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Whirlpool WBC 3C26 PF X Manual

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Before using the appliance, read these safety
instructions. Keep them nearby for future reference.
These instructions and the appliance itself provide
important safety warnings, to be observed at all times.
The manufacturer declines any liability for failure to
observe these safety instructions, for inappropriate
use of the appliance or incorrect setting of controls.
Very young children (0-3 years) should be kept
away from the appliance. Young children (3-8 years)
should be kept away from the appliance unless
continuously supervised. Children from 8 years
old and above and persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience
and knowledge can use this appliance only if they are
supervised or have been given instructions on safe
use and understand the hazards involved. Children
must not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user
maintenance must not be carried out by children
without supervision.
CAUTION: the appliance is not intended to be
operated by means of an external switching device,
such as a timer, or separate remote controlled
This appliance is intended to be used in household
and similar applications such as: staff kitchen areas
in shops, offices and other working environments;
farm houses; by clients in hotels, motels, bed
& breakfast and other residential environments.
The maximum number of place settings is shown
in the product sheet.
The door should not be left in the open position - risk
of tripping. The open appliance door can only support
the weight of the loaded rack when pulled out. Do not
rest objects on the door or sit or stand on it.
WARNING: Dishwasher detergents are strongly
alkaline. They can be extremely dangerous if
swallowed. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes and
keep children away from the dishwasher when the
door is open. Check that the detergent receptacle is
empty after completion of the wash cycle.
WARNING: Knives and other utensils with sharp
points must be loaded in the basket with their points
down or placed in a horizontal position - risk of cuts.
This appliance is not for professional use. Do not
use the appliance outdoors. Do not store explosive
or flammable substances (e.g. gasoline or aerosol
cans) inside or near the appliance - risk of fire. The
appliance must be used only to wash domestic
dishes in accordance with the instructions in this
manual. The water in the appliance is not potable.
Use only detergent and rinse additives designed
for an automatic dishwasher. When adding a water
softener (salt), run one cycle immediately with the
machine empty, to avoid corrosion damage to
internal parts. Store the detergent, rinse aid and salt
out of reach of children. Shut off the water supply
and unplug or disconnect the power before servicing
and maintenance. Disconnect the appliance in the
event of any malfunction.
The appliance must be handled and installed by
two or more persons - risk of injury. Use protective
gloves to unpack and install - risk of cuts. Connect
the dishwasher to the water mains using only new
hose sets. The old hose sets should not be reused.
All hoses must be securely clamped to prevent them
coming loose during operation. All local waterboard
regulations must be complied with. Water supply
pressure 0.05 - 1.0 MPa. The appliance must be
placed against the wall or built into furniture to limit
the access to its rearside. For dishwashers having
ventilation openings in the base, the openings must
not be obstructed by a carpet.
Installation, including water supply (if any) and
electrical connections, and repairs must be carried
out by a qualified technician. Do not repair or replace
any part of the appliance unless specifically stated
in the user manual. Keep children away from the
installation site. After unpacking the appliance, make
sure that it has not been damaged during transport.
In the event of problems, contact the dealer or
your nearest After-sales Service. Once installed,
packaging waste (plastic, styrofoam parts etc.) must
be stored out of reach of children - risk of suffocation.
The appliance must be disconnected from the power
supply before any installation operation - risk of
electrical shock. During installation, make sure the
appliance does not damage the power cable - risk of
fire or electrical shock. Only activate the appliance
when the installation has been completed.
If installing the dishwasher at the end of a row of
units making the side panel accessible, the hinge
area must be covered to avoid risk of injury. The
inlet water temperature depends on the dishwasher
model. If the installed inlet hose is marked „25°C
Max", the maximum allowed water temperature is
25°C. For all other models the maximum allowed
water temperature is 60°C. Do not cut hoses and, in
the case of appliances fitted with a waterstop system,
do not immerse the plastic casing containing the inlet
hose in water. If hoses are not long enough, contact
your local dealer. Make sure the inlet and drain hoses
are kink-free and are not crushed. Before using the
appliance for the first time, check the water inlet and
drain hose for leaks. Make sure that the four feet are
stable and resting on the floor, adjusting them as
required, and check that the dishwasher is perfectly
levelled using a spirit level.



