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Rack Features - Bosch SPE53U5 UC Series Operating Instructions Manual

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Loading the Upper Rack
Ensure items do not protrude through the bottom of the racks and block the spray arms.
Note: When pushing the upper rack into the dishwasher, push it until it stops against the back of the tub so the
upper rack spray arm connects to the water supply at the back of the tub. Do not push racks in using the door.
Loading the Lower Rack
Place large items in the lower rack. Load pots, pans and bowls upside down. Do not block vent with tall
baking sheets. Load these items on the right side of the dishwasher.
Unloading the Dishwasher
When unloading the dishwasher, it is recommended to unload the lower rack first. Next, unload the sil-
verware basket followed by the upper rack. This prevents water from dripping down onto dishware.
Note: Dishes are more likely to chip when unloading before cooling.

Rack Features

Flip Tines
The upper and lower racks consist of tines that can be folded down
depending on what you may need to load in the rack. To fold down, grasp
the folding tine and release from notch. Push folding tine downward to
desired position as shown in Figure 7.
The height of the upper rack can be adjusted in 3 positions to create more
space (see Figure 8).
Pull the empty upper rack out of the dishwasher until it stops.
To lower the rack, push the lever inward then upward.
To raise, hold the empty rack by the sides and lift up.
Cup Shelves
The shelf and the space underneath can be used for cups or for larger
serving utensils (see Figure 9).
Figure 7

Figure 8
Figure 9


Table of Contents

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