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Zanussi FCF-20 2/1 FCF202E Brochure & Specs

Zanussi FCF-20 2/1 FCF202E Brochure & Specs

Zanussi forced air convection ovens product brochure


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  Summary of Contents for Zanussi FCF-20 2/1 FCF202E

  • Page 2 For millions of users Zanussi has become a byword for reliability, safety, innovative technology, ergonomics and energy saving - characteristics that over the years have formed a relationship...
  • Page 3 New products certainly aren’t created by chance, and Zanussi designs its products to meet the real needs of catering professionals and to ensure the utmost flexibility for any application.The new range of FCF ovens (forced air convection ovens) is no exception:...
  • Page 4 Speed and simplicity of operation combined with uniform cooking make Zanussi FCF ovens ideal for meat, cakes and a wide range of different bread and confectionery products. A further important feature is the humidifier that prevents the food from drying out while it cooks.
  • Page 6 The traditional kitchen in Like all Zanussi Professional ovens, the FCF series have oven chambers designed for crosswise insertion of the GN 1/1 trays. The wider and shallower shape of the cooking chambers makes for easy use and assures better heat diffusion and greater visibility.
  • Page 7 The FCF 6 1/1 oven can accommodate 6 1/1 GN grids (not provided). Available in both gas and electric versions LONGSIDE The FCF 20 1/1 oven can accommodate 20 1/1 GN grids (not provided). Available in both gas and electric versions.
  • Page 8 FCF ovens: simple and have simple and ergonomic OVENS control panels, with knobs that are easy to operate and simple to set. In short, these ovens combine advanced technology with ease of operation. The control panels on electric and gas models incorporate the following features: - Main switch / “cooking mode”...
  • Page 9 BOVE Gas oven control panel FCF oven control panel functions Heating with low-level humidification for stewed vegetables (peas, peppers, etc.). Heating with medium/low-level humidification for vegetables au gratin, roast meat and fish, soufflés and timbales, etc. Heating with medium- level humidification for all types of roast meat and fish (small pieces).
  • Page 10 Keeping your oven clean is now a quick and simple operation. The entire range of Zanussi FCF ovens features a side lighting system that makes it easy to keep a check on the cooking process.
  • Page 11 Control knob for selecting humidification level. The humidification device can be used for selecting the desired level of humidity, to preserve the natural moisture of food and for regenerating pre-cooked food. The rapid cooling system reduces the temperature in the oven quickly and allows you to move on to the next cooking cycle without having to wait too long for the oven to cool down.
  • Page 12 FCF ovens are backed up by a wide range of top-quality accessories. Developed to meet the special needs that arise in the kitchen, these accessories can be selected to create a customised oven with the ideal working configuration. LONGSIDE The heated cupboard base is available for models 10 1/1 and 10 2/1.
  • Page 13 ny requirement. The ambient cupboard base for models 10 1/1 and 10 2/1 is fitted with tray racks and a practical drawer. It also has a compartment for the installation of an automatic water softener. Trolley with slide-in rack available for electric or gas model 20 2/1.
  • Page 14 Specifications and feat F C F 6 1 / 1 O V E N S F C F 1 0 1 / 1 O V E N S FCF 6 1 G: FCF 10 1 G: gas 6 1/1 GN grids gas 10 1/1 GN grids 860 x d.746 x h.701 890 x d.900 x h.970...
  • Page 15 F C F 2 0 2 / 1 O V E N S Base for 6 1/1 oven Base for 10 1/1 oven Base for 10 2/1 oven Tray racks for 6 1/1 - 10 1/1 - 10 2/1 oven base Cupboard base for 10 1/1 FCF 20 2 G: oven...