Toshiba BDK23KU User Manual

Toshiba BDK23KU User Manual

Bdk23ku user's guide
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Blu-ray Disc™/DVD Player
User's Guide:
If you need assistance:
Toshiba's Support Web site
Toshiba Customer Support Center
Calling within the United States 888-592-0944
Calling from outside the United States 949-583-3305
For more information see "Troubleshooting & Maintenance" on page 43 in this guide.
Owner's Record
The model number and serial number are on the back and underside of your player.
Record these numbers in the spaces below. Refer to these numbers whenever you
communicate with your Toshiba dealer about this equipment.
Model name______________________________________
Serial number____________________________________


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Toshiba BDK23KU

  • Page 1 The model number and serial number are on the back and underside of your player. Record these numbers in the spaces below. Refer to these numbers whenever you communicate with your Toshiba dealer about this equipment. Model name______________________________________ Serial number____________________________________...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction ... 8 Symbols used in this manual... 8 Features ... 9 Blu-ray Disc™/DVD player controls ... 10 Remote control buttons ... 11 Blu-ray Disc™/DVD player connections ... 15 Blu-ray Disc™ playback ... 19 Customizing the function settings... 32 Security ...
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS CAUTION: This Blu-ray Disc™/DVD player employs a Laser System. To ensure proper use of this product, please read this User’s Guide carefully and retain for future reference. Should the unit require maintenance, contact an authorized service location. Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
  • Page 4: Additional Safety Instructions

    ADDITIONAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 15. Do not overload wall outlets; extension cords, or integral convenience receptacles as this can result in a risk of fire or electric shock. 16. Never expose the apparatus to dripping or splashing or place items such as vases, aquariums, any other item filled with liquid, or candles on top of the unit.
  • Page 5: Notes On Handling

    Wireless Radio For product available in the USA/Canada market, only channel 1- 11 can be operated. Selection of other channels is not possible. The device could automatically discontinue transmission in case of absence of information to transmit, or operational failure. Note that this is not intended to prohibit transmission of control or signaling information or the use of repetitive codes where required by the technology.
  • Page 6: Notes On Discs

    Systems, Inc. with all rights reserved. Under the copyright laws, this guide cannot be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Toshiba. No patent liability is assumed, Trademarks AVCHD and the AVCHD logo are trademarks of Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation.
  • Page 7 DVD is a trademark of DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation. HDMI, the HDMI logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries. Hulu Plus is a trademark of Hulu, LLC. Microsoft, Outlook, Windows, and Windows Media are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Page 8: Introduction

    Introduction Introduction Safety icons This guide contains safety instructions that must be observed to avoid potential hazards that could result in personal injuries, damage to your equipment, or loss of data. These safety cautions have been classified according to the seriousness of the risk, and icons highlight these instructions as follows: Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury.
  • Page 9: Features

    If any of the symbols listed above are not displayed under the function heading, the operation is applicable to all media. Features Blu-ray Disc™: Enjoy Blu-ray Disc™ viewing and storage, capable of storing five times more data than a conventional DVD. BD-Java™: Enjoy the interactive functions such as games or interactive menus, supported Java™...
  • Page 10: Blu-Ray Disc™/Dvd Player Controls

    Blu-ray Disc™/DVD player controls ® HDMI 1080p/24F output (Blu-ray Disc™ only): This player is equipped with a feature which can provide the smooth movement in the playback of film originated material with the frame rate of 24 frames per second with progressive scan. (Available only when the TV is connected by an ®...
  • Page 11: Remote Control Buttons

    Item: Description AC power cord Coaxial Digital Audio Out port ® HDMI Out port LAN port Remote control buttons (Sample Illustration) Remote control buttons Remote control buttons Function: Connects to a standard AC outlet to supply power to the player. To completely turn off the player, unplug the AC power cord.
  • Page 12 Remote control buttons Item: Description: OPEN/CLOSE GOTO SKIP PAUSE STEP SLOW HOME RETURN PROGRAM DIGEST SUB (Subtitle) AUDIO REPEAT POWER Number buttons CLEAR TOP MENU POP UP/MENU PLAY SKIP Operation: Press to open or close the disc tray. Press to display the search menu. During playback, press to fast reverse the playback.
  • Page 13: Installing The Batteries

