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Acer n35 Manual

Acer n35 Manual

Acer n35: user guide
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Acer n35 Handheld


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Manual for Acer n35 Handheld...
  • Page 2 Record the serial number, purchase date, and place of purchase information in the space provided below. The serial number is recorded on the label affixed to your Acer n35. All correspondence concerning your unit should include the serial number, and purchase information.
  • Page 3: About This Manual

    About this Manual Welcome to the Acer n35 Handheld Manual. This Manual is designed to help you get up and running quickly with your new Acer n35—a Windows 2003 handheld with GPS (Global Satellite Positioning) capability. It describes all you need to know about how to use your handheld as well as the application programs that come with it.
  • Page 4 Abou t thi s Manu al...
  • Page 5: Your Guides

    We hope you enjoy using your Acer n35 as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Use your Acer n35 to effectively manage information related to both business and personal tasks.
  • Page 6: Package Contents

    Up-to-date information regarding your handheld Package contents Your Acer n35 comes packed in a cardboard box. Carefully unpack the box and remove the contents. If any of the following items are missing or damaged, contact your dealer immediately: • Acer n35 handheld •...
  • Page 7: Resetting Your Acer N35

    Use a soft, damp cloth to clean your handheld. If the surface of the screen becomes soiled, clean it with a soft cloth moistened with diluted window-cleaning solution. Resetting your Acer n35 You may have to perform a reset if your handheld no longer responds to the buttons on the screen.
  • Page 8: Locking Your Acer N35

    First things first Locking your Acer n35 Use the tip of your stylus to toggle the reset switch to the left (a) and back to the right (b) on the bottom of your handheld. NOTE: When you perform a hard reset, formats, preferences, and other settings including date and time are restored to their factory default settings.
  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    Design and ergonomics ......2 Acer n35 tour ......3 Front view .
  • Page 10 To type with the soft keyboard ....20 To use Letter Recognizer ..... . . 20 To use Block Recognizer .
  • Page 11 Using the Guidebook ......54 Getting books on your Acer n35 ....54 Using the Library .
  • Page 12 11 Customising your handheld Adjusting handheld settings ..... . . 77 Adding and removing programs ..... 77 Adding programs .
  • Page 13: Getting Started

    • Basic concepts in using your handheld System requirements In order to install the Microsoft® ActiveSync® software and use your new Acer n35 with a computer at work or at home, be sure the system(s) meet the following minimum system and program requirements.
  • Page 14: Audio

    1 Getting started Features summary Audio • Embedded AC '97 CODEC with CD-quality stereo output • Built-in industry standard 3.5 mm earphone jack • Built-in microphone 26-pin I/O connector • USB Client(for ActiveSync only) • DC power in Connectivity • SIR (Serial Infrared) capability Expansion •...
  • Page 15: Acer N35 Tour

    Acer n35 tour Front view Component Description Power LED indicator Power LED indicator. - status description: • Flashing green - Charging • Steady green - Charging complete • Flashing red - Alarm indicator, email receiving GPS LED indicator GPS LED indicator.
  • Page 16: Left View

    1 Getting started Acer n35 tour NOTE: If your handheld is turned off, pressing any Quick button turns on the handheld and opens the program assigned to that button. Left view Component Description 4-way directional Enables 4 directions (Up, Down, Left, Right) scrolling in var- ious menus and applications.
  • Page 17: Right View

    Release the button when the backlight turns off. Right view Label Description External an- Connect to an external GPS antenna (optional) tenna connec- 1 G e t t i n g s t a r t e d Acer n35 tour...
  • Page 18: Top View

    1 Getting started Acer n35 tour Top view Label Description Earphone jack Connects to audio line-out devices (earphones/headphones). SD/MMC slot Accepts a Secure Digital or MultiMedia Card, allowing you to add more memory, install add-on applications or use audio or text files stored on it with internal applications.
  • Page 19: Bottom View

    A soft reset allows your handheld to get a fresh start, similar to switch rebooting a computer. All records and entries are retained after a soft reset. 1 G e t t i n g s t a r t e d Acer n35 tour...
  • Page 20: Back View

