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Installation; General Remarks; Electrical Connection - Honeywell ESYS S4965A3025 Functional Description

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Title: Functional description S4965A3025

10. Installation

10.1 - General remarks

After installation, ensure total protection equal to at least IP40 level as specified in EN60730-1.
A high environment temperature affects the operational life of the product. Fit the board in a position with minimum
environmental temperature and expose to as little radiation as possible.
The board does not contain repairable parts. Repair affects device safety and is not permitted.
The connected devices must display appropriate electrical properties for the loads controlled by the board.
If an automatic reset safety thermostat is connected in line with the gas valve operators, the reset timer of this device
must be greater than the time taken by the burner control to perform a new ignition attempt. This is to ensure that a
non-volatile lockout does not take place if the thermostat cuts-in.
In the event of shutdown with a consequent situation of non-volatile lockout of the burner control, wait at least five
seconds before resetting the system.
To ensure reliable long term operation, mount the boiler control at a position in the appliance with a low ambient
temperature and a low radiation.
The boiler control should be externally fused.
High temperatures will affect product life.
NOTE 1: When first starting the boiler control has a self check time of about 10 seconds.
NOTE 2: Electrical rating of connected controls should be appropriate for the load that is switched by the boiler control.
NOTE 3: Disconnect the boiler control from mains before performing a dielectric strength test.
NOTE 4: When first starting, the control can be in the lockout condition; reset the boiler control.
NOTE 5: The flame connection pin of all types is not protected against electrical shock.
NOTE 6: An automatic return high limit thermostat can be used. Gold contacts for high limit thermostat are required.
NOTE 7: Remote reset function may only be used in applications where a maximum of five resets per 15 minutes is
Honeywell is not responsible for damage and/or injury due to miss-wiring.
After installation boiler control can become wet due to condensation. Do not connect wet device to mains.

10.2 - Electrical connection

The device must always be connected with the power turned off.
The device must be connected in accordance with current legislation.
The device manufacturer's instructions (for boiler, etc.) must always be followed.
Check that the type, times and code are always as specified before installing or replacing the device.
Ensure that the combustion chamber is free of gas before turning on the device.
Ensure effective connection between the device earth terminal, the metal burner case and the electrical equipment protective
Carry out a complete final check when the installation is complete.
Take care that installer is a trained experienced service person.
Disconnect power supply to prevent electrical shock and/or equipment damage.
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