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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool WBC 3C26 PF X

  • Page 1 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT TO BE READ AND OBSERVED machine empty, to avoid corrosion damage to Before using the appliance, read these safety internal parts. Store the detergent, rinse aid and salt instructions. Keep them nearby for future reference. out of reach of children. Shut off the water supply These instructions and the appliance itself provide and unplug or disconnect the power before servicing important safety warnings, to be observed at all times.
  • Page 2: Electrical Warnings

    ELECTRICAL WARNINGS DISPOSAL OF PACKAGING MATERIALS The rating plate is on the edge of the dishwasher The packaging material is 100% recyclable and door (visible when the door is open). is marked with the recycle symbol . The various It must be possible to disconnect the appliance parts of the packaging must therefore be disposed of from the power supply by unplugging it if plug responsibly and in full compliance with local authority...
  • Page 3: Reinigung Und Wartung

    gelegt werden - Gefahr von Schnittverletzungen. Einheiten installiert wird und die Seitenverkleidung Dieses Gerät eignet sich nicht für den professionellen zugänglich gemacht wird, muss der Scharnierbereich Einsatz. Verwenden Sie das Gerät nicht im Freien. Keine abgedeckt sein, um Verletzungsgefahr zu vermeiden. explosiven oder entzündbaren Stoffe (z.B.
  • Page 4: Bezpečnostní Pokyny

    und Elektronik-Altgeräte (WEEE) gekennzeichnet. und trägt das Recycling-Symbol . Werfen Sie das Durch eine vorschriftsmäßige Entsorgung tragen Verpackungsmaterial deshalb nicht einfach fort, Umweltschutz vermeiden sondern entsorgen Sie es gemäß den geltenden Unfallgefahren, die bei einer unsachgemäßen örtlichen Vorschriften. Entsorgung des Produktes entstehen können. ENTSORGUNG VON HAUSHALTSGERÄTEN Symbol auf dem Gerät bzw.
  • Page 5: Čištění A Údržba

    ventilačními otvory v podstavci je třeba dbát na to, aby spotřebiče. Napájecí síťový kabel ani zástrčku tyto otvory nebyly zakryty kobercem. neponořujte do vody. Přívodní kabel se nesmí dotýkat Instalaci, včetně připojení přívodu vody (pokud nějaký žádné horké plochy. existuje) a elektřiny, a opravy musí provádět kvalifikovaný ČIŠTĚNÍ...
  • Page 6: Οδηγιεσ Για Την Ασφαλεια

    ΟΔΗΓΙΕΣ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑ ΣΗΜΑΝΤΙΚΟ, ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ ΚΑΙ ΤΗΡΕΙΤΕ ή κοντά στη συσκευή - κίνδυνος πυρκαγιάς. Η συσκευή Διαβάστε προσεκτικά αυτές τις οδηγίες για την ασφάλεια πρέπει να χρησιμοποιείται μόνο για το πλύσιμο οικιακών πριν χρησιμοποιήσετε τη συσκευή. Κρατήστε τις οδηγίες σκευών...
  • Page 7: Καθαρισμοσ Και Συντηρηση

    μεντεσέδων πρέπει να καλυφθεί για την αποτροπή εξειδικευμένο τεχνικό. Μην τραβάτε το ηλεκτρικό τυχόν τραυματισμού. Η θερμοκρασία του νερού εισόδου καλώδιο. Μη βυθίζετε το ηλεκτρικό καλώδιο ή το εξαρτάται από το μοντέλο του πλυντηρίου πιάτων. Αν ο φις στο νερό. Το καλώδιο δεν πρέπει να έρχεται σε εγκατεστημένος...
  • Page 8 LUBATUD KASUTUS Seadme paigalduse, sealjuures veevärgi ühenduse ETTEVAATUST seade mõeldud (kui vajalik), elektriühenduse ja remondi peab sooritama kasutamiseks välise lülitusseadmega, nagu taimer või kvalifitseeritud tehnik. Ärge parandage ega asendage eraldi kaugjuhtimissüsteem. mõnda seadme osa, kui seda kasutusjuhendis otseselt seade nähtud ette kasutamiseks ei soovitata! Hoidke lapsed paigalduspiirkonnast eemal.
  • Page 9: Installation

