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RCA RLTP5567 User Manual page 20

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10. Notices for the use of phone
Your phone is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be treated
with care. The following suggestions can help you comply with the terms of repair
kits, to extend the life of mobile phone.
1) Place the mobile phone and their parts and components out of reach of small
2) Keep the phone dry, rain, humidity and all types of liquids which contain
minerals will corrode electronic circuits.
3) Don't touch the phone with wet hands when charging, it will cause electric shock
or damage the phone.
4) Avoid place the device in high temperature environment. Temperatures will
shorten the life of electronic devices, damage batteries, and warp or melt
certain plastics.
5) Avoid place the device in too low temperature environment. When the
temperature rises, the phone will produce water vapor that may damage
electronic circuit.
6) Avoid place the phone in dusty, dirty places, otherwise parts may be damaged.
To avoid the phone in a lit cigarette, near open flame or any heat source.
8) Do not open the device, non-professional approach will do damage to the
9) Do not throw it from height, knock or shake the phone, rough handling
can damage internal circuit boards.
10) Do not paint the phone, because the paint will block headphones, microphones
or other removable parts, and lead it not work.
11) Use clean, soft, dry cloth to clean the camera, light sensor lenses. Prohibit the
use of harmful chemicals and cleaning agents, cleaning fluids to clean the phone
12) If mobile phone, battery, charger, or mobile phone accessories are defective,
send to the nearest qualified service center for inspection.
13) If nessary, Service Centre staff will assist you and will arrange for phone repairs.

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