    Item: Description: STOP ® NETFLIX RED/GREEN/ YELLOW/BLUE BOOKMARK ZOOM ANGLE 2nd. AUDIO CONNECTED DISPLAY Installing the batteries Install the batteries (AAAx2), matching the polarity indicated inside battery compartment of the remote control. 1 Open the battery cover. (Sample Illustration) Remote control - Opening the battery cover 2 Insert batteries.
  • Page 14: Using The Remote Control

    Remote control buttons (Sample Illustration) Remote control - inserting the batteries 3 Replace the battery cover. Always dispose of used batteries in compliance with your local government. Never throw batteries into a fire. Do not mix different battery types or combine used batteries with new ones. If the remote control does not operate correctly, or if the operating range is reduced, replace both batteries with new ones.
  • Page 15: Blu-Ray Disc™/Dvd Player Connections

    Do not drop or expose the remote control to electric shock. Do not expose the remote control excessively hot or humid places. Do not spill water or place anything wet on the remote control. Do not open the remote control. If the remote control is not going to be used for a long period of time, remove the battery to avoid damage caused by battery leakage corrosion.
  • Page 16: Connecting To A Network

    ❖ By connecting through a wireless LAN adaptor and a wireless access point or router (for BDX2300KU/BDK23KU model). ❖ By connecting through the built-in wireless device and a wireless access point or router (for BDX3300KU and BDK33KU models).
  • Page 17 Connecting via wireless access point or router - for BDX2300KU and BDK23KU models Your Blu-ray Disc™/DVD player can also be connected to a network via Wireless access point. ® USB Wi-Fi This unit is compatible with TOSHIBA's USB Wi-Fi WLM-12NB1.
  • Page 18: Connecting A Usb Flash Drive

    Blu-ray Disc™/DVD player connections (Sample Illustration) Connecting to a wireless router You must use a wireless IP sharer that supports IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n. (n is recommended for stable operation of the wireless network.) Wireless LAN, in its nature, may cause interference, depending on the use condition (AP performance, distance, obstacle, interference by other radio devices, etc.).
  • Page 19: Blu-Ray Disc™ Playback

    USB port. For additional information regarding the access to BD-Live™, see page 37 of the manual. TOSHIBA does not guarantee 100% compatibility with all USB flash drives. If you want to enjoy BD-Live™ bonus content, you should connect a USB flash drive to the USB port, and an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet jack on the back of your player and to an Ethernet jack on a hub or broadband router.
  • Page 20 Blu-ray Disc™ playback Logos: Playable files: AVCHD™ Windows Media™ Audio JPEG This player cannot play back disc content that is protected by Windows Media™ Digital Rights Management (DRM). Un-playable discs and files The following disc types will not play back in this player. ❖...
  • Page 21: Region Codes

    Region codes This player has been designed to play back BD-video with region “A” and DVD-video with region “1” or “ALL.” You cannot play back BD-video or DVD-video that are labeled for other regions. Look for the symbols on your BD-video or DVD-video. If these region symbols do not appear on your BD-video or DVD-video, you cannot play back the disc in this player.
  • Page 22: Basic Playback

    Blu-ray Disc™ playback Data discs or USB flash drives containing MP3/WMA/JPEG are divided into folders, and the folders are subdivided into files. Folder (group) 1 File 1 File 2 (Sample Illustration) Data disc/USB file structure Basic playback When you wish to view a disc, turn the TV On and select the video input connected to the Blu-ray Disc™/DVD player.
  • Page 23: Variable Speed Playback

    ❖ DVDs/audio CDs: It will enter the stop mode. Press the PLAY ( playback begins where it stopped or at the beginning of the disc. 9 During DVD/audio CD playback, if you press the STOP ( ) button twice, playback stops completely and the home menu appears.
  • Page 24 Blu-ray Disc™ playback Locating a desired section Normally, Blu-ray™ Discs and DVDs are divided into titles, and the titles are sub-divided into chapters. Audio CDs are divided into tracks. You can quickly locate any specific title, chapter, or track. Locating a title using TOP MENU / POP UP/MENU 1 Press the TOP MENU / POP UP/MENU button.
  • Page 25 Locating a specific chapter 1 During playback, press GOTO button and use the ( the chapter, then press the OK button. (Sample Illustration) Locating a specific chapter 2 Press the ( ) arrow buttons or the corresponding number buttons (0-9) for the chapter you want.
  • Page 26 Blu-ray Disc™ playback (Sample Illustration) Selecting various repeat modes The repeat setting will be cancelled when you stop playback. The chapter, title or track repeat will be cleared when moving to another chapter, title, track / file. Chapter and title repeat are not available with some scenes. Repeating a specific segment 1 Press the A-B button at the desired starting point A during playback.
  • Page 27: Camera Angle