    PUHASTAMINE JA HOOLDUS majapidamisseadmete kogumispunktist või poest, HOIATUS! Enne hooldustööde tegemist kust seadme ostsite. Seade märgistatud veenduge, et seade on välja lülitatud ja vastavalt Euroopa elektri- ja elektroonikaseadmete toitevõrgust lahti ühendatud – elektrišoki oht. jäätmete (WEEE) direktiivile 2012/19/EÜ. Ärge kunagi kasutage aurpuhastusseadmeid. Tagades seadme korrektse...
  • Page 10 fonctionnement de l’appareil. Respectez les normes en composantes électriques. N’utilisez pas l’appareil vigueur de la société locale de distribution d’eau. Pression si vous êtes mouillé ou si vous êtes pieds nus. d’alimentation en eau : 0,05 - 1,0 MPa. L’appareil doit être N’utilisez pas cet appareil si le câble d’alimentation placé...
  • Page 11: Rendeltetésszerű Használat

    BIZTONSÁGI UTASÍTÁSOK OLVASSA EL ÉS TARTSA BE AZ ALÁBBI való mosogatószert és adalékanyagot használjon. Vízlágyító (só) használata esetén azonnal futtasson le UTASÍTÁSOKAT egy ciklust üres mosogatógéppel a belső alkatrészek A készülék használata előtt olvassa el az alábbi bizton- korróziójának megelőzése érdekében. A mosogatószert, sági útmutatót.
  • Page 12: Tisztítás És Karbantartás

    A vízbevezető és elvezető tömlőket meghajlítás-, és kihúzta a konnektorból. Soha ne használjon illetve törésmentesen kell lefektetni. Az első üzembe gőznyomással működő tisztítókészüléket. helyezésnél ellenőrizze a vízbevezető és a vízelvezető A CSOMAGOLÓANYAGOK ÁRTALMATLANÍTÁSA tömlő szigetelését. Ügyeljen arra, hogy mind a négy A csomagolóanyag 100%-ban újrahasznosítható, láb stabilan álljon a padlón, és szükség esetén állítsa és el van látva az újrahasznosítás jelével...
  • Page 13: Installazione

    conservare il materiale di imballaggio (parti in plastica, ATTENZIONE: I detersivi per lavastoviglie sono polistirolo, ecc.) fuori della portata dei bambini per evitare fortemente alcalini. In caso di ingestione possono essere il rischio di soffocamento. Per evitare rischi di scosse estremamente pericolosi.
  • Page 14: Saugos Instrukcijos

    PULIZIA E MANUTENZIONE domestici o il negozio presso il quale il prodotto è stato ATTENZIONE: evitare rischio acquistato. Questo apparecchio è contrassegnato in folgorazione, prima di qualsiasi intervento di conformità alla Direttiva Europea 2012/19/UE sui rifiuti manutenzione accertarsi che l’apparecchio sia di apparecchiature elettriche ed elettroniche (RAEE).
  • Page 15: Valymas Ir Priežiūra

    slėgis: 0,05–1,0 MPa. Prietaisą būtina statyti prie sienos komponentai turi būti nepasiekiami naudotojui. arba įmontuoti į baldus, kad apsaugota jo nugarėlė. Jei Prietaiso nenaudokite, jei jūsų kūnas yra drėgnas arba indaplovės vėdinimo angos įrengtos prietaiso pagrinde, esate basi. Šio prietaiso nenaudokite, jei pažeistas jo šių...
  • Page 16: Drošības Norādījumi