    1 Getting started Navigation car kit Back View Navigation car kit Acer n35 package includes car holder and car charger, with which you can set up a navigation system in the car. Label Description Flip-up patch Flip up antenna when you do GPS navigation.
  • Page 21: To Use Car Holder

    2. Suction mount the car holder to windshield or any flat, smooth surface. Alternatively, use self-adhesive power disc to mount on other surface. 3. Flip up the GPS antenna of the Acer n35 handheld then adjust it in the holder. Squeeze sides to close and hold tight (press button to release).
  • Page 22: Installing The Microsoft Activesync Software

    ActiveSync. • Do not copy the ActiveSync files to your computer’s hard disk. You must use the Acer n35 Handheld Companion CD to place the files in their proper locations and to decompress the files. To install the Microsoft Exit any open programs, including those that run at startup, and disable any virus- scanning software.
  • Page 23: Charging Your Acer N35

    1 G e t t i n g s t a r t e d Preparing to use your Acer n35 Plug the USB sync cable into the 26-pin I/O connector on the bottom of your handheld and plug the USB client connector into an available USB port on your computer Charging your Acer n35 For initial use, you need to charge your handheld for three hours.
  • Page 24: Setting Up Your Acer N35

    1 Getting started Preparing to use your Acer n35 Power LED status during charging: • Charging - LED indicator flashes green • Charging complete - LED indicator steady green If the battery level becomes low in the course of normal use, a status icon appears on the handheld screen indicating low or very low battery status.
  • Page 25: Performing The First Synchronisation Process

    • Customise your synchronisation settings To perform the first synchronisation process Connect the USB sync cable to your handheld. 1 G e t t i n g s t a r t e d Preparing to use your Acer n35...
  • Page 26: Command Interface

    1 Getting started Command interface Plug the USB client connector into a USB port on your computer. The 'New Partnership' setup wizard will automatically start on your computer screen. NOTE: If the wizard does not automatically appear, launch ActiveSync on your computer by clicking on its icon from Start>Programs.
  • Page 27: Today Screen

    1 G e t t i n g s t a r t e d Command interface Today screen The center of the Today screen provides, at a glance, information that you need for the day. Tap an item to view or edit details. At the top to the screen are status icons.
  • Page 28: Command Bar

    1 Getting started Command interface Command bar At the bottom of the screen is the command bar. You can use its menus and buttons to perform tasks in programs. Depending upon which program you are using, the buttons may vary from those depicted below. •...
  • Page 29: Setting Gps Configuration

    Setting GPS configuration You might need to set the GPS configuration to ensure GPS signals from satellites are well-received by your Acer n35 handheld. Generally you can do that with navigation software (Destinator 3 or other third-party software). The correct GPS configuration...
  • Page 30 1 Getting started Setting GPS configuration...
  • Page 31: Entering Data In Your Acer N35

    Letter Recognizer, Block Recognizer, or Transcriber. In either case, the characters appear as typed text on the screen. NOTE: Transcriber is available only for the English and European Acer n35 models. To show or hide the input panel Tap the Input Panel button.
  • Page 32: To Type With The Soft Keyboard

    2 Entering data in your Acer n35 Using the input panel inserted into your text at the insertion point. The more you use your handheld, the more words it learns to anticipate. To change word suggestion options • To set word suggestion options such as the number of words suggested at one time, tap Completion tab.
  • Page 33: To Use Block Recognizer

    With Transcriber you can write anywhere on the screen using the stylus just as you would on paper. NOTE: Transcriber is available only for the English and European Acer n35 models. Unlike Letter Recognizer and Block Recognizer, you can write a sentence or more of information.
  • Page 34: To Write On The Screen

    2 Entering data in your Acer n35 Writing on the screen To write on the screen • Tap the Pen button to switch to writing mode. This action displays lines on the screen to help you write. NOTE: Some programs that accept writing may not have the Pen button. See the documentation for that program to find out how to switch to writing mode.
  • Page 35: To Convert Writing To Text

