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User Manual
HW 123
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Summary of Contents for Whirlpool Ariel HW 123

  • Page 1 Whirlpool User Manual HW 123 Serial Number:...
  • Page 2 Precautions: Do not allow children use the whirlpool without the supervision of an adult. This appliance is not intended for use by any persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or adequate instruction concerning use of this appliance by a person responsible for their safety, and at their discretion.
  • Page 3 D-Series Whirlpool User Manual with Bluetooth Before Installation: Ensure electrical connections, water supply lines and waste connections are both compatible with this product and their installation completed the before installation of this product. Reference the technical specifications listed on the product and the individual components themselves, also review the specifications within the documentation supplied.
  • Page 4 If any debris floats out, remove it, or if it’s very small, paddle it towards the drain plug, and then drain the tub until the debris is removed. The whirlpool system will not run unless the water- level sensor is fully submerged underwater.
  • Page 5 'Water Jet' icon will flash and the other [optional] whirlpool features will remain locked. If the water jet feature is turned on but the water is not yet at a safe level, the whirlpool feature will automatically turn on when the water reaches an appropriate level.
  • Page 6 Parameter Setting button Up or Down until the desired setting is selected. To turn off the heatpump feature, simply press the heatpump button until the icon is unlighted or off. If the whirlpool system is shut off with the heatpump running, the system will delay the shutdown process for a few short seconds until the heatpump slightly cools.
  • Page 7 3-seconds, and then the Bluetooth symbol will start to flash and the system will be placed in scan mode. Turn off and on the Bluetooth function or open Bluetooth function on the device for connection and pairing with the “Whirlpool”.
  • Page 8 Consider cleaning the whirlpool features monthly with a whirlpool cleaning solution from your local hardware store. Follow the instructions of the whirlpool cleaning solution. If not cleaned regularly you may notice black flakes in the bath – if this happens you should clean the whirlpool system.
  • Page 9 D-Series Whirlpool User Manual with Bluetooth Technical Parameters: Electrical Operational Parameters Rated voltage AC220V~240 Rated frequency 60HZ Rated current 11.8A Rated power 2600W >20M Insulating resistance Waterproof level IPX5 Component Parameters Type of Load Rated Load Voltage Rated Load Frequency...
  • Page 10 Do not trash. Keep these instructions for future reference. Some features explained within this user guide maybe optional and/or may not be applicable for your specific model.