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Huawei NetCol8000-E220 Series Quick Manual

Modular indirect evaporative cooling system
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NetCol8000-E220 Modular Indirect
Evaporative Cooling System
Quick Guide
Issue: 03
Part Number: 31500BMA
Date: 2020-02-25
Net weight
Dimensions (H x W x D) 6058 mm x 2438 mm x 3600 mm (excluding an air duct)
Optional components
External Components
(1) Outdoor air outlet port
(2) Electric control box (The
52273922 has a single door,
and 52273922-001 has two
(3) Display
(4) No. 1st maintenance door
380-415 V AC, 3 Ph, 50Hz
NetCol8000-E220DM0AA: 5150 kg
NetCol8000-E220DM0BA: 5700 kg
Air duct assembly, temperature and humidity sensor
(5) Condensate drainpipe 1
(6) No. 2nd maintenance
(7) Condensate drainpipe 2 (11) No. 3rd maintenance door
(8) Spray drainpipe
Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2020 All rights reserved.
(9) Spray water refill pipe
(10) Outdoor air intake port (on the side)


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Summary of Contents for Huawei NetCol8000-E220 Series

  • Page 1 NetCol8000-E220 Modular Indirect Evaporative Cooling System Quick Guide Issue: 03 Part Number: 31500BMA Date: 2020-02-25 Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2020 All rights reserved. Overview Item NetCol8000-E220 Power 380-415 V AC, 3 Ph, 50Hz Net weight NetCol8000-E220DM0AA: 5150 kg...
  • Page 2: Preparing Materials

    Internal Components (1) Outdoor air outlet port (7) Compressor (13) Outdoor air intake port (at the end) (2) Electric control box (8) Pump (14) Indoor air return port (3) Indoor air supply port (9) Water inlet and outlet electric valve (15) Air return filter (4) Indoor air supply fan (10) Water tank...
  • Page 3 Wall Unit: mm Refrigerant R410A Do not use inferior refrigerant. Otherwise, Huawei has no responsibility for the damage caused by the inferior refrigerant. Follow these suggestions to choose a high-quality refrigerant: 1. Dial the hotline of the refrigerant producer to confirm its reliability.
  • Page 4 Securing the NetCol8000-E 1. Read the related user manual before installing the device. 2. Ensure that the concrete platform levelness meets the requirements before installation. 3. The device must be installed strictly according to the heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) equipment construction regulations.
  • Page 5 2. Connect the steel hoisting ropes, and hoist the device onto the concrete platforms. 3. Use M12 screws to secure the air duct to the floor or concrete platform. Indoor scenario Outdoor scenario 4. Secure the equipment to the concrete platform using four right angle brackets.
  • Page 6 (Optional) Steel Base Scenario 1. Prepare a steel base. Unit: mm (1) M20 T-shaped bolt (2) 15 mm steel plate (3) Rectangular tube (100 mm x 100 mm x 6 (4) Reinforced angle plate (right angle edge: 80 mm x 50 mm, 15 mm thick) (5) Expansion bolt (M16 x 150 mm) (6) 14B# channel steel Steel base...
  • Page 7 2. Connect the steel hoisting ropes, and hoist the device onto the concrete platforms. 3. Use M12 screws to secure the air duct to the floor or concrete platform. Indoor scenario Outdoor scenario 4. Turn the four M20 twistlocks in the base by 90 degrees to lock the equipment, and tighten the twistlocks using a torque wrench.
  • Page 8: Installing Air Ducts

    Grounding the NetCol8000-E • Ground lugs mode: Before the installation, remove the tinfoil from the ground lugs. • Ground cables mode: Ground cables can be routed through plastic-coated metal hoses for protection based on site requirements. Installing a ground lug Installing a ground cable Installing Air Ducts (Optional) Installing a Supply Air Duct...
  • Page 9 2. Remove the thread plates. 3. Remove the eight screws that fasten the air vent baffle, and remove the air vent baffle. 4. Push the stitched air channel into the bottom of the device. Remove the canvas sheet metal from the end of the air duct using diagonal pliers. 5.
  • Page 10: Connecting Water Pipes