    If you add writing to a word to change it (such as changing a attempt to recognise the word, the writing you add will not be included if you attempt to recognise the writing again. 2 Entering data in your Acer n35 Writing on the screen "...
  • Page 36: Drawing On The Screen

    2 Entering data in your Acer n35 Drawing on the screen Tips for getting good recognition • Write neatly. • Write on the lines. Write the cross of the "t" and apostrophes below the top line so that they are not confused with the word above. Write periods and commas above the line.
  • Page 37: To Select A Drawing

    – Tap an editing command on the pop-up menu, or tap a command on the Edit menu. • To resize a drawing: – Make sure the Pen button is not selected. – Drag a selection handle until required size is attained. 2 Entering data in your Acer n35 Drawing on the screen...
  • Page 38: Recording A Message

    2 Entering data in your Acer n35 Recording a message Recording a message In any program where you can write or draw on the screen, you can also quickly capture thoughts, reminders, and phone numbers by recording a message. • In Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts, you can include a recording in the Notes tab.
  • Page 39: Using My Text

    NOTE: You can add text after inserting a My Text message before sending it. To edit a My Text message In the Tools menu, tap Edit and then tap My Text Messages. Select the message you wish to edit and make desired changes. 2 Entering data in your Acer n35 Using My Text...
  • Page 40 2 Entering data in your Acer n35 Using My Text...
  • Page 41: Managing Applications And Information

    and information This chapter will discuss the following topics: • Opening and switching between applications in your handheld • Using File Explorer to manage files • Using the Find function to look for a specific file Opening an application You can open applications by doing either of the following: •...
  • Page 42 3 Managing applications and information Switching between applications Icon Program Usage Contacts Keep track of your friends and colleagues. Inbox Send and receive email messages. Pocket Internet Browse Web and WAP sites, and download new Explorer programs and files from the Internet. Notes Create handwritten or typed notes, drawings, and recordings.
  • Page 43: Finding And Organising Information

    Finding and organising information Using the Find function and the File Explorer window will allow you to find and manage your files easily. To use Find The Find function on your handheld helps you quickly locate information. On the Enter the text you want to find, then select a data type. TIP: To quickly find information that is taking up storage space on your handheld, select Larger than 64 KB in Type.
  • Page 44: To Use File Explorer

    3 Managing applications and information Finding and organising information To use File Explorer Use File Explorer to locate files on your handheld and to organise these files into folders. • On the menu, tap Programs, and then File Explorer.
  • Page 45: Managing Microsoft Pocket Outlook Applications

    4 Managing Microsoft® Po cket Outlook applications Pocket Outlook applications This chapter will discuss the basic applications included in the Microsoft Outlook program installed in your handheld. This discussion will include: • Calendar - schedule meetings and remind yourself of set appointments •...
  • Page 46 4 Managing Microsoft® Pocket Outlook applications Calendar To open Calendar • Press the Calendar Quick button on the front panel of your handheld. Calendar will open to today’s schedule. NOTE: You can customise the Calendar display, such as changing the first day of the week, by tapping Options on the Tools menu.
  • Page 47: Scheduling An Appointment

    4 Managing Microsoft® Po cket Outlook applications Scheduling an appointment You can use Calendar to create or review appointments. To create an appointment If you are in Day or Week view, tap the desired date and time for the appointment. Tap New.
  • Page 48: Creating A Meeting Request

    4 Managing Microsoft® Pocket Outlook applications Calendar Creating a meeting request You can use Calendar to set up meetings with users of Outlook or Pocket Outlook. The meeting request will be created automatically and sent either when you synchronise Inbox or when you connect to your email server. Indicate how you want meeting requests sent by tapping Tools and then Options.
  • Page 49: Contacts

    4 Managing Microsoft® Po cket Outlook applications Contacts Contacts maintains a list of your friends’ and colleagues’ contact information. Using your handheld’s infrared (IR) port, you can quickly share some or all of this information with other device users. To open Contacts •...
  • Page 50: Finding A Contact

    4 Managing Microsoft® Pocket Outlook applications Contacts After entering the desired information, tap OK to return to the Contact list. Finding a contact There are four ways to find a contact: • In the Contact list, enter a contact name in the box under the navigation bar. To show all contacts again, clear text from the box or tap the button to the right of the box.
  • Page 51: Tasks

