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Bosch HB Series User Manual And Installation Instructions

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User manual and installation instructions



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  Summary of Contents for Bosch HB Series

  • Page 1 Oven HB..37B.. [en] User manual and installation instructions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    en Safety ¡ Keep the instruction manual and the Table of contents product information safe for future refer- ence or for the next owner. ¡ Check the appliance after unpacking it. Do USER MANUAL not connect the appliance if it has been damaged in transit.
  • Page 3 Safety en ▶ Never open the appliance door if there is ▶ Do not stand too close to the appliance smoke inside. when opening the door. ▶ Switch off the appliance and unplug it from ▶ Open the appliance door carefully. the mains or switch off the circuit breaker ▶...
  • Page 4: Preventing Material Damage

    en Preventing material damage ▶ If the appliance or the power cord is dam- 1.5 Halogen bulb aged, immediately unplug the power cord Follow these instructions for appliances with or switch off the fuse in the fuse box. halogen lamps. ▶ "Call Customer Service." → Page 22 WARNING ‒ Risk of burns! ▶...
  • Page 5: Environmental Protection And Saving Energy

    Environmental protection and saving energy en 3  Environmental protection and saving energy Help protect the environment by using your appliance Open the appliance door as little as possible during in a way that conserves resources and by disposing of operation. reusable materials properly. ¡...
  • Page 6: Familiarising Yourself With Your Appliance

    en Familiarising yourself with your appliance 4  Familiarising yourself with your appliance Familiarise yourself with the parts of your appliance. Buttons and display The buttons are touch-sensitive surfaces. To se- 4.1 Controls lect a function, simply press lightly on the relev- ant field. You can use the control panel to configure all functions The display shows symbols for active functions of your appliance and to obtain information about the...
  • Page 7 Familiarising yourself with your appliance en Symbol Type of heating What it's used for/how it works Gentle hot air Cook selected dishes gently on one level without preheating. The fan distributes the heat from the ring-shaped heating element in the back wall evenly around the cooking compartment.
  • Page 8: Accessories

    en Accessories When you are preheating the appliance, the optimal Self-cleaning surfaces time to place your food in the cooking compartment is The back wall in the cooking compartment is self-clean- as soon as all three sections of the line have turned ing.
  • Page 9: Before Using For The First Time

    You will find a comprehensive range of products for your appliance in our brochures and online: Accessories vary from one appliance to another. When Baking tray Slide the tray, e.g. the universal pan, purchasing accessories, always quote the exact E.g.
  • Page 10: Basic Operation

    en Basic operation Keep the room ventilated while the appliance is Switch off the appliance after the specified cooking heating. time. Set the type of heating and temperature. Wait until the cooking compartment has cooled → "Basic operation", Page 10 down. Clean the smooth surfaces with soapy water and a Type of heat- 3D hot air ...
  • Page 11: Time-Setting Options

    Time-setting options en 9  Time-setting options Your appliance has different time-setting options, with Requirement:  is highlighted on the display. which you can control its operation. Use the button to reset the timer duration to zero. ▶ a After a few seconds, the appliance applies the 9.1 Overview of the time-setting options change and goes out.
  • Page 12: Programme

    en Programme Requirements Cancelling the end time ¡ The type of heating and temperature or setting are You can delete the set end at any time. set. is highlighted on the display. Requirement:  ¡ A cooking time is set. Reset the end time to the current time plus the set ▶...
  • Page 13 Programme en No. Food Cookware Weight setting Add liquid Shelf Information posi- tions Roasting dish with Turkey breast Cover the Do not sear the meat 02 Turkey breast Whole, seasoned glass lid weight bottom of the beforehand roasting dish and add up to 250 g ve- getables if you wish...
  • Page 14: Childproof Lock

    en Childproof lock Always place the cookware into the cooking com- The display shows the calculated cooking time. ‒ partment while it is cold. The cooking time cannot be changed. For some programmes, the  button can be ‒ used to delay the end. 10.4 Setting a programme → "Setting the end time", Page 11 The appliance selects the optimal type of heating, tem-...
  • Page 15: Cleaning And Servicing

