise Ratio(SNR) Note: The limit value of SF12 is -20db, the limit value of SF10 is -15db. The closer it’s from the limit value, the worse the signal.

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