    4 Managing Microsoft® Po cket Outlook applications Tasks Use Tasks to keep track of what you have to do and prioritise them based on their importance and urgency. To open Tasks • Tap Tasks will open to the Tasks list. NOTE: To change the way information is displayed in the list, tap Tools and then Options.
  • Page 52: Using The Summary Screen

    4 Managing Microsoft® Pocket Outlook applications Tasks After entering the desired information, tap OK to return to the task list. TIP: To quickly create a task with only a subject, tap Entry Bar on the Tools menu. Then, tap Tap Here to add a new task and enter your task information. Using the summary screen When you tap a task in the task list, a summary screen is displayed.
  • Page 53: Notes

    Create a note by writing, drawing, typing, or recording. NOTE: For more information about using the input panel, writing and drawing on the screen, and creating recordings, see "2 Entering data in your Acer n35" on page 19. then, Notes.
  • Page 54: Inbox

    4 Managing Microsoft® Pocket Outlook applications Inbox Inbox Use Inbox to send and receive e-mail messages by doing either of the following: • Synchronise e-mail messages with Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook on your computer. • Send and receive e-mail messages by connecting directly to an e-mail server through an Internet service provider (ISP) or a network.
  • Page 55: Using The Message List

    4 Managing Microsoft® Po cket Outlook applications You can work online or offline. When working online, you read and respond to messages while connected to the email server. Messages are sent as soon as you tap Send, which saves space on your handheld. When working offline, once you've downloaded new message headers or partial messages, you can disconnect from the email server and then decide which messages to download completely.
  • Page 56: Managing Email Messages And Folders

    4 Managing Microsoft® Pocket Outlook applications Inbox Managing email messages and folders By default, messages are displayed in one of five folders for each service you have created: Inbox, Deleted Items, Drafts, Outbox, and Sent Items. • The behavior of the Deleted and Sent Items folders depends on the options you have chosen.
  • Page 57: Managing Microsoft Pocket Pc 2003 Companion Programs

    Messenger ® Windows Media™ Player for Pocket PC ® Reader for Pocket PC ® Reader is available only for the English and European Acer n35 models. , Programs, Pocket Word, and then New. Pocket Word Pocket ® ® Pocket PC 2003...
  • Page 58: To Use The Pocket Word File List

    5 Managing Microsoft® Pocket PC 2003 companion programs Pocket Word NOTE: When you choose to create a new document, you will be prompted to save any already open document. To use the Pocket Word file list Pocket Word contains a list of the files stored on your handheld. •...
  • Page 59: Typing Mode

    5 Managing Microsoft® Pocket PC 2003 companion programs Typing mode • Using the input panel, enter typed text into the document. For more information on entering typed text, see "Using the input panel" on page 19. • To format existing text and to edit text, first select the text. You can select text as you do in a Word document, using your stylus instead of the mouse to drag through the text you want to select.
  • Page 60: Pocket Excel

    5 Managing Microsoft® Pocket PC 2003 companion programs Pocket Excel Drawing mode In drawing mode, use your stylus to draw on the screen. Gridlines appear as a guide. When you lift your stylus off the screen after the first stroke, you'll see a drawing box indicating the boundaries of the drawing.
  • Page 61: Creating A New Workbook

    5 Managing Microsoft® Pocket PC 2003 companion programs • Create new workbooks on your handheld, such as expense reports and mileage logs, or you can copy workbooks from your computer to your handheld. • Synchronise workbooks between your computer and your handheld so that you have the most up-to-date content in both locations.
  • Page 62: Protecting Your Workbooks

    5 Managing Microsoft® Pocket PC 2003 companion programs Pocket Excel • Tap View and then Toolbar. Protecting your workbooks If your workbook contains sensitive information, you can protect it with a password. • Open the workbook, tap Edit, and then Password. Every time you open the workbook, you will need to enter the password, so choose one that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.
  • Page 63: Msn Messenger

