Connecting Water Pipes - Huawei NetCol8000-E220 Series Quick Manual

Modular indirect evaporative cooling system
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6. Wrap the rubber plastic thermal insulation foam (at least 3 cm thick, covering the aluminum foil)
for the canvas.
Thermal insulation foam
Installing a Return Air Duct
(1) Flexible connection (canvas or other materials; prepared onsite)
(2) Hard connection (foaming plate; prepared onsite)

Connecting Water Pipes

1. Connect the water pipes using thread connectors. The thread joints need to be sealed with raw
materials or thread adhesive.
2. Clean the external water pipes before connecting them to the water inlet and outlet pipes of the
coil pipes of the NetCol8000.
3. Connect the water inlet and outlet pipes of the NetCol8000 using thread connectors. When
connecting the water pipe, do not exert excessive force to prevent damage to the coil pipe.(When
connecting the pipes provided with the NetCol8000, use two pipe wrenches or chain pliers.)
4. Heat preservation measures must be taken at low temperatures to prevent water from freezing in
the water pipe.
5. The drainpipe must be wrapped with thermal insulation foam (including the buried parts).


Table of Contents

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