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Cooktop Use; Oven Use; Aluminum Foil; Positioning Racks And Bakeware - Whirlpool W10200359B User Instructions

Electric range
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Turn off all controls when done cooking.
Failure to do so can result in death or fire.
The control knobs can be set to anywhere between HI and LO.
Push in and turn to setting.
Odors and smoke are normal when the oven is used the first few
times, or when it is heavily soiled.
IMPORTANT: The health of some birds is extremely sensitive to the
fumes given off. Exposure to the fumes may result in death to
certain birds. Always move birds to another closed and well-
ventilated room.
IMPORTANT: To avoid permanent damage to the oven bottom
finish, do not line the oven bottom with any type of foil or liner.
IMPORTANT: To avoid permanent damage to the porcelain finish,
do not place food or bakeware directly on the oven door or bottom.
To cook food evenly, hot air must be able to circulate. Allow
2" (5 cm) of space around bakeware and oven walls. Make sure
that no bakeware piece is directly over another.
Position racks before turning on the oven.
Do not move racks with bakeware on them.
Make sure racks are level.
To move a rack, pull it out to the stop position, raise the front edge,
and then lift out. Use the following illustration and charts as a


Fire Hazard

Positioning Racks and Bakeware

REMEMBER: When cooktop is in use, the entire cooktop
area may become hot.
Coil Elements and Burner Bowls
Coil elements should be level for optimal cooking results. Burner
bowls, when clean, reflect heat back to the cookware. They also
help catch spills.
Cookware should not extend more than ½" (1.3 cm) over the coil
element. If cookware is uneven or too large, it can produce excess
heat, causing the burner bowl to change color.
Cooktop On Indicator Light
The Cooktop On indicator light is located on the console panel.
When any control knob on the console panel is turned on, the
Cooktop On indicator light will glow.


Oven Light Switch (on some models)
On models with control knobs located on the back panel of the
range, the oven light switch is located on the top left corner of the
range. On models with control knobs located on the front panel of
the range, the oven light switch is located on the left side of the
front console.
Oven Heating Indicator Light
The Oven Heating indicator light, located on the console panel, will
glow when either the Bake or Broil function is turned on.

Aluminum Foil

For best cooking results, do not cover entire oven rack with foil
because air must be able to move freely.
Rack Positions
Rack 5: Toasting bread or broiling thin, non-fatty foods.
Rack 4: Use for 2-rack baking and broiling.
Rack 3: Most baked goods on a cookie sheet or jelly roll pan, layer
cakes, frozen convenience foods. Broiling chicken pieces.
Rack 2: Roasting small cuts of meat, pies, casseroles, bundt
cakes, and 2-rack baking.
Rack 1: Roasting large cuts of meat and poultry.
Multiple Rack Cooking
2-rack: Use rack positions 2 and 4.
Baking Layer Cakes on 2 Racks
For best results when baking cakes on 2 racks, use racks 2 and 4
for baking. Place the cakes on the racks as shown.


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