    5 Managing Microsoft® Pocket PC 2003 companion programs – To show a hidden row or column: For more information on using Pocket Excel, tap tap Help from the ® Messenger ® Messenger on your handheld is an instant messaging program that lets you: •...
  • Page 64: Chatting With Contacts

    5 Managing Microsoft® Pocket PC 2003 companion programs MSN® Messenger send a email, block the contact from chatting with you, or delete contacts from your list using the pop-up menu. • To see others online without being seen, in the Tools menu, tap My Status and select Appear Offline.
  • Page 65: Microsoft Windows Media Player For Pocket Pc

    5 Managing Microsoft® Pocket PC 2003 companion programs Tap Send. Tips when chatting with contacts • To invite another contact to a multi-user chat, in the Tools menu, tap Invite and tap the contact you want to invite. • To switch back to the main window without closing a chat, tap the Contacts button.
  • Page 66: Using The Guidebook

    • On a book page, tap the book title, and then tap Library on the pop-up menu. Opening a book • Tap a book title in the Library list. ® Reader for Pocket PC to read eBooks on your handheld. ® Reader is available only for the English and European Acer n35 models.
  • Page 67: Reading A Book

    5 Managing Microsoft® Pocket PC 2003 companion programs Tap to select a sort order. Tap to specify the books you want to display in the list. Tap here to navigate to other parts of the Reader. Reading a book Each book consists of a cover page, an optional table of contents, and the pages of the book.
  • Page 68: Using Reader Features

    5 Managing Microsoft® Pocket PC 2003 companion programs Microsoft® Reader for Pocket PC Tap to select a navigation Using Reader features Reading a book electronically gives you several options not available with paper books. These options are available from any book page. Select text by dragging across the text on the page.
  • Page 69: Removing A Book

    5 Managing Microsoft® Pocket PC 2003 companion programs Book annotations To see a list of a book's annotations, including bookmarks, highlights, text notes, and drawings: Tap Annotations Index on the book's cover page. Tap an entry in the list to go to the annotated page. To use bookmarks •...
  • Page 70 5 Managing Microsoft® Pocket PC 2003 companion programs Microsoft® Reader for Pocket PC...
  • Page 71: Backup And Restore Data

    Backup and restore data Backup/Restore enables you to back up data files and applications from your handheld to a storage device and to restore data to your handheld. Advanced security features offer password protection of sensitive documents/applications during Backup and/or Restore operations. The expansion features of your handheld allow you to use any of the following storage devices: •...
  • Page 72: Backup Function

    6 Backup and restore data Backup function To perform data backup Close all running programs except for Backup/Restore. In the Backup tab, choose whether to accept the default filename (MyBackup) or type a new one by tapping on the keyboard icon on the bottom of the screen. Select a storage device from the 'Backup to' pull-down menu.
  • Page 73: Autobackup Function

    NOTE: 'MyAutoBackup' is the default file name of the backup file generated by the AutoBackup operation. Restore function You can only restore backup files that are generated by Backup/Restore; file format is *.abk (Acer backup). To perform data restoration Close all running programs except for Backup/Restore.
  • Page 74 6 Backup and restore data Select a source storage device from the 'Restore from' pulldown menu. The lower half of the screen will display a list of files contained in the selected storage device. Filename, file size and date when the backup file was created are indicated in the list.
  • Page 75 6 Backup and restore data Tap Delete to remove the file.
  • Page 76 6 Backup and restore data...
  • Page 77: Using Expansion Features

    The slim and lightweight design of your Acer n35 belies its impressive expansion feature - integrated dual use SD/MMC slot. This expansion feature allows you to: • Install additional applications • Increase storage capacity • Perform backup procedures NOTE: When using any peripheral device with your handheld, please refer to the documentation accompanying each device for information on how to install and operate it.
  • Page 78: Removing An Sd/Mmc Card

    7 Using expansion features Using an SD/MMC card Push the card into the slot using your finger until you feel the card lock and hear an audible system sound. This indicates that the card is properly seated within the slot. Removing an SD/MMC card Hold your handheld securely.
  • Page 79: Exchanging And Updating Data Using Activesync

