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Using The Chlorine Bleach Dispenser - Whirlpool LMR4131A Use And Care Manual

One speed automatic washer
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Using The Chlorine Bleach
Always measure chlorine bleach. Do not guess.
For this washer, never use more than l/2 cup
(125 mL) for a full load. Use less with lower
water level settings. Follow manufacturer's
directions for safe use. Use a cup with a pouring
spout to avoid spilling.
1. Load the washer.
2. Pour measured chlorine bleach carefully into
dispenser. Do not let bleach splash, drip or
run down into washer basket. Undiluted
bleach will damage any fabric it touches.
3. Start the washer. Bleach will be diluted
automatically during the wash part of the
NOTE: Do not add all-fabric bleach to the
dispenser. The dispenser can clog.


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