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Huawei FusionCol8000-C210 Quick Manual

In-room chilled water smart cooling product
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FusionCol8000-C210 In-room Chilled
Water Smart Cooling Product
Quick Guide
Issue: 01
Part Number: 31500ECR
Date: 2020-07-08
Product Overview
Product Model
Engineering Materials
Single cord end terminal of the cable connecting the indoor units (10 mm
Delivered with
ground terminal of the power cable to the indoor unit (10 mm
the Equipment
bolt assembly (M12x45)
Water inlet and outlet
Water inlet pipe for the
wet film humidifier
Installing the Cabinet
1. Read the related user manual or instructions before installing the FusionCol8000-C.
2. The unit in this document is a fully configured FusionCol8000-C. If some components are not
configured, skip the corresponding steps.
3. You are recommended to use tools that are fully insulated when installing devices.
4. Only engineers from the manufacturer or engineers certified by the agent are allowed to install,
commission, and maintain smart cooling products. Otherwise, personal injuries and device
damage may be caused, which is beyond the smart cooling product warranty range.
Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2020. All rights reserved.
Pipe Routing
Routed from top
G 1/2 inch outer screw thread
DN50 seamless steel pipe with a G 2 inch external
threaded connector
G 1/2 inch outer screw thread
Main power cable (4 x 10 mm
(4 x 10 mm
cables, equipotential cable (≥ 16 mm
Hoop iron, pipe support, thermal insulation foam,
dedicated glue for thermal insulation foam, thread
Dimensions Without Packing
Cable Routing
Routed from top
), teamwork networking and monitoring
(H x W x D) (mm)
2450 x 2350 x 1100
), OT
), cable tie, hexagon
), standby power cable



Summary of Contents for Huawei FusionCol8000-C210

  • Page 1 FusionCol8000-C210 In-room Chilled Water Smart Cooling Product Quick Guide Issue: 01 Part Number: 31500ECR Date: 2020-07-08 Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2020. All rights reserved. Product Overview Dimensions Without Packing Product Model Pipe Routing Cable Routing (H x W x D) (mm)
  • Page 2 If there is no hiss sound, contact Huawei technical support. • You can open or close the exhaust valve using a flat-head screwdriver.
  • Page 3 • Obtain the connecting kits and screws according to the packing list. • A distance of at least 15 mm must be reserved between combined cabinets. Securing Equipment • Before securing the equipment, remove the protective sheet metal from the water pump exterior. •...
  • Page 4 (Optional) Connecting the Air Duct • An air duct needs to be prepared onsite based on site requirements. • When fixing the equipment to the floor, place the bottom of the air duct on the floor and use anchor baffle plates to secure the air duct.
  • Page 5 Connection method (1) Reserved connector (4) Pagoda connector (2) Rigid pipe connector (5) Hose clamp (3) Rigid pipe (6) Hose Connecting the Humidifier Water Inlet Hose A humidifier water inlet hose is delivered with the equipment and is pulled the hose along the reserved pipe clamp on the cabinet side to the top of the cabinet.
  • Page 6 1. Remove the top hole cover. 2. Knock off the knock-out holes for the chilled water inlet and outlet pipes. 3. To avoid deforming the pipe, use a 70# open-end wrench to fix the pipe nut, use a 36# open-end wrench to fix the plug, and then remove the plug.
  • Page 7: Connecting Cables

    Injecting Water to Expel Gas • To avoid blockage of the heat exchanger in the smart cooling product due to foreign matter from the main pipe during the construction, you are advised to clean the main pipe before water is supplied to the smart cooling product. Turn off the isolation valves on the water inlet and outlet pipes before the cleaning and turn them on afterwards.
  • Page 8 Connecting the Power Cable and Equipotential Bonding Cable Connecting the Equipotential Bonding Cable Connecting the Power Cable In the example, the cable is routed from the top of the cabinet. The underfloor ground cable is routed through the cabinet bottom. (Optional) Connecting the T/H Connecting the Signal Cables Sensor Outside the Cabinet...
  • Page 9 2. Set the DIP switches on the T/H sensors. DIP Switch ID Name Address Air return temp/humid 1 Air return temp/humid 2 Air return temp/humid 3 Air return temp/humid 4 Cold aisle temp/humid 1 Cold aisle temp/humid 2 Cold aisle temp/humid 3 Cold aisle 4 temp/humid 4 Cold aisle 5 temp/humid 5 Hot aisle temp/humid 1...
  • Page 10 (Optional) Installing a Water Sensor The following figure uses the water sensor as an example. A water detection cable can also be connected. Connecting the Teamwork Network Cable CAN teamwork cable routing RS485 monitoring cable routing...
  • Page 11 Teamwork CAN networking (CAN Protocol) In CAN networking, a maximum of 32 smart cooling products can be teamworked. If CAN networking is required onsite, set Networking mode on the Teamwork Settings screen of all smart cooling products to CAN network, and set Teamwork CAN resistor enable on the Teamwork Settings screen of the first and last smart cooling products to Yes.
  • Page 12 • Connecting network cables for NetEco COM monitoring (Modbus-RTU protocol) Third-Party NMS Monitoring (SNMP/Modbus-RTU Protocol) When the host monitors the smart cooling product through a third-party NMS, connect the monitoring network cable based on whether the smart cooling product is cascaded. •...
  • Page 13: Installation Verification

    (Optional) Connecting the Motorized Damper For details about how to connect the motorized damper, see the documents delivered with it. Installation Verification Check Item Expected Result Actual Result The cabinet is installed properly without any tilt. The cabinet is □Passed □Failed Cabinet secured to the base by using bolts.
  • Page 14 (Optional) Teamwork Settings All teamwork control parameters can be set on the master smart cooling product. Only Teamwork group No., Air conditioner address, Enable teamwork CAN resistor, Teamwork function, and Networking mode can be set on slave smart cooling products. Other parameters of the slave units will be modified by the master unit synchronously.
  • Page 15 The indoor fan is a mandatory commissioning item. Other components can be commissioned depending on actual requirements. • The Service Expert app can be downloaded from Huawei App Store. The app is supported by only Android at present. • The Service Expert app supports both online boot and offline boot. The offline boot is taken as an example in the following part.
  • Page 16: Appendix 1: Precautions Against Adding Glycol

    Appendix 1: Precautions Against Adding Glycol For details about adding glycol, refer to the FusionCol8000-C210 In-room Chilled Water Smart Cooling Product User Manual. To prevent glycol solution from corroding pipes and the heat exchanging coil, corrosion inhibitor should be mixed into the glycol solution.