Physical Mounting - Yamaha P-2200/2201 Product Manual

System amplifier
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Shelf Mounting
The P-2200 can be used on any surface, so long as
there is adequate ventilation. Do not remove the
P-2200's feet, since this would prevent air flow below
the amplifier.
Permanent Installation Rack Mounting
Mount the P-2200 in any standard 19" electronic
equipment rack as shown to the right. Leave adequate
space between the P-2200 and other devices in the rack
for ventilation, and for expected cabling. Cooling fans
may be required when the P-2200 must produce
extremely high average power output, or when it is
located in a high temperature environment, such as a
closed outdoor building in direct sunlight.
Rack Mounting for Portable Usage
Road cases must be durable enough to survive heavy
cartage, and airline travel. Brace the rear of the P-2200,
and if the road case is small and ventilation is con-
stricted, install cooling fans. One possible design is
shown in Figure 35.
Front fan panel view before folding.
Rear fan air containment panel front view, before folding.
Fig. 35 - P-2200 with Cooling Fans
P-2200 mounted in rack showing support brackets
made from bent pieces of 1/8" steel rod with nuts
welded to their ends.

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