Motorola HAD4021A Installation Manual

Motorola HAD4021A Installation Manual

Vhf vehicle roof-top antennas


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Motorola Solutions, Inc.
1303 E. Algonquin Rd.,
Schaumburg, IL 60196-1078, U.S.A.
VHF Vehicle Roof-Top Antennas
Installation Manual


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Summary of Contents for Motorola HAD4021A

  • Page 1 Title Page VHF Vehicle Roof-Top Antennas HAD4021A HAD4022A Installation Manual Motorola Solutions, Inc. 1303 E. Algonquin Rd., 68007024095-C Schaumburg, IL 60196-1078, U.S.A.
  • Page 2: Product Safety And Rf Exposure Compliance

    No duplication or distribution of this document or any portion thereof shall take place without the express written permission of Motorola. No part of this manual may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose without the express written permission of Motorola.
  • Page 3 Figure 1 shows the two roof-top antennas. HAD4021A HAD4022A * Unity Gain Quarter-Wave 3 dB 5/8th Wave 136 –174 MHz 132 –...
  • Page 4: Fcc Requirements

    Additionally, the antenna installation must be in accordance with the following: • Requirements of the antenna manufacturer/supplier • Instructions in the radio installation manual NOTE: To comply with RF Safety standards, HAD4021A and HAD4022A must only be mounted on the roof. Table 1. Recommended Antenna Installation Locations...
  • Page 5: Recommended Location

    Motorola Recommendations for Vehicle Roof-Top Antenna Locations Table 1. Recommended Antenna Installation Locations (Continued) Vehicle Type Recommended Location Other vehicles Contact your Motorola Field Technical Representative. Do not install closer than the distances stated in the safety publication referenced in the section, “...
  • Page 6: Required Tools And Materials

    2. Drill a pilot hole at selected location, and then drill a 3/4-inch hole from the top (outside the vehicle only) with the Motorola 01-80382A25 holecutting saw (or equivalent) until it bottoms. 3. Clean the roof metal in a neat circle to ensure good contact with the bushing assembly and its locking nut.
  • Page 7 Installation Procedure 5. For proper seating of the bushing assembly and locking nut, remove any burrs and/or foreign matter from above and below the (top) 3/4-inch mounting hole. This should be done for at least 1/8 inch out from the hole edge. For double-roof construction vehicles (without dome light), also be sure to clear the second (or bottom) 3/4-inch hole of any burrs.
  • Page 8 Installation Procedure 9. Refer to Figure 3. Insert the bushing assembly into the mounting hole as shown, tilted slightly. Be sure that all of the cable has been pulled through to the radio. The threaded portion of the bushing assembly will not fall through the mounting hole. In double-roof vehicles, which have no dome light, DO NOT attempt to secure the base mount to both roof layers.
  • Page 9 Installation Procedure MAEPF-27630-O Figure 5. Pulling Upward on the Bushing Assembly The locking nut must come into contact with the vehicle roof to ensure the proper antenna radiation pattern is created. This can only be accomplished when the rubber O-ring is fully C a u t i o n compressed.
  • Page 10 Installation Procedure 13. Apply silicone grease to the weatherproof rubber seal (see Figure 14. Slide the rubber seal down and around the locking nut so that it sits immediately on top of the roof. 15. Refer to Figure 8. Position the antenna over the locking nut, and secure the metal cap to the external threads of the locking nut.
  • Page 11 Connector Fabrication (Mini-UHF) Connector Fabrication (Mini-UHF) Refer to Figure 9. Use the Motorola crimping tool (part number 66-80388A26) in the following procedure. FIVE CRIMP AREAS .256 .319 .051 .068 .213 Figure 9. Motorola Crimping Tool 66-80388A26...
  • Page 12 Connector Fabrication (Mini-UHF) Figure 10 illustrates the order in which the mini-UHF connector items must be assembled on the antenna cable. Center Braided Wires Shielding Connector Crimp Dielectric Jacket Gold-Plated Shell Body Center Pin Figure 10. Mini-UHF Connector Components To assemble the mini-UHF cable connector, do the following: 1.
  • Page 13 Connector Fabrication (Mini-UHF) 6. Push the shell forward until it rests on the connector body, and then push the crimp forward allowing the braided shielding to be compressed between the crimp and the body of the connector. 7. Use crimp area E of the crimping tool shown in Figure 9 on page 9 to form...
  • Page 14 Tuning Chart for HAD4022A Tuning Chart for HAD4022A HAD4022A 132 134 136 138 140 142 144 146 148 150 152 154 156 158 160 162 164 166 168 170 172 174 Frequency (MHz) Figure 11. Rod Cutting Chart...
  • Page 16 Schaumburg, IL 60196-1078, U.S.A. MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2009 – 2011 Motorola Solutions, Inc.

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