    Cleaning and servicing en To save the changes, press and hold the  button 12.2 Changing basic settings for approx. four seconds. Requirement: The appliance is switched off. Note: Following a power failure, the factory basic set- Press and hold the  button for approximately tings are restored. four seconds.
  • Page 16 en Cleaning and servicing Cooking compartment Area Suitable cleaning agents Information Enamel surfaces ¡ Hot soapy water Soak any heavily soiled areas and use a brush or steel wool. ¡ Vinegar water Leave the appliance door open to dry the cooking compartment after cleaning it.
  • Page 17: Cleaning Aid

    Cleaning aid en Note: Reddish marks may appear on the self-clean- Attach the shelf supports. ing surfaces. This is residue from food. These spots are not harmful and are not rust. These marks do not impair the cleaning ability of the self-cleaning surfaces.
  • Page 18: Appliance Door

    en Appliance door Push the rail into the front socket until the rail 15.2 Attaching the shelf supports also rests against the cooking compartment wall, Notes and then press this downwards ⁠ . ¡ The rails only fit on the right or left. ¡...
  • Page 19 Appliance door en Keep your hands away from the hinges. Close the appliance door fully  . Grab hold of the ▶ appliance door with both hands (on the left and Components inside the appliance door may have sharp right) and pull it upwards and out  ⁠ . edges.
  • Page 20 en Appliance door If necessary, you can remove the condensate Slide the inner pane into the left- and right-hand trough for cleaning. retainers  ⁠ . Open the appliance door. ‒ Tilt the condensate trough upwards and remove ‒ Push the inner pane upwards until it is in the left- and right-hand retainers ...
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting en 17  Troubleshooting You can rectify minor faults on your appliance yourself. WARNING ‒ Risk of electric shock! Read the troubleshooting information before contacting Incorrect repairs are dangerous. after-sales service. This will avoid unnecessary costs. Repairs to the appliance should only be carried out ▶...
  • Page 22: Disposal

    en Disposal Pull out the halogen bulb without turning it  ⁠ . Insert the new halogen lamp and press it firmly into the socket. Make sure the pins are positioned correctly. Depending on the appliance model, the glass cover may have a sealing ring. Put the sealing ring in posi- tion.
  • Page 23: How It Works

    How it works en 20  How it works Here, you can find the ideal settings for various types ¡ Turn the poultry, meat or fish after approx. 1/2 to of food as well as the best accessories and cookware. 2/3 of the time listed. We have perfectly tailored these recommendations to ¡...
  • Page 24 en How it works 20.4 Food selection Food Accessories/cookware Shelf pos- Type of Temperature Cooking ition heating in °C/grill set- time in mins ting Sponge cake, delicate Loaf tin 150-170 60-80 Sponge cake, 2 levels Loaf tin 140-150 70-85 Fruit tart or cheesecake with shortcrust Springform cake tin, 170-190 55-80...
  • Page 25 How it works en Yoghurt Food Accessories/cookware Shelf position Type of Temperature in Cooking heating °C time in mins Yoghurt Individual moulds Cooking compartment 1. 50 floor 2. Lamp 2. 8–9 hrs Preheat the appliance. ¡ Baking tins/dishes on the wire rack 20.6 Test dishes First wire rack: Level 3 These overviews have been produced for test institutes...
  • Page 26: Installation Instructions

    en Installation instructions Food Accessories/cookware Shelf pos- Type of Temperature in Cook- ition heating °C ing time in mins Hot water sponge cake Springform cake tin, 160–170 30–35 diameter 26 cm Hot water sponge cake, 2 levels Springform cake tin, 3 + 1 150–160 35–50 diameter 26 cm...
  • Page 27 Installation instructions en ¡ If the tall unit has another back panel in addition to 21.2 Appliance dimensions the element back panels, this must be removed. You will find the dimensions of the appliance here ¡ Only fit the appliance up to a height which allows accessories to be easily removed.
  • Page 28 en Installation instructions Electrically connecting an appliance without a protective contact plug Note: Only a licensed professional may connect the ap- pliance. Damage caused by incorrect connection is not covered under the warranty. An all-pole isolating switch must be integrated into the permanent electrical installation according to the install- ation regulations.
  • Page 32 Expert advice for your Bosch home appliances, help with problems or a repair from Bosch experts. Find out everything about the many ways Bosch can support you: Contact data of all countries are listed in the attached service directory.

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