    6. Wrap the rubber plastic thermal insulation foam (at least 3 cm thick, covering the aluminum foil) for the canvas. Thermal insulation foam Installing a Return Air Duct (1) Flexible connection (canvas or other materials; prepared onsite) (2) Hard connection (foaming plate; prepared onsite) Connecting Water Pipes 1.
  • Page 11 1. Installing Water Pipes (1) Condensate drainpipe 1 (DN20) (2) Condensate drainpipe 2 (DN20) (3) Spray drainpipe (DN40) (4) Spray water refill pipe (DN20) 2. Remove the paper protective film from the sealing putty. Sealing putty 3. Seal the gap between the water pipe and the equipment using sealing putty after the pipe is correctly connected.
  • Page 12: Connecting Cables

    Connecting Cables Connecting Power Cables and Signal Cables 1. All power cables and ground cables must comply with local national standards. 2. For details about electrical ports, see the NetCol8000-E220 Modular Indirect Evaporative Cooling System User Manual. No. X501 X502 X503 Smoke sensor power Water leakage detection (water...
  • Page 13: Post-Installation Check

    (Optional) Connecting T/H Sensors Outside Cabinets The following figure shows the position of the return air temperature and humidity sensor in the smart cooling product. The cable passes through the cable hole to remote T/H sensor. Set the sensor positions based on their location and the following table.
  • Page 14 CAN teamwork networking (CAN Protocol) 1. Prepare the 8pin standard network cable, the cable pin sequence requirements are shown below. 2. Connect the CAN_OUT port of each smart cooling product to the CAN_IN port of the following smart cooling product using a CAN network cable. RS485 Monitoring Network Cable (Modbus-RTU Protocol) 1.
  • Page 15 • In CAN networking and grouping, connect the COM/FE port on the last smart cooling product in each monitoring group to the monitoring device. After powering on the device, set the "RS485 monitoring grouping" of the last smart cooling product in each monitoring group to "Enable". Setting path: Settings >...
  • Page 16 Removing Compressor Fasteners, Air Filter Protective Cover, Desiccant and Elastic Cords Removing Compressor Fasteners Taking Out the Desiccants near the Position Shown in the Figure Removing the Air Filter Protective Cover Outdoor intake air filter (on the side) Outdoor intake air filter (at the end) Outdoor intake air filter (on the side)
  • Page 17 Remove the screws from the air filter, and remove the air filter. Remove the air filter cover and refasten the air filter. Close all the maintenance doors and install the air filter on the air intake vent on the outdoor side. Removing Elastic Cords on The Floats Checking Nitrogen Liquid pipe...
  • Page 18: Leak Checking

    Post-Installation Check Item Content Result □Passed The cabinet is installed properly, without any tilt. The cabinet should be secured. Cabinet □Failed The foreign matter inside the cabinet such as cable ties and cable cuts is cleaned up. □Passed The fan is secured. The fan has no foreign matter inside. The fan blades rotate □Failed properly.
  • Page 19 5. After refrigerant charging, close pressure gauge valves, and the refrigerant steel vessel valve. If the R410A refrigerant is provided by Huawei, put the refrigerant steel vessel upside down when charging in the refrigerant. If the refrigerant is not provided by Huawei, check with the refrigerant provider whether the steel vessel has a siphon.
  • Page 20 1. Switch on the switch in the upstream power distribution cabinet (PDC). 2. Turn on all switches on the device. 3. After the device is powered on for the first time, the LCD displays the Quick Settings screen. Set parameters as instructed, such as language, date format, date, time, time zone, teamwork settings, system settings (smart diagnosis function, compressor cooling, and DO association), temp &...
  • Page 21 Ensure that the crankcase heat tape has been preheated for over 12 hours before starting the compressor. • Download the Service Expert app from Huawei app store and runs on Android. Apply for permission after downloading the app. • Ensure that no combustion-supporting materials (air or additives) enter the air conditioning...
  • Page 22 1. First startup flowchart 2. Wizard startup flowchart Start Start Tap Start on the home screen. Precautions Commissioning After tapping Yes, the barcode and the Select commissioning items interrupted verification code are shown on the screen. (Handle the fault by Fail Indoor fan commissioning referring to the...
  • Page 23 □Passed □Failed frame. □Passed □Failed No water stain exists on the water pan in the No. 2 door. □Passed □Failed All doors are closed. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Huawei Industrial Base, Bantian, Longgang Shenzhen 518129 People's Republic of China

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