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Acer n35 Quick Manual

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Quick Guide for Acer n35
Check the package contents
1. Begin by unpacking.
Your Acer n35 box should contain:
• Acer n35 handheld and a stylus
• Companion CD
• Quick Guide for n35
• USB sync cable
• Slip case
• AC power adapter
• Car holder
• Car charger
• External antenna (optional depending on SKU)
• Destinator 3 navigation software and maps CD
(optional depending on SKU)
• SD card with Destinator 3 software and maps
(optional depending on SKU)
• End User License Agreement
• International Travellers Warranty
NOTE: If any of the items listed above are damaged or are not
present, contact your authorised Acer reseller immediately.
2. Move the "Hard Reset" switch to the "on"
3. Connect the power adapter and charge your
handheld to full power.
4. Synchronise your handheld with your com-
5. Turn on and setup your handheld.
6. Remove the sync cable from your handheld.
7. For more information, please refer to the Acer
n35 User's Manual (PDF file) on the compan-
ion CD.

Your guides

To help you use your Acer n35, we have designed a
set of guides:
For information on:
Refer to:
Programs on your
The Acer n35 Handheld Manual.
Bundled in the Acer n35 Handheld
Companion CD, it provides online
reference for using your handheld.
To view Help, tap
GPS operation
The quick start guides for the
Destinator 3 software included in the
box. (optional depending on SKU)
Last-minute updates
The Read Me files. Located in the
and detailed technical
Microsoft ActiveSync folder on your
computer and on the Acer n35
Handheld Companion CD.
Up-to-date information
regarding your Acer n35
Taking care of your Acer n35
Proper care and usage of your Acer n35
1.Take care not to scratch the screen of your
handheld. Keep the screen clean.
2.Your handheld is not waterproof and should not
be exposed to rain or moisture.
3.Take care not to drop your handheld or subject
it to any strong impact. Do not place your
handheld in your back pocket.
4.Protect your handheld from temperature
5.Do not use or store your handheld in any
location that is extremely dusty, damp or wet.
6.Use a soft, damp cloth to clean your handheld.
Resetting your Acer n35
You may have to perform a reset if your handheld no
longer responds to the buttons on the screen.
Performing a soft reset: A soft reset allows your
handheld to get a fresh start, similar to rebooting a
computer. All records and entries are retained after a
soft reset. To perform a soft reset:
• Using the tip of your stylus, lightly press the reset
button inside the hole on the bottom of your
Performing a hard reset: A hard reset will erase all
records and entries (except for those stored in the
ROM storage) in your handheld. Never perform a
hard reset unless a soft reset does not correct your
problem. To perform a hard reset, do the following:
• Use the tip of your stylus toggle the reset switch
to the left (a) and back to the right (b) on the
bottom of your handheld.
NOTE: When you perform a hard reset, formats, preferences,
and other settings including date and time are restored to
their factory default settings.

System tour

Front view
and then Help.
Back view
Flip-up patch antenna
Dummy SD card
Hard reset switch
Customising your Acer n35
Adjusting handheld settings
You can adjust the settings of your handheld to suit
the way you work. To access Settings
• Tap
, then Settings.
Tap an available Settings option to open the
corresponding adjustment page. The Settings
window has three tabs-Personal, System, and
Connections, each of which has its own set of
Adding and removing programs
Programs bundled with your handheld at the factory
are stored in ROM (read-only memory). You cannot
remove these programs, and you'll accidentally lose
ROM contents. ROM programs can be updated using
special installation programs. All other programs and
data files installed to your handheld after factory
installation are stored in RAM (random access
memory) or ROM storage.
You can install any program created for your
handheld, as long as it has enough memory. The
most popular place to find software for your
handheld is on the Pocket PC Web site (http://
You could add programs to your handheld either by
using ActiveSync or by downloading the program
from the Internet.
For detailed instructions on how to add or remove
programs, refer to the Acer n35 Handheld Manual.
Power LED indicator
GPS LED indicator
LCD touchscreen
Quick button for Today
Quick button for Calendar
Quick button for Inbox
Quick button for Contacts
4-way directional pad
Left view
Right view
Power button
Scroll wheel
External antenna connector
Top view
Stylus holder
IR Port
SD/MMC slot
Bottom view
Soft reset switch
26-pin connector