Westinghouse W3213 HD User Manual

Widescreen hdtv.
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   Summary of Contents for Westinghouse W3213 HD

  • Page 2

    If you have any questions or concerns, Please call our toll free number 1-866-287-5555...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents PRODUCT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ..4 Antenna Installation Safety ..5 Safety Guidelines ..6 LCD TV Overview..7 Package Contents ..7 Front View of the LCD TV..7 Rear View of the LCD TV ..7 Side View of the LCD TV ..8 Control Key ...

  • Page 4: Cleaning The Lcd Tv

    Westinghouse Digital does not recommend the use of any ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners on the LCD TV screen or case. Some chemical cleaners have been reported to damage the screen and/or LCD TV case. Westinghouse Digital will not be liable for damage resulting from the use of any ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners.

  • Page 5: Product Safety Instructions

    • Do not attempt repairs yourself. Your warranty does not cover repairs or attempted repairs by anyone not authorized by Westinghouse Digital. • If your LCD TV will not be used for a long period of time, unplug the LCD TV and remove the batteries from the remote control.

  • Page 6: Antenna Installation Safety

    Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Do not use the LCD TV near water. Clean only with a dry cloth. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.

  • Page 7: Safety Guidelines

    To assure continued FCC compliance, the user must use the provided shielded video interface cable with bonded ferrite cores. If a BNC cable used, use only a shielded BNC (5) cable. Also, any unauthorized changes or modifications not expressly approved by Westinghouse Digital will void the user's authority to operate this device.

  • Page 8: Lcd Tv Overview, Package Contents, Front View Of The Lcd Tv

    LCD TV Overview This User Manual covers models:W3213 HD Package Contents Your product package includes: • Westinghouse W3213 HD LCD TV • Remote Control (with batteries) • Power Cord • Quick Connect Guide • User’s Manual • Warranty Card Front View of the LCD TV...

  • Page 9: Control Key

    Side View of the LCD TV Control keys Control Key MENU 1. Menu + VOL - 2. Volume + / - + CH - 3. Channel + / - INPUT 4. Input source 5. Power Turn OSD Menu ON/OFF Increase/Decrease sound volume or adjust a highlighted control while in the OSD Menu Channel up/down when input is TV or highlight a control while in the OSD Menu...

  • Page 10: Input Connector

    Input Connector 1. S-Video Input Connect an external video device equipped with S-video output. 2. Video Input Connect an external video device with composite video output. 3. Video & S-Video Audio Input (Right / Left) Connect an external audio source to this jack (Audio (R/L). This connection supports either S-Video or Video input.

  • Page 11: Remote Control

    Remote Control 1. POWER : Switch TV power On/Off 2. SWAP : Feature not available on this model 3. PIP : Feature not available on this model 4. Mute : Mute the sound 5. Sleep: Set sleep time to turn TV off automatically. 6.

  • Page 12

    20. Guide Show program information of current channel. 21. TV: Select TV source input. 22. HDMI: Select HDMI source input. 23. PC : Select VGA source input. 24. YPbPr1: Select YPbPr1 source input. 25. DVI: Feature not Available on this model 26.

  • Page 13: Installation

    Installation 1. Insert Remote Control Batteries 1) Remove the battery cover. 2) Insert the batteries corresponding to (+) and (−) marks on the battery compartment. 3) Re-attach the battery cover. CAUTION: • Only use AAA batteries. • Do not mix new and old batteries. This may result in cracking or leakage, which may pose a fire risk or lead to personal injury.

  • Page 14

    Connect one or all of the following into the back of the LCD TV. IMPORTANT: Before connecting to the TV , make sure all device are turned off. 2. Connect audio and video cables from a PC VGA CONNECTION: Connect an analog VGA cable from your PC VGA OUT port to the LCD TV VGA IN port.

  • Page 15

    4. Connect power cables Connect the power cord to the LCD TV then to a properly grounded AC outlet. 5. Turn Power On Press the Power button on the right side of the LCD TV, or press the Power (Red) button on the remote control.

  • Page 16: Function Adjustment, Viewing Osd Menu

    Function adjustment There are six main OSD menus, these are Picture, Audio, Channels, Settings, Locks and Guide. All the functions can be adjusted either by the remote control or using the control keys on the of LCD TV’s right side. Viewing OSD Menu To display the OSD main menu, press the Menu button on the right side of front control keys of the LCD TV or the MENU key on the remote control.

  • Page 17: Picture

    Picture Picture Settings Press arrow keys to select or adjust your favorite picture settings, Done button to close picture setting menu. Aspect Ratio Adjust your TV screen to handle different picture formats. Standard Displays the image exactly as broadcast. Fill Stretches the image to fit the screen (Note: No part of the image is cut off, but the image may display distorted)

  • Page 18: Color Temp, Reset Picture

    Color Temp Use arrow key to set the picture color temperature. Reset Picture Reset picture settings to factory default setting, the RESET will only restore picture default settings only. Select “Don’t Reset” button and Enter key to ignore RESET Picture and return to previous OSD menu...