    DROŠĪBAS NORĀDĪJUMI NOTEIKTI JĀIZLASA UN JĀIEVĒRO bojājumiem. Mazgāšanas līdzekli, skalošanas līdzekli Pirms ierīces lietošanas izlasiet šos drošības un sāli glabājiet bērniem nepieejamā vietā. Pirms ierīces norādījumus. Saglabājiet šos norādījumus turpmā- tīrīšanas vai apkopes atslēdziet to no ūdens padeves, kām uzziņām. elektrotīkla vai atvienojiet elektrības padevi.
  • Page 17 trieciena risks. Nekad nelietojiet tvaika tīrīšanas vai visas četras kājiņas ir stabilas un saskaras ar grīdu, nepieciešamības gadījumā pieregulējiet tās iekārtu. un ar līmeņrādi pārbaudiet trauku mazgājamās IEPAKOJUMA MATERIĀLU UTILIZĀCIJA mašīnas līmeņojumu. Iepakojuma materiāls ir 100% pārstrādājams un ELEKTRISKIE BRĪDINĀJUMI tiek apzīmēts ar otrreizējās pārstrādes simbolu Datu plāksne atrodas uz trauku mazgājamās Tādēļ...
  • Page 18: Instalacja Urządzenia

    znaczne zagrożenie dla zdrowia i życia w przypadku ich opakowania (plastik, elementy styropianowe, połknięcia. Unikać kontaktu ze skórą i oczami, i uważać, itd.) poza zasięgiem dzieci – ryzyko uduszenia. aby dzieci pozostawały z dala od zmywarki, gdy jej Przed przystąpieniem do jakichkolwiek czynności drzwiczki są...
  • Page 19 CZYSZCZENIE I KONSERWACJA skupu złomu AGD lub sklepem, w którym zakupiono OSTRZEŻENIE : Przed przystąpieniem do urządzenie. To urządzenie zostało oznaczone czynności konserwacyjnych należy sprawdzić, jako zgodne z Dyrektywą Europejską 2012/19/ czy urządzenie zostało wyłączone i odłączone WE (WEEE) o zużytym sprzęcie elektrycznym i od źródła zasilania –...
  • Page 20 reutilizate. Toate furtunurile trebuie să fie prinse fix, astfel standardele naţionale privind siguranţa electrică. încât să nu se desprindă în timpul funcţionării. Toate Nu utilizaţi prelungitoare, prize multiple sau reglementările emise de compania locală de furnizare a adaptoare. După finalizarea instalării, componentele apei trebuie să...
  • Page 21: Bezpečnostné Pokyny

    BEZPEČNOSTNÉ POKYNY PREČÍTAJTE SI A VŽDY DODRŽIAVAJTE prostriedky a soľ skladujte mimo dosahu detí. Pred Pred použitím spotrebiča si prečítajte tieto bezpečnost- vykonávaním servisných prác alebo údržby zatvorte né pokyny. Uchovajte ich poruke pre budúce použitie. prívod vody a vytiahnite prívodný kábel zo zásuvky Tento návod i samotný...
  • Page 22: Čistenie A Údržba

    UPOZORNENIA PRE PRÁCU S ELEKTRINOU LIKVIDÁCIA OBALOVÝCH MATERIÁLOV Typový štítok je umiestnený na okraji dvierok umývačky Všetky obalové materiály sa môžu recyklovať na 100 (viditeľný pri otvorených dvierkach). %, ako to potvrdzuje symbol recyklácie . Rôzne Spotrebič sa musí dať odpojiť od napájania buď časti obalu likvidujte zodpovedne, v úplnom súlade vytiahnutím zástrčky, pokiaľ...
  • Page 23 ‫أقصى ضغط إلمداد الماء 50.0 - 0.1 ميجاباسكال. يجب وضع‬ ‫تﻛهﯾن األجهزة المﻧزلﯾﺔ‬ ‫الجهاز على الحائط أو بداخل قطعة أثاث لتحديد الوصول إلى الجانب‬ ‫هذا الجهاز م ُصن َّ ع من مواد قابلة إلعادة التدوير أو قابلة إلعادة‬ ‫الخلفي له. بالنسبة لموديالت غسالة األطباق المزودة بفتحات تهوية في‬ ‫االستخدام.
  • Page 24 4x38 mm SERVICE 3,5x18 mm 3,5x16 mm 60 cm 45 cm 41/42 dB 41 / 42 dB 43 / 44 dB 585 mm 435 mm 435 mm 327 mm...
  • Page 26 min: 0,05 MPa/0,5 Bar max: 1 Mpa/10 Bar min: 25mm ~1500 mm ~1500 mm ~2000 mm...
  • Page 28 400011342280 01/2019 jk - Xerox Fabriano...

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