Zenoah PSZ2600 Owner's Manual

Zenoah pole saw owner's manual.
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848A5393A2 (806)

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  • Page 1

    OWNER’S MANUAL PSZ2600 PSZ2600 848A5393A2 (806) POLE SAW GB-1...

  • Page 2

    25.4 cm APPROVAL NUMBER OF CE EXHAUST EMISSION REGULATION GB-2 EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Husqvarna Zenoah Co., Ltd. 1-9, Minamidai, Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan declare in sole responsibility that the following products referred to in this declaration conform with DIRECTIVE 89/336/EEC, 98/37/EC,...

  • Page 3: Parts Location

    6. Spark arrester 7. Gear case 8. Chain cover 9. Saw chain 10. Guide bar 11. Grip 12. Drive shaft housing 13. Shoulder strap hanger 14. Throttle lever 15. Ignition switch 16. Throttle cable 17. Throttle set button PSZ2600 GB-3...

  • Page 4: Warning Labels On The Machine, Symbols On The Machine

    Displacement ... 25.4cm Max. output ... 1.2Hp (0.9kW)at 7500min-1(rpm) Idle speed ... 3000±200min-1(rpm) Fuel ... Mixture (Gasoline 50 : Oil 1) (when using ZENOAH genuine oil) Carburetor ... Walbro Diaphragm type Spark plug ... NGK CMR7A Fuel tank capacity ... 0.65 Transmission ...

  • Page 5: For Safe Operation

    PSZ2600 WORKING PLAN 1. You should never use the product when under the influence of alcohol, when suffering from exhaustion or lack...

  • Page 6

    3. When replacing the cutting attach- ment or any other part, or when re- placing the oil or any lubricant, always be sure to use only ZENOAH prod- ucts or products which have been certified by ZENOAH for use with the ZENOAH product.

  • Page 7

    5. For safe operation HANDLING FUEL 1. The engine of the ZENOAH product is designed to run on a mixed fuel, which contains highly flammable gasoline. Never store cans of fuel or refill the tank of the unit in any place where there is a...

  • Page 8

    PSZ2600 6. Set up MOUNTING ENGINE 1. Push the drive shaft housing toward the clutch housing and rotate it by hand to check that the drive shaft is engaged with the gears. 2. Insert the drive shaft housing into the clutch housing until it bottoms, and align the positioning holes on the clutch housing and the shaft tube and install the screw.

  • Page 9: Fuel And Chain Oil

    • The Zenoah engines are lubricated by oil specially formulated for air-cooled 2-cycle gasoline engine use. If Zenoah oil is not available, use an anti-oxidant added quality oil expressly labeled for air-cooled 2-cycle en- gine use (JASO FC GRADE OIL or ISO EGC GRADE).

  • Page 10

    PSZ2600 7. Fuel and chain oil sary for the engine to last long. Be careful that, if the agitation is insufficient, there is an increased danger of early piston seizing due to abnormally lean mixture. 5. Put a clear indication on the outside of the container to avoid mixing up with gasoline or other containers.

  • Page 11

    1. When the engine tends to stop frequently at idling mode, turn the adjusting screw clockwise. 2. When the cutting head keeps rotating after releasing the trig- ger, turn the adjusting screw counter-clockwise. NOTE • Warm up the engine before adjusting the idling speed. PSZ2600 GB-11...

  • Page 12

    PSZ2600 8. Operation Checking oil supply After starting the engine, run the chain at medium speed and see if chain oil has scattered off, as shown in the figure. (1) Chain oil NOTE The oil reservoir has a capacity sufficient to provide about 40 minutes of cutting time (when set to deliver the minimum flow rate, or about as long as you’ll get from a tank of fuel).

  • Page 13

    • Starting failure and misfiring are often caused by a fouled spark plug. Clean the spark plug and check that the plug gap is in the correct range. For a replacement plug, use the correct type specified by ZENOAH. 0.6 ~ 0.7 mm • REPLACEMENT PLUG IS A NGK CMR7A.

  • Page 14

    PSZ2600 9. Maintenance SPARK ARRESTER • The muffler is equipped with a spark arrester to prevent red hot carbon from flying out of the exhaust outlet. Periodically inspect and clean as necessary with a wire brush. In the State of California it is required by...

  • Page 15

    When adding lubricant, use a grease gun to insert lubricant into the three grease nipples located on the gear case. 0.25" (0.65 mm) (1) Appropriate gauge checker (2) Make the shoulder round (3) Depth gauge standard (5) Filing angle (7) Top plate cutting angle (1) Grease fitting PSZ2600 GB-15...

  • Page 16: Troubleshooting Guide

    (exhaust port) → carbon is built-up air cleaner cylinder fin, fan cover When your unit seems to need further service, please consult with our ZENOAH service shop in your area. Limited warranty hould any failure occur on the product under normal operating con- ditions within the applicable warranty period, the failed part will be replaced or repaired free of charge by a ZENOAH authorized dealer.

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