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Acer t231h: user guide
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Acer touchscreen T231H
After connecting the Acer touch monitor T231H to your notebook or desktop PC, you need to set up
your touchscreen functions:
* Note: For the touchscreen function to work, you need to connect the USB cable to the NB or PC, as well as connecting through a VGA, DVI or HDMI cable.
1. Go to Control Panel and click Hardware & Sound.
2. Click tablet PC settings, and a window will pop up.
3. Click the setup button in the configure section; enable the touchscreen function on the
touchscreen (not the notebook screen) by touching the screen with your finger.
4. Click the calibrate button.
Your Acer touchscreen can recognize certain movements across the screen's surface. This allows you to
work with applications with a few simple gestures:
Scroll through web pages, long documents,
music playlists or photo albums by simply moving
a finger up or down the screen.
Page flip
Browse through web pages by sliding a finger
across the touchscreen.
1.Slide your finger to the left to move back.
2.Slide your finger to the right to move forward.
Rotate images
Rotate an image 90° by moving a finger in a
clockwise or counterclockwise motion across
the image.
Pinch or spread two fingers to zoom-in or out
when using programs that provide a compatible
zoom option.
1.Place two fingers on the monitor screen.
2.Slide your fingers apart to zoom-in.
3.Slide your fingers together to zoom-out.
Windows Paint
You can use the touchscreen to create simple
drawings in Windows Paint.
Enter text
Tap a text entry field to open the onscreen
keyboard. Tap letters to enter text.
Windows XP and Windows Vista do not support touchscreen functions.
Windows 7 starter and Home Basic can only recognize the single-touch
Windows 7 Ultimate, Enterprise, Professional and Home Premium can
support the multi-touch actions.
Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows® 7 is available for download at
The touchscreen can only detect up to two ngers simultaneously.
Set the display ratio to 125 percent or higher for optimum viewing.

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Table of Contents

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