    ® Using ActiveSync Before you begin synchronisation, install ActiveSync on your computer from the Acer n35 Handheld Companion CD. NOTE: ActiveSync is already installed on your handheld. For more information on installing ActiveSync, see "Installing the Microsoft® ActiveSync® software".
  • Page 80 8 Exchanging and updati n g d a t a u s i n g A c t i v e S y n c® . Using ActiveSync®. For information about using ActiveSync on your computer, start ActiveSync on your computer, and then see ActiveSync Help.
  • Page 81: Getting Connected

    Using infrared (IR) , you can send and receive information, such as contacts and appointments to/from other IR-enabled devices. Your n35 will receive all incoming InfraRed (IR) beams and ask you after the transmission has been established whether you wish to accept those beams.
  • Page 82: Connecting To The Internet

    9 Getting connected Connecting to the Internet Align the IR port of your handheld with that of the sending IR-enabled device so that they are unobstructed and within a close range. Have the owner of the sending device transmit the information to you. Your handheld will automatically receive it.
  • Page 83: To Create A Wireless Ethernet Connection To An Isp

    You should not need to change any settings in Advanced. Most ISPs now use a dynamically-assigned address. If the ISP you are connecting to does not use a dynamically-assigned address, tap Advanced and then the TCP/IP tab, and enter the address.
  • Page 84: Connecting To A Network

    If this is the method you want to use, see "To create an wireless Ethernet connection to a network" on page 72. Your n35 handheld supports a SD wireless Ethernet card or a SD Modem card. To create a modem connection to a network Follow the instructions stated in "To create a modem connection to an ISP"...
  • Page 85: Using Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer

    Pocket Internet Explorer Use Microsoft ways: • During synchronisation with your computer, download your favorite links and mobile favorites that are stored in the Mobile Favorites subfolder of Internet Explorer on your computer. • Connect to an Internet service provider (ISP) or network and browse the Web. To do this, you'll need to create the connection first, as described in "9 Getting connected"...
  • Page 86: Using Pocket Internet Explorer

    10 U sing Micr os of t ® Pock e t Internet Explorer Using Pocket Internet Explorer Optionally, in Update, select a desired update schedule. NOTE: If you did not specify an update schedule, you will need to manually download content to keep the information updated on both your computer and handheld.
  • Page 87: To Browse The Internet

    10 Using Microsoft® Pocket Internet Explorer Tap the page you want to view. You'll see the page that was downloaded the last time you synchronised with your computer. If the page is not on your handheld, the favorite will be dimmed. You will need to synchronise with your computer again to download the page to your handheld, or connect to the Internet to view the page.
  • Page 88 10 U sing Micr os of t ® Pock e t Internet Explorer Using Pocket Internet Explorer...
  • Page 89: Customising Your Handheld

    handheld You can customise your handheld based on your personal requirements and preferences as well as depending on your usual work modes. Customise your handheld by doing either of the following: • Adjust the handheld settings • Add or remove programs Adjusting handheld settings You can adjust the settings of your handheld to suit the way you work.
  • Page 90: To Add Programs Using Activesync

    11 Customising your handheld Adding and removing programs To add programs using ActiveSync You'll need to install the appropriate software for your handheld on your computer before installing it on your handheld. Determine your handheld and processor type so that you know which version of the software to install.
  • Page 91: Removing Programs

    NOTE: Read any installation instructions, Read Me files, or documentation that comes with the program. Many programs provide special installation instructions. Tap the file, such as a *.xip or *.exe file. The installation wizard will begin. Follow the directions on the screen. To add a program to the Start menu •...
  • Page 92 11 Customising your handheld Adding and removing programs...
  • Page 93 Block Recognizer Letter Recognizer soft keyboard Transcriber using My Text writing on the screen convert to text expansion features Acer versatile connector attaching expansion sleeve inserting CompactFlash card removing CompactFlash card handheld guides maintenance package contents resetting...
  • Page 94 Contact create contact find contact open summary screen Inbox connect to email server manage folders Message list open synchronise email Notes create note open Tasks create task open summary screen Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 companion programs Microsoft Reader Reader features book annotations copy text search text...

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