    Not all discs are available for PIP and 2nd Audio. It only applies to Blu-ray™ Discs that support picture-in-picture features and 2nd Audio. Camera angle Some BD-video and DVD-video contain scenes that have been shot simultaneously from various angles. 1 Press the ANGLE button during playback. The selected angle is displayed on the display bar at the top of the TV screen.
  • Page 28 Blu-ray Disc™ playback (Sample Illustration) DVD Program display (Sample Illustration) CD Program display 2 Press the OK button and the TT (Title) is highlighted. Then press the ( the corresponding number buttons to enter the Title (TT) (for DVD movie) or Track number (for audio CD).
  • Page 29: Digest Playback

    Some discs may not permit memory playback. The programmed selections will be cleared when you open the disc tray or turn off the unit. If you press the PROGRAM button while the display appears on the TV screen, the display disappears.
  • Page 30 Blu-ray Disc™ playback 3 Press the OSC button again to exit. Displaying on-screen information Press the DISPLAY button: Your unit displays information about the Disc, such as type of disc, title number, chapter number, elapsed time of the current title, audio format, subtitle language. Press the DISPLAY button again to exit.
  • Page 31 (Sample Illustration) BD-video (Sample Illustration) DVD-video/AVCHD™ (Sample Illustration) CD (Sample Illustration) MP3/WMP (Sample Illustration) JPG Playing AVCHD™/MP3/WMA/JPEG files You can play AVCHD™, MP3, WMA or JPEG files that have been recorded on a disc or a Media Server on the Blu-ray Disc™/DVD player. Playing files on a data disc When inserting a data disc containing pictures, music, or video files into your player, icons are added to the menu to indicate that video, music, or picture files are available for playback.
  • Page 32: Customizing The Function Settings

    Customizing the function settings Playing files on a Media Server 1 Set the Media Server Search to Enable. 2 In the Home menu, press the ( then press the OK button. 3 Press the ( ) arrow buttons to select Media Server list, and then press OK. 4 Press the ( ) arrow buttons to select Video, Music or Photo, and press OK.
  • Page 33: Display Settings

    3 Press the OK button. 4 Press the ( ) arrow button or the RETURN button to return to the previous menu. Information No Disc Playback Connected Setting Photo Network Video Settings menu items (Sample Illustration) General operations settings Information This menu displays the following information: ❖...
  • Page 34 Customizing the function settings 3 Use the ( ) arrow buttons to select the desired option, and then press the OK button to confirm your selection. 4 Press the ( ) arrow button to return to the previous menu. TV Screen 16:9 Full, 16:9 Normal, 4:3 Pan &...
  • Page 35: Audio Setting

    Audio setting The settings in the Audio menu will configure the Blu-ray Disc™/DVD player’s digital audio ® outputs (HDMI or Coaxial). 1 In the main Settings menu, press the ( OK button. 2 Press the ( ) arrow buttons to select an option, and then press the OK button. 3 Use the ( ) arrow buttons to select the desired audio setting, and then press the OK button to confirm.
  • Page 36: System Setting

    Customizing the function settings Disc™, the “auto” selection tells the Blu-ray Disc™/DVD player to only turn on dynamic range control if information embedded in the Dolby Stereo Down Mix Select whether to downmix the multi-channel audio into fewer channels. ❖ Stereo—Downmixes the multi-channel audio into two channel stereo.
  • Page 37 Action: Deactivate CinemaNow ® Deactivate Hulu Plus™ Upgrade This option allows to update your product software via a Disc, USB storage or Network. External Memory BUDA Information: To display the external memory information. Network connection setting 1 In the main Settings menu, press the ( the OK button.
  • Page 38: Language Settings

    Do not remove the USB flash drive when using the BD-Live™ function. Information To display the Network Information. For detailed information, visit External control setting To set the Device Name, User Name, Password or Port Number. For detail informations, visit the following web site:
  • Page 39: Security