  • Page 19: Audio Setting

    Audio Setting Bass, Treble & Balance Use arrow keys to adjust the bass, treble and balance. Analog Preference Select an analog audio preference or turn on SAP(Secondary Audio Program) or alternate language. TV Speaker User arrow keys to select audio out from internal, external or both speakers. Internal Audio from internal speaker only External Audio from external speaker if your TV is connected to a home theater...

  • Page 20: Channels

    Reset Audio Reset all of audio settings to factory default setting, the RESET will clear all of audio adjustments you made and restore to default setting only. Channels Master List Edit the mater list of all your scanned channels, you can select the channels you want to enjoy or skip in the list.

  • Page 21

    Favorites Edit your favorite channels in the list. When you start to edit your favorites channels, the four-digits PIN may be required if you have changed default pin number. Use arrow keys and enter key to edit favorite channels. Select List Select which favorite channel list you want to edit Unmark All Remove all of channels from current favorite channel list...

  • Page 22: Scan Channels, Channel Name Edit

    Scan Channels Use arrow keys and Enter key to select the source you want to scan channel. Channel Name Edit Select channel to edit channel name in the channel list.

  • Page 23: Settings

    Settings Menu Language Use arrow keys to select the language for menu and messages showing on your TV, press Enter key to exit Setup Wizard menu. Closed Caption Activation Use arrow keys to select the activation to “OFF” ,”ON” or “ON when Muted” for your TV.

  • Page 24

    Basic Selection Choose the type of closed caption settings to use for programs broadcast with basic caption. Advanced Appearance Use arrow keys to adjust closed caption appearance such as font and size, each change can be previewed on bottom of menu. Caption preference Use arrow keys to select caption preference to Always Basic, Always Advance or Automatic for your TV.

  • Page 25: Input Labels

    Reset CC Reset all of closed caption setting you made to factory default setting. Press Reset button to reset all closed caption settings, Don’t Reset button to ignore the reset. Sleep Time Set the sleep time to turn off TV. Input labels Customize the label associated with each input.

  • Page 26: Power Management

    Autosource Use arrow key to select auto source On or OFF, Autosource can detect new source which is plugged in TV and switch input source setting of your TV to the source automatically. Power Management Use arrow keys to set the power mode to Normal or Energy Saving Normal TV will boot within few sec.

  • Page 27: System Info

    LED Set Set the LED on/off The front LED is lit while the TV is on. The front LED is always off. System Info Display important system info, you may need the information when calling customer service or troubleshooting such as firmware version and micro version. Press Done button key to previous menu.

  • Page 28: Reset All, Setup Wizard, Language Setting, Time Zone

    Reset All Reset all settings back to factory defaults. Reset will delete all settings you have made including channel list. You must run Setup Wizard after a reset. Press Don’t Reset button to ignore the reset and back to previous menu, Reset button to clear all setting you made.

  • Page 29: Daylight Saving

    Daylight Saving Select Daylight setting via arrow keys, press Enter to exit Setup Wizard menu, GO BACK button to previous Setup Wizard menu. RF Input Source Select your TV source from Antenna or cable via arrow keys, press Enter to set Antenna or cable source type, GO BACK button to previous Setup Wizard menu Scanning Channels Scanning channel searches available digital (HDTV) and analog (SDTV) channels of...

  • Page 30: Locks

    Locks Lock feature prevents viewers from watching programs that are not age-appropriate, such as programs containing violence or adult language. The pin number is required when you want to enter Locks menu, just use the remote control to key in your pin number. The factory default pin number is 0000. For lock settings menu, there are four options: Rating Locks, Channel Locks, Change Pin and RESET LOCKS.

  • Page 31

    USA-TV Rating TV Y All children YTV Y7 For older children TV G General audience TV PG Parental guidance suggested TV 14 Parents strongly cautioned TV MA Mature audience only USA-Movie Ratin General audience Parental guidance suggested PG-13 Parents strongly cautioned Restricted NC 17 No one 17 and under admitted...

  • Page 32: Block Unrated Shows, Channel Locks

    Canada-English Children Children eight years and older General programming, suitable for all audiences Parental guidance Viewers 14 year and older Adult programming Block Unrated Shows Use arrow keys on the remote control to set Block Unrated Shows, TV will lock unrated TV programs if it is set to ON.

  • Page 33: Guide

    Change PIN Change and set up new PIN, press number keys to enter old PIN and new PIN, the PIN must be four digits. RESET LOCKS Press Reset button to reset all channel and rating locks, Don’t Reset button to ignore the reset.

  • Page 34: Product Specification

    The best TVs use the best technology: ATI inside your TV for The Ultimate Visual Experience.™ Your new Westinghouse TV is powered by ATI’s Xilleon™ image processing Video Engine chip for the true high definition cinematic experience. Enjoy your new Westinghouse TV with ATI inside. PC Compatible...

  • Page 35: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting No Power • Make sure power button is ON (Blue LED ). •   M ake sure AC power cord is securely connected to the AC socket. • Plug another electrical device (such as a radio) to the power outlet to verify that the outlet is supplying the proper voltage.

  • Page 36

    • For the best TV image quality, “Standard Definition” TV should be viewed in 4:3 format. How Can I Find More Help? • Log on to: www.westinghousedigital.com • Contact Westinghouse Customer Service at (866) 287-5555 or write us at service@westinghousedigital.com...

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