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Whirlpool ET12DC Use & Care Manual

Whirlpool cycle defrost refrigerator- freezer use and care guide et12dc, et14dc
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Model ET12DC
Model ET14DC
, rreerers.
Ice Makers
BUIU In Ovens
and Surface
Trash Compactors
Room Air Condllloners



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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool ET12DC

  • Page 1 / CYCLE DEFROST ’ c3 REFRIGERATOR- FREEZERS Model ET12DC Model ET14DC , rreerers. Aelr~geratar-Freezers Ice Makers Dlshwasherr BUIU In Ovens and Surface Units. Ranges Microwave Ovens Trash Compactors Room Air Condllloners Oehumldllf...
  • Page 2 Please read this Use and Care Guide before you do anything This booklet tells to start clean it move shelves erator, trols. It even tells you what new sounds from your refrigerator Treat your refrtgerator with only to do what home refrigerators signed...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    BEFORE YOU PLUG IT IN Remove Shrpprng B!ock install Prtiperly ~evc~i Refriqerator Freezer Remove <ales Labels Ciean Plug It USING YOUR REFRIGERATOR Setting Control ; #.: wer S(lvina Control Adtusttnq the Shelves Rerno\/rr-q Crisper Crisper Cover C.hang~r,~~ the Lrght Bulb ICP Cubt Travs Before you plug it in...
  • Page 4: Install Prtiperly

    Remove the shipping block. . . --I==, # IL i-L, block Defrost defrost prevent This block age. be removed water, Dower Must Be Removed iible. Install properly.. 1 Allow 3 Inches 7 5 cmj between Inets and tne rrfrlgerotor toC: 2 Allow at least an I~ICP~ (2 5 cm) betweerl erator...
  • Page 5: Using Your Refrigerator

    using your refrigerator Power Saving Setting the control.. The Temperature Control IS on a console side the refrigerator In the top right corner the temperature In both the refrigerator To start the refrigerator, set the control This setting should be about right for nor- mal household refrigerator...
  • Page 6: Soundsyou May Hear

    Changing the light bulb... Unplug the refrigerator first. ’ React- behlr 1 control corlsole to flr,a bulb Remove Sounds you may hear.. . ‘~‘our qew Because them ‘he floor, walls and cabinets The followlng t,? syoc1 and what __~ --__ ~~~ -___ When the refrigerator Water...
  • Page 7: Cleaning Your Refrigerator

    Cleaning your refrigerator The freezer section of your refrigerator defrostrng from ttme to time The fresh food defrosts automatically. Both fresh food freezer ments shouid be cleaned about once help prevent odors from building up. Of course, should be wiped up rrght away To clean your refrigerator,...
  • Page 8: Cleaning Chart

    Cleaning chart... Part What to use Removable parts Mild detergent [shelves, crisper warm Outside Sponge, towei. appliance auto paste Waxing Sponge. Inside walls [Freezer should be allowed paper soda, warm up so cloth won’t detergent stick ) Doot liners and gaskets Sponge, paper detergent,...
  • Page 9: Food Storage Guide

    Food storage guide STORING FRESH FOOD There IS a right way to package erated or frozen foods To keep foods take the time to study these recommended Leafy Vegetables., Remove the store wrapping trim or tear off bruised discolored Wash in cool water, drain and store in crisper.
  • Page 10: Vacation

    STORING FROZEN FOOD fret?zer se ~+ ar IS deslgned for storage ‘he rr py 131’ ” !‘OZf.‘, fnods for freezlng -~c)r? lr3 Packaging he secret of successful ‘# *he uackagir8g [tie wrap use must be air. yo!i ,.Y m5i.,rp .:. ,I ‘v(?i:~or proof The way ‘r,e C,ackc le must...
  • Page 11: If You Need Service Or Assistance

    (see Step 2) and talk with one of our Consul- motor tants, or If you prefer, Mr. Stephen E. Upton Senior Vice President will run Whirlpool Corporation Administrative Center 2000 US-33 North on dif- Benton Harbor, Ml 49022...
  • Page 12 Maklng your world a llttle easier. Part No. 942261 Rev. A 01985 Whirlpool Corporation Makers DIshwashers Bu~llbln Ovens and Surlace Un~ls. Ranges Mlcrawave Ovens. Trash Compactors. Roam Air Condllloners Oehum~d~f~ets. Automatic Washers, Clothes Oryx...

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