    Not all languages are available on all discs. Some discs do not let you select the subtitle language using your player’s menu. Instead, you have to select the subtitle language from the disc setup menu (the menu that appears after you insert the disc).
  • Page 40 If you are not a Netflix ® member: Select no. Read the instructions displayed on the TV screen, and visit from your PC. Sign up to create your account, then select “I’m now a member”. (Sample Illustration) Netflix 4 If you are a Netflix ®...
  • Page 41: Watching Movies With Youtube

    and password. Now you can view Netflix player and prepared Instant Queue, movies and TV episodes in your Instant Queue appear on the TV screen. Select your desired one using the remote control of the player. You can control Netflix ®...
  • Page 42: Listening To Music With Pandora

    Using the connected applications Creating a VUDU™ account on your PC 1 VUDU™ will send you an email with a hyper-link; click on the link. 2 In the VUDU™ page that comes up on your PC’s browser after clicking the link, enter the e- mail and password of the owner of the account.
  • Page 43: Troubleshooting & Maintenance

    Creating a new Picasa™ account on your PC Visit to create a new account. Troubleshooting & Maintenance Problem: No power No sound or picture Distorted picture Completely distorted picture or black /white picture with Blu-ray Disc™/DVD No sound or distorted sound Picture freezes momentarily during playback Disc cannot be played back...
  • Page 44 Troubleshooting & Maintenance Problem: The unit cannot read Blu-ray Disc™/DVD/CD Angle does not switch Playback does not start when the title is selected The password for rating level has been forgotten Cannot connect to the network Cannot connect to the network while my PC is connected to the network Cannot use the BD-Live™...
  • Page 45: Glossary

    Disc handling Handle the discs so that fingerprints and dust do not adhere to the surfaces of the discs. Always store the disc in its protective case when it is not used. Note that discs with special shapes (heart-shaped discs, octagonal discs, etc.) cannot be played back on this unit.
  • Page 46 Glossary ® Dolby TrueHD ® Dolby TrueHD is a lossless coding technology developed for next generation optical discs. Blu-ray Disc™ supports 7.1 multi-channel surround sound output. ® ® is a multi-channel surround sound system. By connecting to DTS movie dynamic and realistic sound like movie theater. DTS ®...
  • Page 47: Specifications

    Title A collection of chapters on BD-video or DVD-video. Track Audio CD use tracks to divide up the content of a disc. The BD-video or DVD-video equivalent is called a chapter. See also “Chapter”. Virtual Package The function which copies data to other media (local storage) from the Internet and play the secondary video, secondary audio and the subtitle at the same time.
  • Page 48: License Information

    Unless otherwise expressly provided in this EULA or the product manual accompanying the Toshiba Blu-ray Disc™/DVD player: 3.1. You may not copy the Software, in whole or in part, without express written permission by Toshiba and/or its suppliers. 3.2. You may not assign, resell, distribute or sublicense the Software or a copy of the Software.
  • Page 49 Article 7 Termination of License In the event that you fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions contained herein, Toshiba shall have the right to immediately terminate this Agreement without any notification to you. Upon termination of this Agreement, you shall cease all use of the Software and destroy all copies, in whole and/or in part.
  • Page 50 However, some of the software components distributed under an EULA are made available for use by the user on the assumption that they are not copyrighted or warranted by TOSHIBA or any third party. These software components are licensed to the user free of charge and therefore not covered by any warranty within the scope of the applicable laws.
  • Page 51 Boot/WebHome License Information License GPLv2.pdf GPLv2.pdf GPLv2.pdf GPLv2.pdf LGPLv2.1.pdf GPLv2.pdf GPLv2.pdf GPLv2.pdf GPLv2.pdf GPLv2.pdf
  • Page 52 1.06.38 tinyxml 2.5.3 gSOAP 2.7.12 SQLite 3.6.22 OSS project URL http://www.linux- ourrilhes/Linux/Tools.html License zlib.pdf FreeType.txt...
  • Page 53 49.15.0 libavcodec 52.20.0 OSS project URL c.html License Information License DMG.pdf bison.pdf dmalloc.pdf EMX.pdf JSON.pdf Lua.pdf Zziplib.pdf LGPLv2.1.pdf LGPLv2.1.pdf
  • Page 56 If you are experiencing a technical problem or have questions regarding operation, authorized service centers, warranty or parts, please contact our Customer Support Center at: Many questions regarding parts, service, and warranties can be answered by visiting the Customer Support Section of our website: GMA501029014 02/12...

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